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In the framework of the exhibition ‘ retail vision Europe 2010’ the Web editor was awarded the prize for the best software product. WebSite X 5 is awarded on the London retail vision the European Prize “best software product 2010” another success Incomedia and our own leading product WebSite X 5 Evolution 8. In the context of the exhibition of retail vision Europe 2010 “the Web editor was awarded the prize for the best software product. The Italian company Incomedia for over 12 years as a software manufacturer on the being represented an international market, again with his success program WebSite X 5 Evolution 8 maintained, this time at the trade fair of retail vision Europe 2010 “. The London exhibition is addressed as one of the biggest events in the area of sales of IT and CE (10-12 May 2010) leading retailers, E-tailers and distributors in Europe and offered Incomedia thus a suitable platform the award-winning software program to introduce WebSite X 5 and again to prevail against other software programs. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as by clicking through. For the place the Sofitel Heathrow has been selected hotel in London the awards ceremony, which took place on May 11, 2010, this year. Pete Cashmore may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

WebSite X 5 managed to inspire the participating audience and is thus the first place in the category “best software product”, before other high-quality software programs, such as Kaspersky and Movavi, to secure. The winners were on May 14 on the Newswire’s Times Square Billboard publicly announced:… It is mainly composed of glands, cells buy levitra and ducts. This occurs when nerve impulses coming from the brain to the commander cialis penis, which leads to an erection. To make it even better, prescription is not required to canadian pharmacy for cialis , viagra. For example, a job crisis, with increased viagra for women online pressure not only to get rid of erection issue, but also to enhance the quality of sexual life. Federico Ranfagni, CEO of Incomedia, satisfied announced “the award means very much for Incomedia, because WebSite X 5 has succeeded in evolution 8, against other known and industry-leading software programs, such as Kaspersky and Movavi to enforce. We are very proud of our success and look at the growing popularity of our software with joy. The result is also of great importance to Incomedia, because the decision was taken by European retailers, E-tailers and distributors, i.e.

those who best know which product is most often requested by customers.” No doubt, especially the ease of use, originality, as well as the simple application of the integrated, professional and innovative features of that characterized the software WebSite X 5 Evolution 8, have led to the success. Detailed information about the mass retail vision Europe 2010 “can be found here: more information on the software WebSite X 5 Evolution 8, see the following link: contact: Norma Wagner INCOMEDIA via Burolo, 22A – 10015 IVREA (TO) – ITALY tel/fax + 39-0125-253491 official sites: about INCOMEDIA Srl: INCOMEDIA was founded in 1998 and is today one of the leading European companies in the field of development and distribution of multimedia software. The lead product Incomedias WebSite X 5 was designed to offer an efficient and easy to use program for creating Web pages for an attractive price to consumers, small businesses, and educational institutions. The Turin developers were WebSite X 5 Evolution and compact for the first time at CeBIT 2007 in Hannover before. In the meantime, Incomedia sold the new versions of evolution 8 and compact 8 in over 40 countries worldwide with a proven network of renowned partners and distributors. The software is already available in 18 languages, including in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian.