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If we had not been convinced that Nokia was going to give a little love to MeeGo, this should give them a bit of credibility because they would in turn on engines for this operating system to do something, because, although they say that they still want it, it’s clear that they don’t know what the hell to do with. The Linux Foundation Announces MeeGo Smart TV Working Group with the sole intention of promoting within the ecosystem of television. As we know, MeeGo is based on Linux so it was expected that his kin saved depression that is located after the concrete of their father. Leaving aside all the bad things that may be happening with the MeeGo platform, bad idea is not to what it intends to do, may finally get its raison d ‘ etre and you can get some recognition. Apparently there are several members who are interested in the project as Intel, JetHead Development, Locatel, MIPS Technologies and of course Nokia, among others. Is not specified if they are already working in some device, nor much less a release date, yet everything is very green. John K Castle may not feel the same.

The initiative, as you can see, belongs to the Linux Foundation, Nokia was not expressed by any but will collaborate. Which means that still cares about give you support free software just as you do to implement it, supposedly your next tablet. We hope that this comes out something good and can be an interesting competitor comoset top box for Google TV or any other box multimedia. Original author and source of the article

The Reflection Day Is Over

Reflecting on the changes in FCC and Cellular policy over the past few years
has led many carriers to a new concept of .
Whether the reflection of our governing body will make a difference in rates and
expectations of new electronics devices for communication. Companies need to
listen the Government and the govt to the people.

. . John K Castle is actively involved in the matter.