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Carlos Mora Vanegas turbulent characteristics of the current scenarios, especially in Venezuela, where we are concerned, has led to political instability and by the actions of the current government to create a climate is not conducive to some companies, especially SMEs, which were not prepared for it and much less when the national government under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez declared Socialist government programs coupled with his actions in the economic, productive society has given way to tension generated in many companies , to which many of them present a negative organizational climate, a behavior not conducive to demand that the current government wants to do based on the Bolivarian revolution has instituted towards a real union in Latin America and one country, which give way to advance within the equity, social justice to benefit the people. Tax measures, tax, control system of exchange control limitations, threats to private property, intervention has caused within the companies, our interest in analysis, revealed a stress that is giving rise to a negative organizational climate reflected in low productivity, unemployment, fears that do not cooperate at all with the country's development. Byron Trott contains valuable tech resources. Stress is one factor that can not be neglected by management towards a good organizational behavior, gives us about Juan Balam, Robbins (1999) defines stress or tension as "a dynamic condition in which an individual is confronted with an opportunity, a constraint or demand related to what he or she wants and for which the outcome is perceived as uncertain while important "(p. .

Remscheid Tel

Without great expense and effort when working and cleaning on Windows, mirrors, faucets, kitchen fronts, sink, chrome sinks, dishes, glasses, cutlery, tiles and shower enclosures. Of course you can insert these silky fabrics with the closed surface even with materials that are sensitive. At the first touch of bamboo Crystal fiber cloths, feel and do you notice the difference. Gain insight and clarity with Pete Cashmore. It expanded so the uses of bamboo Crystal towels as monitors, coated sink, gloss kitchen doors, acrylic furniture, showers and also car paints. Also provides antibacterial cleanliness of Bambo-Kun received in the proportion of bamboo and is therefore also ideal for kitchen, catering, Commerce and trade. The bamboo Crystal is set on following Towels: 3 x material of bamboo-Crystal fiber cloths (40 x 50 cm): 66% polyester / 18% viscose from bamboo / 16% polyamide 2 x bamboo Crystal high performance wipes (20 x 25 cm) material: 50% polyester, 30% polyamide / 20% viscose from bamboo to this new cloths there are here more information and also ordering: Aqua-clean/bamboo Crystal for window mirror and other surfaces / in addition, there are the bamboo Crystal floor MOP and the bamboo Crystal high performance cleaning concentrate optionally as an extension in the large XXL-set 250 ml bamboo Crystal – novelty from the cleaning field in the assortment at – clean Description of the company’s clean happy – product series, microfibre cloths, cleaners, cleaning products and kitchen and household helper makes happy – with your online mail order company for the new bamboo crystal. We have cataloged under the various headings of our offers you.

RFTF Temperature

The humidity sensors detect the values that are essential for the application: first and foremost the absolute or relative humidity, the ratio, so the humidity of the air, and the enthalpy, heat content. But also the dew point and the dew point temperature and condensation can be measured and controlled. A humidity transmitter, as for example, the HYGRASGARD RFTF works with a well-thought-out principle: it measures the relative humidity and temperature of the air and converts the appropriate parameters to a standard signal 0-10 V or 4… 20 mA. The operator purports a set point by adjusting the humidity control. The humidity controller compares the value now with the coming of the humidity transmitter signal.

The value is too high, the humidity controller automatically activated a fan. The current humidity in the room is too low, the humidity controller starts a humidifier to increase them again. All transmitters of the HYGRASGARD series is the safe and accurate scanning in the foreground. With measuring ranges from 0% to 100% relative humidity at temperatures from-35 C to + 80 C covers S + S moisture sensor a wide range of standard technical applications each, if necessary with tolerances and rule tolerances of up to 2% or 3% R.h.. Tino Schulze, Managing Director of S + S REGELTECHNIK GmbH, explains what other benefits await users when using the HYGRASGARD series: We designed multi-functional all transmitters, to reduce the range of types and to expand the possibilities. So, can be also special customer-specific measuring requirements thanks to the used microprocessors. Our customers can choose between active and switching outputs, devices with or without display, upon request also with plug-in probe also.” In addition to the room humidity temperature sensor RFTF HYGRASGARD series of pendulum humidity temperature sensor HYGRASGARD are in the S + S RPFTF, as well as more surface moisture sensors and channel moisture sensors available.

