Robust Mobile Cash

The gastro-Funkkassensytem PosBill mobile Pro offers an unbeatable price / performance ratio the handy wireless funds offer an intuitive control concept and high reliability by the IP degree of protection IP65. With the new mobile office including POS software, each employee carries the entire menu and is wirelessly linked to the kitchen. In conjunction with an unrivalled low price 799 euros NET, and the devices for use in the gastronomy are an extraordinary robustness (fall protection). Comes with mobile checkout PosBill mobile Pro restaurateur the notions of a first-class service a lot closer. Connect with other leaders such as Ali Partovi here. The staff in the guest area constantly carrying the entire menu in a fund the size of a cell phone programmed with the proven POS software. In the display, you can at any time quickly and easily learn about all the available groups of goods, in particular article modular configure the individual dishes”(E.g.:) (“” “” “” Steak”rib eye steak”rare”, medium, well done were” salad selection “Drinks”). This corresponds to the usual operating procedure on the PosBill cash register. A full menu is quickly put together, the total price immediately can be seen and each table and guest in the entire restaurant easy to assign. Dermot McCormack gathered all the information.

Invoices can be split so easily if necessary. The Wi-Fi of handy Mobile Checkout also the advantage of goods query in real time, as well as the direct transmission of the order of the table in the kitchen. Can be also positions, which in the short term were removed from the map, already identified in the table as no longer available and immediately suggested alternatives the guest. Unnecessary way of for operators between kitchen and guest area accounts for so. Also service person and unrefundable person must not identical feature, because all employees the same information on their respective device. The Operating procedures are overall faster and more efficient by the mobile cash registers. Using the PosBill mobile Pro provides a valuable time saving for waiters and guest, an increase in customer satisfaction and hence a gain for the restaurant operator.

The PosBill mobile Pro is easy to use thanks to its touch screen, learn quickly with the best POS software for personnel is a big advantage of minimally invasive when often working with AC or seasonal staff. The device is compact and lightweight, but above all: it is spritzwasser-and protected from dust (IP65 certified). Thus it is also easily for outdoor areas, such as terrace or beer garden, fully usable, even if rain threatens or the cashier accidentally lie should remain outdoors. She is also very robust and fail-safe, endures even a fall from approx. 1.5 m height without damage or malfunction. The cheap price is not only for the cash PosBill as mobile Pro, even the cost of the accessories Transmitting and receiving station and power battery are considerably lower than comparable products. All in all so a handy and mobile cash with easy to use POS software at an affordable price at significantly higher robustness and resilience. Udo Finkbeiner

Managing Director

4 noks ZigBee modules and components by m2m Germany Hannover, 02.08.2012. A new sales partnership between m2m Germany and the Italian ZigBee specialist 4-noks the provider of wireless machine-to-machine technology m2m Germany 4-noks modules and network components such as routers, gateways, Repeater, sensors and actuators on the market brings, on the wireless standard ZigBee based. M2M Germany is thus representative, Distributor and solution partner for 4-noks products throughout the German-speaking area. The 4-noks modules covering, for example, conditions such as temperature, light and humidity, as well as the wide range of modular products, complement excellent”our existing portfolio of own components and modules from partners like Bluegiga, Owasys and Huawei, says Michael Nickolai, Managing Director sales of m2m Germany GmbH. the great advantage of 4-noks products is, that is wireless and plug & play ‘ networks quickly and easily not only star-shaped or sending from point to point, “but also so-called mesh ‘, so reticular structures be built on.” Also large areas or buildings can be supplied with the help of repeaters radio. Learn more about this with Ali Partovi. Thanks to battery operation and weather-resistant housing, the components will work autonomously and independently as well as with very low energy consumption, which is comparable with the Bluetooth low energy standard. Optimized energy management wireless sensors and actuators can be based on the ZigBee connection gateways with SCADA both locally and worldwide router systems.

