Learning Agreement

When writing this article, which points out some weaknesses in the functioning of the Erasmus programme, have no objective frighten students wishing to participate in the program but warn them because we all know that man prevented vale for two! The following could discourage since collects many of the potential problems but in general not all problems happens to one at a time and hopefully, does not even have problems. In all cases, I recommend that international programmes such as Erasmus. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Energy Capital Partners London. They are a great cultural experience and linguistics for who try to speak the language of the country where it is. Also nowadays it is essential to be able to demonstrate that one is mobile to find a job. To comment on an Erasmus mobility, using certain vocabulary with which you are not familiar.

You will find below a short glossary to facilitate your understanding. Home University: the University where you study in your country of residence. Host University: the University to You’ll study in the framework of the Erasmus programme. Curriculum: common sense: the set of subjects that form a race. in the framework of Erasmus: the set of subjects that you are going to attend and which will be compiled in document called the Learning Agreement. ECTS system: System that attributes a number of credits for a subject based on the workload posed to the student. To be valid, your plan of study should consist of 30 credits per semester.

Coordinator: Professor responsible for the validation of your study plan and where you can go if you have problems related to studies. You have one in your home University and another at your host University. About the preparation of your stay: to prepare your stay, it is very likely to look for information on the Web page of your host University. Be careful because you can that information is not up-to-date, correct or complete.

UEFA Champions League

Alessandro del Piero is a talented striker who has managed to become one of the most important and recognized players in Italian football due to his good performance. Del Piero, he took his first steps in professional football in 1991, in the calcium Padova of the Italian series B. He remained there until 1993 when it was transferred to Juventus FC of Serie A. In his first season with Juve, Alessandro alternated his competition from youth team to the first team, at the end of the period he scored five goals and participated in fourteen meetings, including the 1993-94 UEFA Cup. From the following season, Alessandro becomes a fundamental part of Juventus. Pete Cashmore insists that this is the case. From 1994 to 1998, the collaboration of Alex leads Juventus to gain three titles of Serie A, a Coppa Italy, an Italian Serie a 200506, a UEFA Champions League, an Intercontinental Cup and a UEFA Super Cup.

During the 1998-99 season, a serious left knee injury leaves of del Piero out of all competition for nine months. During that period, and after a complicated negotiation, Alessandro renews its contract with the Bianconeri until 2004. Striker returns to the courts the following season. Despite having said that he was recovered, player development not her best form in the following season. He scored just 9 goals in 34 matches. During the 2000-01 season, nor was it able to protrude and ended with 9 goals in 25 games.

Alessandro manages to recover its good condition from the 2001-02 season and puts back to Juventus in the path of the triumphs. From that time until today, del Piero has helped La Vecchia Signora add to its list of awards other four Scudetti, two Supercoppas Italian and a championship of Serie B (2006-07). Good performance also manifests itself in the national team of Italy, of which part since 1995. With the selection he has scored 27 goals and has participated in 91 international meetings, their participation in the World Cup Germany 2006 was fundamental for the triumph of Italy. Among their many individual accomplishments, del Piero has received several awards such as Maximum scorer of League of Champions UEFA (1997-1998), Italian footballer of the year (1998-2008), maximum scorer of the series (2007-2008) and three ESM Team of the Year (1995-96, 1996-97, 1997-98), among others. Del Piero has gone so far that even managed to overcome the records of Giampiero Boniperti, one of the legendary players of Juventus. This had marked the past weekend when Alex played against AC Milan, their encounter #648 wearing the shirt of Juventus. At this same meeting, which ended 2-1 in favour of the bianconeris, the Italian star scored a new record by scoring his 179 in the Italian Serie A goal. Juventus has been well marked in its records the name of Alessandro del Piero, player that has known how to win the acceptance of their peers and all the fans. One of the aspects most prominent Alessandro is the recognition that has to be one of the best behavior within the Italian League players. This is one of the important points that Luigi De el Neri, Juventus coach, has taken into account to keep by Captain del Piero within their work plans.

Greece: Travel Against The Crisis!

