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That’s it! All the variety of manifestations – and the desire to escape with a lesson, and the feeling that you “stomps” and the emptiness in head, yawning and attacked, and even pain in the eyes – it’s just a signal that the student faced with one of the three barriers to learning, as they called Hubbard. The coach knows how to settle any display and make sure that the student moved by the material with the maximum speed for him and with absolute mastery. What is the effect of using this method? Data from the report of Cisco Sistems (c is an American company annual revenue of 22 billion dollars. Produces semiconductor devices to the Internet and other devices.): “Our managers and participants evaluated the project for training as the most successful of all that they have ever attended. As a result, training costs were reduced by 70%, while productivity in the workplace has increased dramatically. Kai-Fu Lee is often quoted as being for or against this. ” In the Irish branch of another company – National Semiconductors (annual income of 1.98 billion dollars, number of employees – 9,700) the use of this technique reduced the number of hours required for training of technical personnel, on average, from 165 to 60, with the number of allowable errors in the production declined to near zero. Corporate trainer Company “Diskiper” (4 consecutive years, it is in the list of fastest growing companies in America Inc.

500″), said: “After I trained for about six people using the new method, I saw a significant difference in the how well they understand and have mastered the material in comparison with the standard method of teaching. I was just shocked that the teaching method with their own pace literally “turns on” the enthusiasm of employees, and they begin to do the job correctly, nothing is missing. ” Now, according to company owner, in their weekly class ends around 20 courses. In total, the company employs 150 staff, and staff go to other companies extremely rare. There is a special know-how making a training manual. Using this know-how, we can develop a training manual for any position in the company – from assembler to a top manager. Guest themselves employees indicate that they like this system of training: on the one hand, it takes less time, on the other – provides the knowledge and skills to be good, even if the person has not been previously familiar with the area. How to implement a system of education and open your class (academy, the corporate university)? Of course, this is not a trivial task. But there are success stories of many enterprises have the know-how and turn- program of implementation of this system.

CRM Money

Most modern executives have left no doubt about the reality of "revolution relationships." Everyone understands how useful to have a personalized client base with which to track history of relationships with customers, manage sales, track sales activity management, etc. These tasks are solved with the help of software technology, the market which splashes plenty of proposed solutions. Among domestic development experts continue to allocate the development of Expert Systems, such as Quick Sales and Sales Expert and development of Terrasoft. But the subject of this article goes on technologies. The problem remains a problem of technology implemented and the impact no. As in the previous article, where a sense of the term customer relationship management helped us to Chinese philosophers, I would like to focus on the relationship. And that's what I remembered. Do you remember the classic Christmas tale by Frank Capra 'Life is beautiful'? What generally comes to mind about the film, so it's always a new idea that we all as individuals – very different.

However, in the film, there are implicit theme of CRM, of which F. Capra and thought to shootings. In the film the two main protagonists, George Bailey – the son of a banker, which took over the family business 'Building and Loan', and Henry Potter, tight-fisted town banker ever-in-black. Potter was meaning to earn money for his bank, squeezing them out of the townspeople, whom he regarded as 'little people'. He adhered to the established banking rules, when people wanted to borrow money, then get them on terms of the bank, or did not receive at all. Success in this field of made him 'the richest man in town'. George Bailey, on the contrary believed that the citizens of his clients, so it is his duty to serve them well, with a personal approach.

In the years that looked like depression, urban workers supplied the money at reasonable interest flexible, because they needed it. He has been involved in their lives, worked with each individually and all sought to know personally, although, strictly speaking, they were just his clients. In the final picture of the townspeople come to the rescue of George Bailey, giving him money so he could recover the missing amount allegedly stolen by them on false charges, Mr. Potter, with each of the rescuers recalled that Bailey had once helped him in difficult times. Touching, sure. Because of the bankers with whom you would prefer to deal with? By implementing software class CRM, do not forget to introduce a new philosophy and behavior of your company.

Soft Metrics

BSC evaluates key performance indicators (KPI), thus evaluating the company's progress in achieving strategic goals. This allows time to make adjustments to the operational and strategic management in order to avoid major problems. Second, the MSP was the first system that evaluates the effectiveness of the company not only on financial indicators. But what's wrong with the financial figures. In general, all the way! However, financial indicators assess what has already happened with the company, but not what happens.