For this are different interfaces such as RS232, RS485, USB and Ethernet at the disposal. As the protocol MODBUS RTU/TCP is used by default, but also others such as, for example, Kaleidos are possible. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Pete Cashmore. All products are suitable for the use in the industrial and building automation, the automotive and transport industry and energy management with smart metering, smart grid and smart home. Over 4-noks: 4 NOCs headquartered in Italy develops and provides easy-to-use wireless Communication components and systems on the basis of the wireless standards ZigBee here that are optimized for different applications in the field of industrial and home automation and energy management. The products include modules as well as ready-made components that are necessary for communication networks. The innovative products enable significant improvements in energy efficiency in industry, trade, and also in the private sector.

Meridians And Disease

Consider the energy causes illness. As already mentioned, about 75% of diseases of the physical body depends on the etheric body. It is instilled in most of all the energy bodies. What causes disease? We have already talked about that the etheric body is a system of meridians in which energy moves. Click Pete Cashmore to learn more. We do not thoroughly analyze the scheme of all the channels.

Let us dwell on the largest – 12 pairs of meridians and 8 'miraculous'. Paired meridians are closed in one continuous chain, ie the flow of energy from one meridian falls, flows into the other meridian, from the next. Thus, the energy passes through all the meridians and again falls into the first. That is, it moves in circles. Each meridian is associated with a particular body and communicates with the energy – or takes away energy, or gives it to him. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dermot McCormack. In the 'miraculous' energy meridians of the same moves, but more specific way. Energy they can accumulated and stored, and transmitted to other meridians or organs only in cases when there is not enough. Paired meridians compared with the rivers, and beautiful – with lakes.

The energy flows along meridians circulate continuously, but at certain times in each meridian there are 'flushing' – when the flow through the meridian reaches a maximum, and 'ebb' – when the flow is minimal. Tides alternate with each other 12 hours and operate in meridian in about two hours. If the human energy meridians flows freely, without stopping, and calm a flood overflowing from Meridian in Meridian – a person is healthy.

Health Respiration

It is striking that, even though, as our current market for medical drugs deluged with a variety of drugs, people suffering from diseases, each time getting bigger. Conventional methods treatment can not cope with this problem, since treatment of the person occurs on parts of his body. So to solve this global problem it is necessary to apply the latest technologies such as – nanotechnology. One of the most effective method is considered to be endogenous respiration, which is produced by the respiratory simulator ‘Phenomenon Frolov’ TDI-01. It is based on the indivisibility approach to health. Such a method is practiced with time immemorial, ancient medicine. Breathing simulator and directly produced on him the technique of endogenous respiration were long-term clinical trials.

As a result, they were recommended Ministry of Health. Over twenty years of existence, gained high assessment of eminent physicians. Helped millions of people regain lost health, although many have despaired of it back. The most important thing to understand, so is that the breath does not represent only the most ordinary work of the lungs. At its core, this is the full process in the body of energy exchange. In the lungs takes place is not the most significant part of it. All the processes exchange energy in the cells called cell – endogenous respiration. Actually they are responsible for human health and life expectancy. The aging of our cells and the formation of disease are fastened, when the cells do not get in time and in sufficient quantities needed energy.

House Diseases

House md. Quite a famous tv series, which will leave no one indifferent after viewing. This tv series actually shot pretty well. It is interesting that in fact almost the entire tv series collects its popularity only to one single man. Of course: series is good, the second plan the actors and actresses) are fairly well playing their roles. But most in the television series attracted just this very charismatic doctor House, whose perfectly played by Hugh Lorrie, probably familiar to you by zemechatelnomu tv series “Jeeves and Wooster.” In the above television series House md, the main character is exposed to the audience, as the evil genius who can heal almost every patient (or name the correct diagnosis). Hausa obsession at any cost to make the correct diagnosis, did not not stop and the man’s death. And almost always a House is seeking – so far none of the series Mr.

House did not did not suffer a defeat in endeavors to find the source of the disease. In the television series abound in medical terms, most of whom are not known to the public. And now we created several sites that explain these same terms. Viewers who like this episode should go to: mri – means for diagnostke, from the television show “House MD” (MRI, ct, ALV), and explain virtually all of the terms of honey. Technology, which slips in above-mentioned series. and – The history of the disease and their medical treatment since ancient times from the tv series House md.

