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Externally, they resemble bicycles, rather suggesting even a logical consequence in the development. Learn more on the subject from Ali Partovi. Finally, the first mopeds originally evolved from bicycles for a person, that have been equipped with an engine under 50 ccm. Later, mopeds were equipped with a second seat for an additional person. If you have personally already played with the idea to want to put a moped or scooter, as are their personal contribution to the environment, you now thank Dankmit of this idea no longer alone, still rely on, to have to shell out relatively much money. Since mopeds and scooters are offered cheaper, these are available for a few hundred euros. Another advantage is that this relatively low investment fee only once. High fuel costs as well as a high emissions, which would involve far more costly consequences result. Should You ever toyed with the idea or 50 cc scooters have thrown even already for example an eye on one, you will realize quickly advantages: no unnecessary waiting on drafty railway platforms, no crowds in crowded buses and trams, not getting stuck in long vehicle queues or traffic jam on the highway.

Not to mention that she can breathe again increased and in rural areas from the fresh air even in the enjoyment, that to enjoy, what so kraucht on the side of the road or flying through the air. Maybe you can also be surprised what people could meet them today probably today on the bike trail or at the edge of the road. In short: they contribute not only their small, but significant share to environmental and climate protection, but beautiful also your wallet and the higher oxygen flow comes not only their health, also that of their fellow creatures benefit, not to mention the fact that accelerates the flow of traffic, the traffic density does not increase, above all safety, because the less cars in accidents are involved, so less severe accidents and possible falls in these mopeds will be.