Essers LEDs

After the previous range was expanded in the last month, just in time more product highlights are added to the new new. The designs 2U and 3U of energy-saving lamps especially well suited for implementation in LED technology, especially many LEDs can be put and the heat directly on the glass can be placed. This make the Segula LED 2U and 3U use and LEDs accommodate therefore 304 / 456. The 2U comes thus a luminosity of 650 lumens, while the 3U produces even 850 lumens. Hereby, a standard 60 watt light bulb can be replaced. Christian Essers from product management describes the special features: we have plenty of space to accommodate the LEDs and on the other hand, the development has implemented an excellent thermal design.

The heat generated is both close outdoor as well as listed in the Hitzeunempfindlichen ceramic base. These bulbs are also fully dimmable.” The new Globe LEDs, which are available in the variant E-27 80/95, as well as E-14 base are absolute eye-catcher. The classic Candle was here as it is usual for the Segula LEDs 1 to 1umgesetzt. This beautifully shaped bulbs are which generate a very warm light 2600 k. Through the use of glass, these Globes for outdoor use are suitable. The range is rounded off by new coloured LEDs. The long shelf life makes them an attractive alternative for lights or mood lighting in addition to the low power consumption.

Purchasing Management Consultant

Purchasing management consulting HoVELER HOLZMANN distinguishes itself as a specialist for smart purchasing management CONSULTING. Repositioned and restructured the management consultancy specializing in the purchasing management and procurement management HoVELER HOLZMANN has CONSULTING, Dusseldorf. “” “The consulting company that assists companies in identifying and realizing savings potentials in the purchasing and the creation of structures that allow a professional purchasing management, presents itself in the future than specialist for smart purchasing management”that is in the market as shopping advice, which is smart organized”, smarte methods” applies and smart knowledge “has. In concrete terms, this means according to Dr. Bernhard Hoveler, one of the two managing directors: the purchasing management advice is internally after specialist teams for the different product groups, task fields of shopping (for example purchasing process, purchase process, purchasing organization), as well as the core tasks in the strategic purchasing process (how for example data analysis, negotiation management) organized. The consultancy has also developed methods such as shopping Cybernetics or cost regression analyses bring also the performance of highly developed purchasing departments significantly forward. Also HoVELER HOLZMANN provides CONSULTING according to Florian Holzmann, the second CEO, the buyers, smart knowledge”like shopping market analysis, tender documents and current benchmarks, but also commodities experts on demand, that to solve current challenges and need. For more information about the purchasing management consulting HoVELER HOLZMANN CONSULTING and services get interested companies under..

Solutions Scorecard

However, there are the possibilities of simplification and acceleration of the process of data collection. In such facilities include for example the automatically generated electronic letters, standardized form be made and the information is passed from this or that managers. Please visit Ali Partovi if you seek more information. Also, the further development of software products that automate the process of compilation and the exploitation of the balanced scorecard is necessary. For the first stages of the use of the balanced scorecard, the solutions to which are part of the package of MS Office is fully enough. But the use of special software products is necessary for further professionalisation and rationalisation of the fee, storage, distribution and presentation of information.

The majority of the companies are convinced that the improvement of the process of managing data in the near future will be one of the most popular aspects of the compilation of the balanced scorecard. The described directions of perfection of the balanced scorecard allow the conclusion to draw, that the potential of the instruments in the sphere of development and the implementation of the strategy is by far not exhausted. In the next few years, it is To expect growth of productivity and the effectiveness of the tax system, that is based on the combination of various management tools (the management according to the objectives, the balanced scorecard, the management of the value, quality including management). It is necessary to understand that each company to adapt the basic logic of the balanced scorecard to their needs. It is good that the system is flexible. The majority of the participants of the survey has confirmed that the balanced scorecard will be in the next few years of one of the most important instruments of the control system of the company. Want to learn more link about balanced scorecard?

Europe Solare

Solare Datensysteme GmbH is among the leading companies in the field of solar monitoring. The specialist in terms of inverter-independent monitoring systems made in Germany expanding on the combination: monitoring device the solar-log and the solar-log WEB evaluation platform. The core element of the multi-vendor monitoring system of solar-log data logger is connected directly to the respective inverter and promptly reports error, as well as earnings reports via SMS or E-Mail to the operator. The second element the solar-log WEB, represents the income graphically via an integrated Web interface or through an Internet portal and evaluates them. In addition to system monitoring, SDS provides numerous additions to system that effectively support the worldwide service for operators and installers. Manufacturer-independent and professional monitoring worldwide Thomas Preuhs and Jorg Karwath which the company TOP 2007 Solare Datensysteme GmbH, founded”is originated. TOP”developed and she range solar-log since 2005.