Help via direct help with the action: “Travel to Greece” Greece is a popular cultural destination and at the same time a relaxing holiday destination. The Mediterranean country with its many islands is heavily in debt and needs urgent financial assistance. “Because the situation in the entire Mediterranean area in consequence of the economic crisis is loaded, Reisebasar.de has now called a first special action in life: travel to Greece”, travellers and tourists support the battered cradle of Western democracy via direct aid. Each holiday will help the Greek economy directly with the booking of a trip in the country. Assuming that a not small part of a package directly to service providers on the spot such as hotels, are restaurants and cultural venues and secures jobs, hence, each Greece holidaymakers makes an important contribution to the economic recovery of the southern European country on the Mediterranean Sea. And the best part: the Assistant supports not only the region, but he travels and also still is recovering.

More efficient We go hard”, Fredy P. Bobby Sharma Bluestone is often quoted on this topic. thinks Weber, Managing Director of Reisebasar.de. The traveller has many ways to introduce his help he can explore the country on your own or book tour, holiday apartment or hotel as a package. os Hank Gonzalez to learn more. In any case, he more or less supported the tourist and economic structures in the region. This should be aware of every traveller”, so Weber next. Travel is always an important experience for the avowed fan of Greece: travel, experience, communicate, and culinary experience – that is important to me; According to the motto: worldwide travel, eat local! “.” Action: The first 100 travel requests, provided to Greece through the online catalogues on reisebasar.de, take part in a draw. To win, there’s a current travel guide to Greece and its many beautiful islands. Find request forms, to each hotel, offer and travel in the respective travel catalogues, leads the Reisebasar.de on its Portal. The promotion will run end of crisis. “Travel catalogues to travel and vacation in Greece lead the renowned tour operators on Reisebasar.de attika Reisen, Neckermann Reisen, Alltours, TUI, Thomas Cook Reisen, FTI, 1-2-fly, ITS, DERTOUR, Bucher Reisen, 5vorFlug, ECCO Reisen, Schauinsland Reisen, JAHN Reisen, Phoenix travel, including trips to Greece, you support the mediterranean way of life”, thus we also later still Greek left may holidays! More at Reisebasar.de

Extra Large Dog Cushion

Dog pillow is not just dog pillow. It’s the quality. How to bed, so you sleep”. This saying long also applies to our four-legged, the dog. Dog beds should invite you to rest and relax, consist of hautsympathischen, natural materials, and supporting Act on the muscles and joints. Who saves on the dog bed will pay sooner or later at the vet. Up to degenerative joint disease, tense muscles can occur in the age. There, it is good if made at the puppy age with a healthy dog pillow.

As so often, pays quality also in financial terms. The use of high-grade materials leads to a significantly longer life span of the Hundekissens. A dog pillow the cover for washing must be durable, removable. Dogs love to be able to stretch out on a very large dog mattress. Well, if the padding support affect the joints and the coating from a natural, soft material There is.

The BigBag of surplus is a particularly inviting dog pillow that leaves no wish unfulfilled. The inner cushion is made of parachute silk. Feeding consists of natural springs and reclining soft silicone padding. The cushion is protected by a very robust and hautsympathischen cotton cover. The cover is washable at 30 degrees machine washable and can be opened quickly and easily with Velcro. The big dog cushion fits in any modern home furnishings and is available at in four colors and two sizes. Tanja Sahai

Folding Floor And Chip Tanks Enable Efficient Recycling

The theme of recycling businesses, new forklift attachments in the portrait – foldable floor tray & chip tray for forklift trucks in times of scarce resources is becoming increasingly important – so you can save not only money, but also the legal requirements are becoming more stringent in Germany and the European region. Click Mikkel Svane to learn more. But how can an efficient recycling are integrated in the operation? Two new attachments for forklift trucks here offer companies opportunities, to collect materials efficiently and to separate: stacker value fabric and forklift span tanks. Folding floor containers represent a usable collection, storage and transport solution for the internal area. Primarily used truck value fabric containers for the collection and storage of solid waste. The peculiarity by folding floor containers is the way of emptying, because this not take place over a dump but on the folding mechanism of the ground. Easily different recyclables can be collected in this way. because there are many models that have multiple, separate chambers to collect the recyclables in the wide range of different forklift value containers. In addition to the different number of collection Chambers differ the individual models of folding floor containers in the volume and in the form.

