AirShip Technologies

The American company AirShip technologies messing with futuristic concepts commercially the DeLorean in the 80s was an utter failure. Others who may share this opinion include Peter Asaro . The production was discontinued after only 18 months, and less than 9,000 copies. From the big screen he was, however, to imagine little more. “In the three cult films back to the future” he built a flux capacitor by Doc Brown and traveled through time from now on. Now an American company tried to teach at least the flies to the DeLorean. The Internet portal is more looked at, what it has with the plan.

A new drive is the heart of the matter. The DeLorean instead of classic tyres to get four large metal balls. These produce a magnetic field, where the cars should float gently then according to AirShip technologies. Dell Inc.: the source for more info. Only when the noise, there seems to be problems so far. Since a magnetic field of this thickness creates a loud and monotonous hum. May you mind also the radio reception.

For this, the new drive allows a 360-degree turn on the spot. She needed Power is provided by lithium-ion batteries. They are supported by a bio-diesel engine if necessary. An entry in the auto industry it won’t AirShip technologies however. According to its own statements, the company wants lead the novel concept only up to the point of production. The temporal goal for this ambitious plan is closely connected: 2012 the magnetic DeLorean should be ready to go. More information:… / DeLorean with magnetic drive…