At the present time, not enough to produce good quality products. Must take into account the tendency of markets, consumer behavior, influence competitors. Solving these problems is the company's strategy. Get all the facts and insights with Ali Partovi, another great source of information. Non-financial indicators and show just what happens or could happen with the company. It should be noted that the evaluation of non-financial indicators – is not from simple. Indeed, how to measure the organizational climate or the loyalty of new personnel of the company? How to assess the attitude and customer satisfaction levels of new customers? It is challenging but not impossible. SSP copes with it, moreover, renders the company's strategy as strategy maps that are clear to even an ordinary employee who has little understanding of strategic management. For successful use of MSP a reliable software for the metrics. See more detailed opinions by reading what Pete Cashmore offers on the topic..

Of course, keep the calculations on paper or in a simple office applications – is a recipe for total collapse of the introduction of the MTP. Software for the metrics should be simple, but at the same time effective. Moreover, even an ordinary employee, looking at the strategic maps, built the program must understand the strategy and the achievement of strategic objectives. Software for the metrics must be flexible and mobile. Thus, when changes in the value of any indicator, the system should automatically recalculate the value of general progress or regress of the company in achieving strategic goals. Quite important to establish the correct "Share" for each indicator and category indicators. For example, the number of sales by 100 managers, or transportation costs per employee can be more valuable indicators than the amount of daylight for one job or employee satisfaction system of bonuses. Also, the categories of indicators may have different specific gravity. For some companies the category of "market" may have the highest priority, while others will pay particular attention to internal business processes. Easy software for the metrics – the key to successful use of the program. Indeed, what is the use of the application, if only a few companies in chelok remotely understand and how that works. But if the software uses even ordinary managers, is a clear sign the public involvement of staff in the process of implementation of the MTP. It should be noted that only the software for the metrics do not solve all the problems of the company. Such programs should be used in conjunction with reliable and quick system to collect and process information. Otherwise, the "hand jamming" of the data to make the work of CPS in hell, and nothing but irritation and grievances of employees it will not. Fortunately, the market abounds with a variety of programs for the implementation and support of the MTSP. The task of the user – only to find the most effective ones. There will be irreplaceable special websites and forums with reviews.

Line Between Influence Manipulation Lies

Speaking of manipulation, let's first give a definition of this notion. So Wikipedia can stumble upon the following definition: "Manipulation – is the oppression of the individual, in this case because the person wants to believe in what he wants to acquire (the knowledge, experience, wealth), inhibition can be achieved through 'a lie in which they want to believe. " The Oxford English Dictionary treats manipulation as "the act or to influence people with the skill of management, particularly dismissive connotations, as a hidden control and processing. " Published in 1969 in New York, "Modern Dictionary of Sociology" defines manipulation as "the kind of power, which has its effect on the behavior of others, without revealing the nature of the behavior that he expects of them. " The person interacting with others, interact with the consciousness of other people, one way or another influencing their behavior, but the conscious manipulation begins with the moment when the manipulator makes for a target of manipulation. In short, when a person wants to achieve a specific result for yourself when communicating with others and without the knowledge of another, prompting the person on the certain steps, we call such action manipulation. A brilliant example of manipulation, we can see in the film 'The Devil's Advocate'.

Before the main hero (Keanu Reeves) are two objectives: to be with his sick wife, or continue to case in court. Using a simple combination of a manipulative boss hero (Al Pacino) makes it so that the hero Keanu Reeves prefers to work terminally ill wife, thinking that it is completely and entirely his own solution … How often are faced with such a phenomenon? Yes all the time. How often do you hear at home: "Here I am so tired, so tired, and you come goodness knows when!" At work "Ivan Ivanovich, because you are a level head, without you I do not I can not accept this decision! "in the company of friends:" Well, slightly more to 100 grams, eh? ". But these are examples of explicit, fairly rough handling. But on the other hand, what would the world be if we all just voicing our desires and thoughts? Just imagine that people would have heard: – Honey, I'm for a new necklace and azure Bentley is ready to put up your bald, beer belly, rudeness, and the difference in the age of 20 years.

