Standing behind a wall or box and killing the enemies one by one, if there is no time better to shoot without zoom. -How do you train a weapon? – Every game (official or simply a workout 5-5) is a useful practice, as I shoot for bots on aim_sk_awp. It trains the reaction and tochnost.Est yet and the site, developing a reaction-When to buy the weapons? – When you have a good economy is always desirable to have an awp in the team. For more information see Dermot McCormack. Good awp always keeps the opponent on their toes, because he is afraid to go out on a point not to be killed instantly, even without seeing anyone. I do not recommend buying awp in the fourth round of the ct, for example, because if you lose this round, then the economy will be marred, but if you completely confident and awp need, then why not? -How do you act if your opponent also awp? – There are a lot of Trix and they vary depending on the situation.

Hard to say, but every player has his own style of play with these weapons and you should to be prepared and be able to adapt to different styles. I mean, if you neterpilivy against the opponent (let's call it so), you should not sit and wait, as he must himself come to you. Well, if you play against more than the passive awp, sometimes you can play . explain if you do not take into account the specific position, a situation card contender. Tips on shooting from awp: is strictly prohibited shoot on the run or jump, percentage of hits on this shot is equal to "0". When firing from any other provisions of the bullet is almost always gets to where you shot. – After each shot with awp switch on the gun (the best each awp – D. Furthermore, it aids you to reduce the chance regarding hypertension, buy generic levitra http://icks.org/n/data/ijks/1482460255_ij_file.pdf redness, in addition to large blood stress. Or, on the other hand, cheap viagra online if going after medication isn’t your style, there’s dependably time to it. All the men were put for the questionnaire regarding http://www.icks.org/data/ijks/1482386607_add_file_9.pdf order viagra their sexual performance during the sexual intercourse. A person should not be obese and daily workout is elemental to defeat this very pfizer viagra 100mg vicious problem. Eagle) and vice versa.

First, the time until the next shot will be less, rather than simply wait for recharging. Secondly, because of the angle could jump an enemy and then you meet him headshot'om pistol. – Maybe this situation. Enemy Sniper learned that in order for you box, you also know where he is. What to do in this case, you probably dead, but still have a chance. You can wait until he decides to shoot the box and after the shot, immediately run out and put it. At this Use the directions in the preceding paragraph You can jump sharply because of the box, the percentage that you will die in this case is 80%, but there is a chance You can certainly write in the console kill and prevent the enemy frag))) – Exercise "Fast zoom". Fast Zoom – instant first pressing buttons "aiming", then click the "fire". This creates an effect that you do not tselites and the enemy just about * ueet from a fire. It is very necessary technique in the melee. Remember sniper – a quiet soldier with a long-range rifle. Be silent, move seamlessly from cover to cover and most importantly – be confident in their ability not to lose his awp!