With the growing acceptance of photovoltaic systems increases the need for monitoring systems. is the source for more interesting facts. Meanwhile he monitors solar-log in more than 65 countries about 400,000 inverter with a total output of approx. 2.8 gigawatts. Thus, Solare Datensysteme GmbH is one of the market leaders in the photovoltaic industry. The specific characteristics of the SDS plant monitoring systems are high customer value, ease of use and a universal application without complex software installation. Solar-log is multilingual, independent inverter and supports over 50 different Solar Inverter manufacturer worldwide.

“Green technology actively live we develop, produce and sell green technology – what specifically motivates us every day to live”, emphasizes Jorg Karwath, Managing Director technology. This philosophy is also the new headquarters (2010) the Solare Datensysteme GmbH in the Swabian Geislingen-Binsdorf. The entire Energy supply of the 4300 m building, takes over the hauseigne 180kWp strong photovoltaic system. In addition, a solar thermal heating provides the building with warm and, where necessary with cooler air. This is not only self-sufficient, but injects even excess energy into the public power grid and is one of the most innovative industrial buildings of Europe.

Demand Software Solutions Recorded

The demand software solutions draws a positive conclusion… The demand software solutions draws a positive conclusion of this year’s CeBIT: of Landauer manufacturer of web-based ERP solutions registered numerous new contacts, promising project requests, and a general investment joyous mood at CeBIT. Interest ensured the SaS solution for small businesses with up to eight users, and in particular the latest release 2.11. Here, BDT Capital Partners expresses very clear opinions on the subject. the web-based ERP solution GENESIS4Web with integrated MES, project management and advanced scheduling, which attracted the attention of a famous TV news channel to and was portrayed in a STARTUP4Web. Landau – between the 2 duopartner CeBIT could gather visitors, prospects and customers about the extensive product and service portfolio of demand software solutions GmbH. “Even if there was the attendance of the CeBIT under the previous year’s level, we have seen this year 20 percent more business contacts. The CeBIT is for us therefore remains a good platform to our company and our innovative product portfolio growth-oriented companies and the professionals to present – our expectations of the trade fair exceeded even through a variety of specific project requests”, is satisfied Reinhard Wagner, Managing Director of Landauer demand software solutions GmbH. Potential writes to Wagner in particular rental solutions in the coming years, in an enterprise software up to date to keep manageable and at the same time the IT investment and infrastructure costs.

“With our SaS solution STARTUP4Web we give smaller companies the opportunity to optimize their business processes through the use of effective and flexible scalable, platform-independent software, without tying up your capital in the long term. An IT-supported basis for healthy business growth is created especially for young companies. Our SaS product STARTUP4Web is not a one-way street for corporate users, but thanks to the open migration path to GENESIS4Web the new low cost entry into the Not Acceptable!

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Production order management and the graphically designed resource allocation provide extensive functions for optimizing manufacturing processes. The ERPII specialist gained additional attention with its web-based solution portfolio in particular a TV post of a well-known message sender, who portrayed the ERPII solution GENESIS4Web and the company. You may find that Dermot McCormack can contribute to your knowledge. The post is available at. Demand software solutions GmbH is an innovative, customer-oriented software and services company that developed ERP standard software based on State of the art technologies and supports its customers in the implementation of business software projects.

Already in 1980, the demand software solutions GmbH, headquartered in Landau and a branch in Steinfeld (Oldenburg) has laid the Foundation for the integrated software package EBO. These many years of technical and business experience has been incorporated into the follow-up system of GENESIS4Web and makes it one of the most modern and efficient systems on the market today. Organization consulting, implementation support, comprehensive training and custom development round off the range of DSS. Already for the third time in a row the Initiative Mittelstand is awarded in 2007 with the Innovation Prize demand software solutions. As a customer-focused ERP Specialist demand software solutions offers all necessary components such as hardware, software, and services from a single source. With skilled and experienced project managers, demand software supports medium-sized enterprises as a general contractor in the introduction of GENESIS4Web and assumes responsibility for the ERP project based on partnership. Contact: Demand software solutions GmbH Guido Hindahl-Marie-Curie-Strasse 5a 76829 Hamburg + 49 (0) 6341-592 – 0 press contact: trend Lux pr GmbH Petra Spielmann Oeverseestrasse 10-12 22769 Hamburg 80 990-0