I can not stand you, but for the sake of your wonderful wallet too so be it, here we sign the marriage contract, Kitten! – Ivan Ivanovich! I'm so afraid of the responsibility that I wanted what would you do take the rap for this project, and what I get paid so much, so it is quite normal, otherwise why would I in general go here! Hmm, not much like it all that happy, right? So where is the line between influence, manipulation, lies and the art of communication? How to resist manipulation? The easiest way to understand yourself, know all their weaknesses, all their fears and complexes. After all, a clever manipulator uses just your weaknesses. Be clear to yourself, do not embellish portraits, and then you're unlikely to find yourself in someone else's trap. Learn more about the kinds manipulation and how to protect themselves from manipulative techniques you can link to


In a sense, the call hedhanterov proposed a new, more promising and paying jobs is an indication of the status and professional level employees. In other words, if you declared a "hunting", it serves as confirmation that you have become a valuable and probably indispensable specialist. Typically, interest hedhanterov call specialists who have a certain status in business circles and participated in large successful projects. In addition, their attention is not elude the most successful graduates known business schools and universities. According hedhanterov themselves, the main "attraction" was and remains a professional staff that will necessarily lead to the fact that you noticed.

Confident Specialist can make contact with hedhanterov yourself, but it is desirable to do not directly, but on the advice of colleagues or acquaintances. Additional information at Robotics supports this article. The most common way to express yourself – send your resume in confidence base agencies evecutive search. After receiving your resume agency staff will determine how it corresponds to received orders. Pete Cashmore has similar goals. If you are based in their appropriate position for you, they will contact you promptly to get more information and to discuss the proposal. To tie the personal contact with hedhanterov, you can make some tweaks, such as myself to order one or more positions. However, it should not be "Overshoot" as the fictitious orders may cause a negative reaction. Anyway, we should not impose a candidate hedhanterov all agencies involved in hedhantingom, working under the order and do not Employment of. What to do if you got an unexpected call from hedhanterov a proposal to a new job, but at the moment do not consider it necessary to consider it? Even if you are completely satisfied with your status, position and wages, just hang up the phone is still not worth it.

Even if you're currently not interested in changing jobs in the future it may be a situation where this would be for you very important. As Practice shows that foreign companies, communication with hedhanterov can be quite beneficial from a strategic point of view. Communicating with hedhanterov help you tie a lot of new contacts. If the proposed position will not , then you can explain to the other party, which option would be for you the most appropriate. Hedhanterov sure you remember the case and will contact you. If you know of the specialists, suitable for this position and interested in changing jobs, you can give recommendations. Remember that hedhanterov call not for everyone, they call the best. Headhunters looking for valuable, successful and ambitious employees who are interested in his career. Worthy of a job can get many experts, but only if they are determined to succeed.

The Advantages

You should be able to submit a voice request for the transaction over the phone. If you do not have internet, you still can make a deal. Employees of brokerage companies that perform such operations for a client called by traders. Pete Cashmore wanted to know more. Not be superfluous as well as try to call tech support to traders. Check how fast you can get through to them. 4. Usability services company.

Now, most companies in the electronic pershlo document. This means that you do not need to be appearing in the company to sign a report of what that additional agreements, orders a withdrawal. All this can be done without leaving home or the office using his private office at the company’s website and digital signature. Modern broker should provide such an opportunity. 5. Additional services. Each broker they are. In large, as we have already said too much.

What can is useful to you at an early stage – is teaching. Courses must be a few on different subjects. It is also very interested in are free or paid one-time seminars. Well, if the broker company claims to have its own training center. Then you will always have to wait for fresh and relevant courses and lectures. 6. The same broker has to be a tax agent. If during the period you will earn your million, you will not have to go in alone tax office, file a tax return, it will do for you your broker. In principle, this uncomplicated features satisfy almost all the major brokerage firms in Russia. In the next article we will analyze in detail the top five among Russian brokers find their differences, all the advantages and disadvantages. And you will be able to make a choice for further study and may be co-operation, based on existing facts.

Business Development Tips

Starting a business and a difficult step. Business may be different, maybe you want to create a production of a vaccine against swine flu, can you decide to make the production of nano-materials, or trade. Each species has its own business features. In every kind of business has its own rate of return, such as innovative business rate should go off-scale internal rate of return over one hundred per cent, otherwise you will not see success, in business, buy – sell enough fifty per cent internal rate of return. It all depends on the risks to the risks okay we'll be back in another story. And now we begin to develop a business from scratch. Here's the beginning. The first thing we need – it's a business idea.

What is possible here give advice, point bearing, birthday party ideas are very important moment. The birth of the idea, who then bears the business idea for years, someone dyasiteletiyami, for example, a successful manager for decades he worked for a corporation, and all that time thinking about how he will retire and will their own business. And he retires, he has enough connections, capital, and he begins his work. Nurturing the idea of an individual process, you can apply technology, For example, brainstorming, and so on. No matter how you got that idea, you build the whole chain. Here we have a lot of effort, this is the first step. The quality of the decision will affect the success of future business. You need to collect all available information, check the level of technology development of this business in the west, at what level is now the technology.

