Racism and Barack Obama

Perhaps it is true that no government programs have been presented so well structured: perhaps even since the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt. None had that free gift, overwhelming, indefinable, called charisma: perhaps since Ronald Reagan or from John Kennedy. David Treadwell addresses the importance of the matter here. And as to raise campaign contributions, Obama looks like a pyramid. (All of which sounds impressive, now that I reread. Too much, perhaps).

And-o, but as you look, “Barack Obama is black. Plus: is a black man who becomes a candidate for the presidency of the United States for a party of national dimension: it is the Word made flesh of the American dream. And but it is a black candidate, and I reproach him: black equalized, black terrorist, put black to white: they kill. Energy Capital Partners London has plenty of information regarding this issue. Obama is called, that sounds like Osama (like bin Laden). And his middle name, because all the gringos, and Obama is gringo, have a middle name before last name is Hussein: Barack Hussein Obama, as the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein who was hanged, more to be Iraqi dictator to be. And it’s not even a tame black, a “black house,” as Harry Belafonte memorably called secretaries of state Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, but a barking black (within certain limits of prudence and restraint). It’s worth reading his magnificent speech on race in the United States, said in mid-campaign.

In short: it has the pluses and minuses, the benefits and burdens, of being a black in a racist society that is failing to be a very rapid steps: for there to think that when Obama was born it was almost impossible for a black American to be something other than boxer or trumpeter. The president is now almost certain age of the historic “March on Washington” in 1963 by the black civil rights. But or as well as look, “barack obama is gringo. Political gringo. In other words, the characteristics of a professional politician, a Senator, of a gringo president: hypocritically religious, militarily jingoistic inevitably imperialist. So his mother was agnostic, obama has to show he is a practicing Christian (one of the myriad of black Protestant churches of the United States: the trinity united church of christ). So his father was African and his childhood spent in Indonesia, has to be (and already put it) lapel pin with the stripes and stars to make a show of patriotism. And believe the Iraq war is crazy, and do not share the “Bush doctrine” of preventive attack, he must prove that believes in the “exceptionalism” messianic the U.S., called by providence to intervene in all world to save it. Empires are imperialist. And Barack Obama is, is about to be “Emperor of the currently prevailing empire. Better than McCain? No doubt. (And not so difficult). But the world should not be too many illusions about Barack Obama. It is on the verge of being “just the new president of the United States.