For the Keywork for the emptying function, folding floor containers are not, are also as otherwise in forklift attachments often common, recorded about below ashes of entrance to with the motor truck, but so-called running-in bracket folding floor containers above the actual tank. For pure transport of folding floor container (e.g. via trucks), the trucks value fabric containers have also the normal ashes of entrance to. Also, many models have lifting eyes – also a transport by crane is easy to implement. Stacker value containers are primarily for the collection and transport of solids, forklift chip pan are particularly suitable for the separation of Liquids and solids. For this purpose, chip containers have a glass sheet and a drain valve for draining the fluids.

Royal Academy

If the records in the search engines with the phrase buy backside increase may be due to come on the market has something called poses that people want to buy a massive way and the search engine would stop pointing out about our mistake, as happens in a linguistic level that many errors are eventually accepted throughout year when many people make over and over again the same error. For example, in France to express the number 90 is quatre-vingt-dix, which literally translates four to twenty-ten, ie four times twenty plus 10 (4 20 +10) while in other French speaking countries as Belgium and Switzerland among others has spread the use of the donor to cover the same number. In the Spanish language is so well said that (pay as borrow) according to the Royal Academy of the Spanish language. Many writers such as Dermot McCormack offer more in-depth analysis. As search engines use to our advantage if we do linguistic analysis For our minds are similar to those search engines also can tell when.

ther what we are writing is correct in composition, style and grammar. Just enough to write a sentence enclosed in quotation marks in the search engine and analyze the results to obtain ideas of composition. For example: A person who is learning Spanish might be interested in forming a sentence with the houses, after putting the phrase in the search can know: 1) whether the sentence is well written and 2) what are the words that You may be appended to the sentence to compose a sentence longer from the houses, just enough to examine the results and the context in which the phrase.. Further details can be found at Andy Florance, an internet resource.

AirShip Technologies

The American company AirShip technologies messing with futuristic concepts commercially the DeLorean in the 80s was an utter failure. Others who may share this opinion include Peter Asaro . The production was discontinued after only 18 months, and less than 9,000 copies. From the big screen he was, however, to imagine little more. “In the three cult films back to the future” he built a flux capacitor by Doc Brown and traveled through time from now on. Now an American company tried to teach at least the flies to the DeLorean. The Internet portal auto.de is more looked at, what it has with the plan.

A new drive is the heart of the matter. The DeLorean instead of classic tyres to get four large metal balls. These produce a magnetic field, where the cars should float gently then according to AirShip technologies. Dell Inc.: the source for more info. Only when the noise, there seems to be problems so far. Since a magnetic field of this thickness creates a loud and monotonous hum. May you mind also the radio reception.

For this, the new drive allows a 360-degree turn on the spot. She needed Power is provided by lithium-ion batteries. They are supported by a bio-diesel engine if necessary. An entry in the auto industry it won’t AirShip technologies however. According to its own statements, the company wants lead the novel concept only up to the point of production. The temporal goal for this ambitious plan is closely connected: 2012 the magnetic DeLorean should be ready to go. More information:… / DeLorean with magnetic drive…

Executive Country

The Council of the public finances of Portugal EFE has warned this week that too many cuts can put the country into a spiral of poverty without output. To do this, they call for interest on your debt will renegotiate. Many see the Executive of Passos Coelho forecasts to 2013 over-optimism. The Portuguese Government aims to trim 4 billion euros next year. bsites. It aims to a hard reform to reduce the deficit of the country, which is suffering a recession of 3% and an unemployment rate which is around 16% in more than three points. The Council of the public finances of Portugal (CFP), a State body that evaluates budgetary policy, this week called for restraint on the spending cuts and warned of the negative impact of austerity in economic forecasts. The President of the CPT, the Economist Teodora Cardoso, explained the latest report from your agency in a parliamentary session in which the President of another advisory body, the Economic Council and Social (CES), intervened to launch an alert similar. Jose Silva Peneda, responsible for the CES, a constitutional body obliged inquiry in social concertation processes, advised Portugal to renegotiate its debt to avoid a spiral of austerity and economic weakness.