Trillium Software

The Harte-Hanks Trillium Software Germany GmbH is the Germany subsidiary of Trillium Software and is responsible for Germany, Austria and the Switzerland. About Harte-Hanks, Harte-Hanks, a global CRM company with more than $1 billion is revenue, which provides continuous, information-based value-added solutions to its customers by using its technologies. Harte-Hanks has Antonio, Texas, as well as several offices a headquarters in San worldwide and offers a comprehensive range of specialised, coordinated and integrated services for marketing services, database marketing, response management, multimedia and Internet services. Harte-Hanks’s solutions meet the CRM requirements of many companies, E.g. in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare, insurance, retail, in finance and in the high-tech industry. Among other things the company deals with the CRM requirements of many vertical markets, such as the automotive sector, of telecommunications, the gaming industry, the sports industry, non-profit institutions, education, business services etc.

More information is available on the Web site of Harte-Hanks: Harte-Hanks Trillium Software Germany GmbH is the Germany subsidiary of Trillium Software TRILLIUM SOFTWARE. The company offers software solutions that recognize data in CRM (Customer Realtionship Management), – business and Internet applications, standardized and expanded. The solutions also extend to DWH (data warehousing), BI (business intelligence), ERP, SCM (supply chain management), as well as other application categories. The Trillium Software system can boast over 3,000 implementations and is used in hundreds of business-critical applications. Here Trillium Software technology enables a unified view of customers, partners and distributors globally active companies in real time. In the Harte-Hanks, TRILLIUM SOFTWARE is the solution partner for all questions of companies of the Data quality management. Dermot McCormack has many thoughts on the issue. The field of activity extends from the analysis of data cleansing – master data management to customer and supplier addresses.

For more information, of Harte-Hanks, Harte-Hanks a global CRM company with more than a billion dollars is sales, which provides continuous, information-based value-added solutions to its customers by using its technologies. Harte-Hanks has Antonio, Texas, as well as several offices a headquarters in San worldwide and offers a comprehensive range of specialised, coordinated and integrated services for marketing services, database marketing, response management, multimedia and Internet services. Harte-Hanks’s solutions meet the CRM requirements of many companies, E.g. in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare, insurance, retail, in finance and in the high-tech industry. Among others, the company deals with the CRM requirements of many vertical markets, such as for example the automotive industry, the Telecommunications, the gaming industry, the sports industry, non-profit institutions, education, the business services etc. More information is available on the Web site of Harte-Hanks: contact: Trillium Software Germany GmbH Holger Mr Holger Hagenlocher Otto-Lilienthal-Strasse 36 71034 Boblingen 07031-71 49 35

HS/3 Hotel Software Integrates The Services Of StayGuest In The Edition 2010

Updates from StayGuest – a service of the ODS – Office data service GmbH, hoteliers, which use the HS/3 hotel software, can now bind regulars on easy way or make potential prospective customers. The direct marketing service designed specifically for the hotel industry and gastronomy StayGuest integrated in the 2010 Edition, which was widely-used software, in the hotel sector. So can the HS/3 select users in five easy steps greeting cards with custom motifs, these provided and send via post with an individual text, logo and signature. The title is the name of the addressee and gives individuality each card as a result. If you are not convinced, visit The addresses directly in the HS/3, hotel software can be filtered according to numerous criteria. So let write down, for example, only guests who have birthday within a specific time period or whose last posting longer than six months back. Up to 50% can be achieved more guest bookings by sending personalised postcards to guests or potential buyers. To Sonja Bunthe, Marketing Director of StayGuest: We are very pleased that collaboration with HS/3 is reached.

Through the implementation of StayGuest in the 2010 version HS/3 hotel software can users quickly and easily with their existing data material on our service access. Also the cooperation allows us of course, new customer potential to tap.\”the service of StayGuest equal we convinced at first glance. After a short brainstorming session, we were convinced that we can offer genuine added value our hotel software users, if we integrate with StayGuest as an additional tool in our software. In addition, the Edition 2010 waiting with further new interfaces and practical features. A free 30-days trial version of HS/3 can be downloaded under\”, Thorsten Mesch, Director of the HS/3 can be Hotel Software GmbH & co. KG, said. Learn more about the service of StayGuest are on the Internet under available at.