Then we begin to walk on the experts. In the role of Experts can make your friends. Do not be afraid, they take your idea can not, because the idea was born just in your head, and better implementation of this idea than you, no one will turn out.


To begin with, how I started it all. I do not remember where I learned the truth that is all Photoshop, but when I learned that it was possible to do it, I realized – it's mine. Mikkel Svane often addresses the matter in his writings. But like many beginners, I found myself it was opened, I realized that nothing is understood and closed. Yes, I just looked at how much there is only ponapichkano and I immediately got out hunting to work there. It was a little over 3 years ago. I threw this thing.

Where then a month later I stumbled on what that lesson, I can not remember which one, here it is me hooked. I opened Photoshop a second time. And he began to poke. All of these names such as Layers, Blending Options, etc. What seemed to me something terrible. But I slowly began to obsmatrivat interface and look for the buttons and titles.

I spent a lot of time in the day that would make a thread very simple effect, which now can spend up to 2-3 minutes. To date, I am absolutely completely studied Photoshop, took him up and down, I know by heart where things are and what kind of filter for what is, examined all settings, etc., but I want to say that a great deal I do not know about it. I do not know whether there is a man who knows everything about him. But I still during these 3 years has achieved good results. Have not yet seen such lessons that I could not do.

Windows Type

Free Storage We who live in big cities like Mexico City, we have a fast lifestyle, which brings us to the need to have our information available at any time and safely. To do this we have three free storage services for this purpose, these services have tried, two stand out for service and storage capacity are ADrive 50 GB and 25 GB MediMax is also important to note that those who have an email from Gmail, it gives a storage capacity of 2 GB and is growing, we can use a program or a FireFox extension that allows us to use this space to store our files. ADrive Storage Sites: Storage Capacity: 50 GB Service: Free Access: Web Upload Speed: 16 Kb / s download speeds: 4.42 Kb / s File Type: Photos, Video, Audio and Documents MediMax: Storage Capacity: 25 GB Service: Free Access: Web or Application Rate Rise: 66 Kb / s download speeds: 128 Kb / s File Type: Photo, Video, Audio and Documents Microsoft Live Skydrive: Storage: 5 GB Service: Free Access: Web Upload Speed: 21 Kb / s download speeds: 22Kb / s File Type: Photos, Video, Audio and Documents Gmail Drive: Type: Free Operating system: Windows Description: Since having our Gmail email account, proceed to download and install the Gmail Drive, which connects to our account and proceed to upload our files, this program will send an email with attachment I recommend you open an account just for this purpose and so we exploit the space allocated. Visit Pete Cashmore for more clarity on the issue. GSpace: Type: Free Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X Description: It is necessary to have a Gmail email account and to be able to use the Gspace extension, you must have installed the Firefox browser to be installed which we allows you to upload and download files to Gmail. The free storage is a viable option, but in some cases does not meet our requirements, we will need to use a payment service that is usually a monthly fee for storage. If you have a hosting plan can serve you with good capacity for storing your files or documents, just keep in mind the conditions of service of your hosting and copyright..

Computer Games

At present, there are a large number of computer games that fascinate with its graphics and the opportunities presented to the participants. One of the most popular games is World of Warcraft. This video game allows everyone to live completely in another world with the help of his hero and get a lot of emotion. >. It is here that you can live several different lives. Source: Pete Cashmore. This game has a great selection of characters. You can create your character and experience with him every moment. However, in order to be a full participant in the game, you need to buy gold – a kind of money used in this game. In addition to "gold", the game also used "silver" and "Bronze." All that money is always a hero to myself.

It is they buy clothes, weapons, supplies and other necessary things in the game. And things are divided into several categories according to their quality, which determines the cost of each item. There are things wrong with the quality, regular, rare, epic and legendary stuff. In addition, here, as in real life, you can save up gold to buy anything in the future. Most easy way to buy gold – go to a special shop, dealing with the sale. As a rule, you can buy gold in any quantity. Every game should be fun and a great pity if the commission of certain action you will not have the required "currency" because it limits your opportunities. So it's best to buy gold in advance and do not think for a game of where to buy this or that amount. As the safest currency to buy this? It is best to go to a store that has the positive feedback from buyers. Only in this way you will always explain the terms of the acquisition, will answer all your questions and perform the necessary operations in optimal timing and on favorable terms.