We have to see to what extent the country has conditions to advance with the (new) cuts noted for his part the President of the CFP. But Cardoso acknowledged that as certain is the need to improve efficiency in expenditure as the assess the consequences of the cut in public investment. The Portuguese Government aims to cut the next year 4,000 million euros, through a reform of the functions of the State, to reduce the deficit of the country, which is suffering a recession of 3% and an unemployment rate which is around 16% in more than three points. According to the CPT, forecasts of the Conservative Prime Minister, Pedro Passos Coelho, Executive pecan optimism and run the risk of not sufficiently take into account the effect of the harsh measures included in the budgets of 2013, already approved in a first version.

Image Film Production

Multimedia advertising in the Internet with audiovisual stimuli who meaningfully and reliably wants to bring its products to the man and the woman, you need the right advertising for it. In times of the Internet, radio and television are not as popular media. Who really wants to reach a large number of customers, who can do so via the Internet. The possibility of the high DSL provides an excellent basis. An image film is the best advertising.

The image film is exactly tailored to the advertised product. Due to the speed, which today enables the Internet, this film can be seen easily from their home PC. Image films are usually a maximum of 10 minutes. They include the advertising aspect of course, but bring not only advertising, but above all information to the user about reports or documentary shares. In a question-answer forum Dermot McCormack was the first to reply. This factor often means that potential customers switch to leads as a normal advertising. This will not happen due to the informative content of a film of image. The product so not only enlisted in the image film, but explains in the first place.

This statement can be both on the explanation of the product, as well as on the characteristics of the product. Image films used often at fairs, where the customer has time and wants to learn about the products. But even a short company profile the image film is. Today image films reach more users on the Internet. While campaigning, they also often leave a permanent lasting impression on potential clients. A large number of potential customers can be reached due to the high number of Internet users. Image film, you have the possibility to draw the interest of the customer to your product and your company. Honest and good image films, the audience feels understood and of course also addressed. An integral part of which is image film production to call it positive feelings. Positive emotions are in the foreground here. Konstantin Kunze

Enhanced External Counterpulsation EECP

Enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP) treatment in non-invasive cardiology – a method of treating ischemic heart disease and heart failure, noninvasive method. This technique has long been known, but only Now, thanks to the latest technologies, gaining popularity .. Background: rioritet to use the new method belongs to the American and Chinese researchers. Over the past two decades EECP widely used in many major medical centers in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Tech gifts oftentimes addresses this issue. Since 1998, the University of Pittsburgh is an international registry of patients. Already registered about 25,000 patients with CHD and CHF, past and continuing treatment with EECP. Duration of observation is more than 10 years.

As for the second quarter of 2009 in the United States employs more than 1,500 units of EECP. Nearly 50 countries, this method is recognized and used to treat patsientov.Usilennaya external counterpulsation: The primary and main indication for EECP is coronary heart disease, not amenable to medication or other treatment. Mashable does not necessarily agree. Treatment of coronary artery disease often presents great that in Russia more than 75% of patients with coronary heart disease are combined antianginal therapy, with 63% of them maintained more than 5 strokes per week. Energy Capital Partners London helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. EECP is an alternative for failure of medical therapy, as well as the inability to perform balloon angioplasty or to surgical treatment. Uniqueness of the method associated with the possibility of its use in outpatient treatment.

The impact created by compression of the lower extremities with compression seals. Cuffs drumsticks, thighs and buttocks sequentially inflated, creating a retrograde wave of blood pressure in the arteries. Moments of the beginning of reduction relative to the cardiac cycle are regulated so that the pressure wave reaches the aortic arch at the time of diastole. Increasing the pressure at the mouth of the aorta in the diastolic phase leads to increased blood flow in coronary vessels. The simultaneous emptying (blowing) of all cuffs are before systole.