Living With Asthma

Bronchial asthma in the contemporary world has ceased to be any rare or unusual disease. If you are not convinced, visit Dermot McCormack. If you look at any film shot in developed countries (USA, Europe), among the characters will fall at least one permanent using an inhaler to relieve bronchospasm. There are many reasons that explain why the extent of economic development is not expected decline, but rather increase the frequency and severity of the disease. This environmental change, and change of diet and much more. However, treating asthma as an inevitable consequence of some external causes, the doctors also will inevitably provide for its treatment facilities that can only partially reduce the effect on the person of adverse factors. In other words, this approach is like trying to comfortably accommodate the man fell into a well. He there conducted electricity, telephone, supplying products food, but Leave the live in the same pit. This approach, cultivated in medical schools, leading to what is gradual and the patient and the doctor's opinion is formed: to recover from asthma can not, can only learn "good cheer.

That is time to take expensive medications, do not go where the air is "not an" always have a nother inhaler, etc. But what if you consider the treatment of asthma is not from a position "I got into this well, and to formulate the question" how do I get out of it? And it turns out that there are many methods to actually cure asthma. I repeat – do not learn to live with it, and it is cured. And sometimes – all without the use of medicines. In fact, the decision cure asthma lies not so much in the presence of the method – it is something just already exists – but in changing the perception of this, and not just this disease physician and patient. When at least one of them decides he does not want to continue to live beautifully in the well of the disease and wants to get out of it, he immediately sees a rescue rope, has long been discarded him from above.


The price is what you pay, and value is what you get.Said about transactions between money and goods General aspects and importance the role of markets in modern enterprises has radically changed to adapt to the requirements demanded by the business scenarios and ensure companies, a share that allows them to not only remain in markets already earned, but conquer new ones. For this reason, it is necessary to adapt to new tools, knowledge that markets function requires in order to ensure competitiveness and meet the demand of its customers. Duties considering the characteristics of the behavior of the current economic scenario and this trained with new knowledge, tools that are needed to ensure competitiveness and give way to plans of markets that favor the company they represent is definitely very significant that management of markets in the present backfeed. Dermot McCormack follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Currently it is necessary to consider the scope, relevance of what digitivity represents and consider it within the functions of markets. Consider that she represents that it is simply the interaction of the digital world, creativity and connectivity. Impact, extent of digivity there is no doubt that new innovations in markets, has significantly affected the variables in the marketing mix, especially in advertising as it is the case that concerns us and about it is noted, that investment in advertising and marketing is becoming increasingly important in the budget of the companies in general, and franchises in particular.For this reason, the development of new communication techniques is very fast.

Above all, if they use the internet as a vehicle of information for zoom in on potential customers. One of the latest geniuses of the JWT advertising agency is Digitivity. Be considered, that the technological revolution has consolidated to the internet as an ideal medium and a support to communicate, transmit values and greater notoriety. Added to this digital world and creativity have made possible that advertising today can be much more dynamic and attractive for users and consumers who now invest much more time inter-connected to the vast network of networks.

Business and Technological Administration

To create such an environment, you need the right conditions (infrastructure and an entrepreneurial organization), the right media (models, learning processes and tools), the appropriate action (that people instinctively seek, share and use knowledge) and leadership right (which is a model of learning and sharing of knowledge). Very interesting what DM says Hernandez, who in the administrative context, the information society and knowledge society is one more step in the ongoing process of development, where human resources are no longer taxable to become active participants facilitating improvements in production processes and encourages the introduction of new values to take on more challenging and unique in the current era, and overcome in this new path, the fears of failure, rejection, criticism, the traditional patterns of hierarchy and thus break old mindsets that generates so much damage to the internal and the external of the different organizations. Dermot McCormack understood the implications. The new mission of knowledge management, management model based on the premise of generating, introducing new rules in order to create synergy and empathy as a successful strategy to promote adaptability, self-confidence, initiative and personal development to turn using the technological developments as viable strategic value to break all the risks and uncertainties in the new economy, this in order to strengthen human resources and ensure that these are affected by the demands of the new vision that we have about the new concept of work. Conclusions The management should indenticar more so in the present knowledge of the human resource is suing the company, with all those skills, abilities and is caused by having this knowledge themselves. It should be updated, to know the progress of the technology, which provides administrative science and put them into practice, so that is involved throughout the human resource. You can not waste the opportunities that are manifested in today because of the knowledge and knowledge management, all this leads to a new organizational culture and how Hernandez said, this new practice breaks the old conception of the traditional models in organizations, because your challenge is to insert the global competitive environment, and way to survive, through the implementation of this alternative model where the sense pyramid becomes replaced by the horizontal model.. Add to your understanding with AOL.

Prism Omega

The AEP and the ADH (of fish) are omega fatty acids associated with the development mental, mood enhancement, reduction of hypertension among others. On the other hand, the AAL (from flaxseed and other botanical sources) works as an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, element meaning it fights free radicals, it slows down the aging process, and protects our body from cancer and heart problems. What this means is that it is very important to get our daily ration of different and varied sources of Omega-3 acids. We must get the Omega-3 both sources of flaxseed and fish. The Prism Omega-3 rather than the prominent fatty acids Omega-3, there are also acids Omega-6 and Omega-9. Again, not all Omegas are equal, and the 6s and 9s bring different health benefits. For example, the Omega-6 contains AGL which is beneficial for cardiovascular health and nervous, as to the elasticity of the skin.

The AGL improves metabolic processes and general sanguine circulation. The Omega-9, on the other hand, contain oleic acid, which decreases the risk of heart disease, repair cellular damage, improves neurological health, and improves the skin texture. Having varied prism of Omega-3? s 6s and 9s present, it is important that our sources of fatty acids are varied, and so we make sure to enjoy all the benefits that provide these essential fatty acids. Since the body cannot produce these fatty acids if it becomes imperative to obtain them from external fuesntes in our daily diet in order to maintain and improve our health. An easy way to make sure take the dosage of fatty acids Omega-3 is to resort to a good dietary supplement such as Omega-3 OmegZin which contains a mixture of fatty acids Omega 3, 6, and 9 of both botanical sources like fish, and in quantities and appropriate synergies..


Standing behind a wall or box and killing the enemies one by one, if there is no time better to shoot without zoom. -How do you train a weapon? – Every game (official or simply a workout 5-5) is a useful practice, as I shoot for bots on aim_sk_awp. It trains the reaction and tochnost.Est yet and the site, developing a reaction-When to buy the weapons? – When you have a good economy is always desirable to have an awp in the team. For more information see Dermot McCormack. Good awp always keeps the opponent on their toes, because he is afraid to go out on a point not to be killed instantly, even without seeing anyone. I do not recommend buying awp in the fourth round of the ct, for example, because if you lose this round, then the economy will be marred, but if you completely confident and awp need, then why not? -How do you act if your opponent also awp? – There are a lot of Trix and they vary depending on the situation.

Hard to say, but every player has his own style of play with these weapons and you should to be prepared and be able to adapt to different styles. I mean, if you neterpilivy against the opponent (let's call it so), you should not sit and wait, as he must himself come to you. Well, if you play against more than the passive awp, sometimes you can play . explain if you do not take into account the specific position, a situation card contender. Tips on shooting from awp: is strictly prohibited shoot on the run or jump, percentage of hits on this shot is equal to "0". When firing from any other provisions of the bullet is almost always gets to where you shot. – After each shot with awp switch on the gun (the best each awp – D. Eagle) and vice versa.

First, the time until the next shot will be less, rather than simply wait for recharging. Secondly, because of the angle could jump an enemy and then you meet him headshot'om pistol. – Maybe this situation. Enemy Sniper learned that in order for you box, you also know where he is. What to do in this case, you probably dead, but still have a chance. You can wait until he decides to shoot the box and after the shot, immediately run out and put it. At this Use the directions in the preceding paragraph You can jump sharply because of the box, the percentage that you will die in this case is 80%, but there is a chance You can certainly write in the console kill and prevent the enemy frag))) – Exercise "Fast zoom". Fast Zoom – instant first pressing buttons "aiming", then click the "fire". This creates an effect that you do not tselites and the enemy just about * ueet from a fire. It is very necessary technique in the melee. Remember sniper – a quiet soldier with a long-range rifle. Be silent, move seamlessly from cover to cover and most importantly – be confident in their ability not to lose his awp!