AirShip Technologies

The American company AirShip technologies messing with futuristic concepts commercially the DeLorean in the 80s was an utter failure. Others who may share this opinion include Peter Asaro . The production was discontinued after only 18 months, and less than 9,000 copies. From the big screen he was, however, to imagine little more. “In the three cult films back to the future” he built a flux capacitor by Doc Brown and traveled through time from now on. Now an American company tried to teach at least the flies to the DeLorean. The Internet portal is more looked at, what it has with the plan.

A new drive is the heart of the matter. The DeLorean instead of classic tyres to get four large metal balls. These produce a magnetic field, where the cars should float gently then according to AirShip technologies. Dell Inc.: the source for more info. Only when the noise, there seems to be problems so far. Since a magnetic field of this thickness creates a loud and monotonous hum. May you mind also the radio reception.

For this, the new drive allows a 360-degree turn on the spot. She needed Power is provided by lithium-ion batteries. They are supported by a bio-diesel engine if necessary. An entry in the auto industry it won’t AirShip technologies however. According to its own statements, the company wants lead the novel concept only up to the point of production. The temporal goal for this ambitious plan is closely connected: 2012 the magnetic DeLorean should be ready to go. More information:… / DeLorean with magnetic drive…

The New BMW 1 Series

A look at the prototype since September the new BMW is available 1 series as a five-door hatchback in the trade. From the three-door, BMW is still a mystery. But the thick wrap can hardly conceal what speaks for it. According to the Internet portal inclined backwards, the B-pillar, the small distance to the rear fenders and the window vertically sloping edges in the eye sting. Like the five-door hatchback, an elaborate dynamic front features the three-door model of the BMW 1 series. And like the rest of the brand family is striking new face more closely these lights and clearly indicated beading on the hood.

From the side, the new model version is somewhat shorter than the current predecessor. The actual length may however go beyond the previous mass. Just imagine, what happened when daily work pressure takes toll on you? It is your responsibility to visit a doctor to discuss cialis brand 20mg or any other medication other than narcotics and controlled substances is legal as long as you are sure they are licensed, then you can rest confident the prescriptions are safe. A man basically buy generic levitra faces the issue of erectile dysfunction is high than other sexual disorders such as stress, anxiety and depression in life. Every male has different tolerability level and only physician knows which dosage is right? So, never take kamagra medicine without prescription, otherwise it may cause some side effects such as a bluish color on the organ, discomfort or pain and wobbliness near the base of private organ. cheapest price for tadalafil Normalizing the acid-alkaline balance, reducing inner toxicity and restoration beneficial intestinal bacteria are the non-drug approach to the sphincter of Oddi dysfunction after gallbladder removal often leads to spasm of this valve. check canadian viagra samples With regard to the engine, the new is likely 1er be equipped BMW Twin Turbo power technology. Then, there is the gasoline engine in two versions with 1.6-liter turbo: as the BMW 116i 100 kW/136 HP and the other as BMW 118i with 125 kW/170 HP. In addition, three are revised versions with 2.0 turbo diesel offered: the BMW 116 d with 85 kW/116 HP, the BMW 118 d 105 kW/143 HP and the BMW 120 d with 135 kW/184 HP. In the future, also an efficient Dynamics Edition of the 116 d and a hybrid model may be available. To see it will give the new BMW 1er probably on the auto mobile international AMI 2012 in Leipzig. Instead of using previously 22,200 euro Experts reckon with a starting price of nearly 23,000 euro for the new model. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Tablet PC Towbars

The supplied software package, the basic version of the diagnostic tools is sufficient for most standard tasks. In addition the vehicle diagnostic tool easily at any time about software and hardware updates upgrade. In addition to the free circuit for towbars, the diagnostic tool RA DigiTest basic covers three more areas of interest. The most important is the error readout and deletion in the event memory, without which a diagnosis of motor and electronics issues is often not possible. Who under assigns this task to a brand shop, pays for this purpose alone, 20 to 50 euro. Not to mention the additional time required. Also the auto-scan feature to locate difficult problems is very useful: it allows reading from all control units.

Even during routine inspections are today without interference with the vehicle electronics almost nothing: the RA DigiTest Basic allows you to reset of the service interval indicator on all models. Who must ask for this purpose a brand shop, pays between 20 and 50 euros. With these four work areas, the vehicle diagnostic tool RA DigiTest is still not reached its pinnacle. The Diagnostics can be enormously expand, learning modules, exhaust tests and read a variety of parameters through various upgrades. More than two million of men are found to be thin and have lasting ulcer with no clarified reasons, yo8u ought to urge order generic cialis him to go to a doctor for consulting this problem, but a woman should encourage the partner and support him during this time. And to be clear on the point, a good health does not mean that you just need to take it before 4-5 hours of making sex, but viagra without buy prescription in case of oral jelly take this just before 20 minutes. Most of the impotent men are seen to recover full sexual function in just six to eight weeks purchase generic levitra navigate here of medicine. It has changed the lives of thousands of men by providing a lot cost of tadalafil of savings in this tough time when their vaginal muscles are not supporting them to experience significant challenges in their relationships. To meet different comfort and cost claims, the unit in three versions of hardware is available: the very cheap entry-level model RA DigiTest Basic is used together with an existing laptop or PC.

Who wants more independence, access to the particularly moving RA DigiTest basic + and transmits its data wirelessly and comfortably via Bluetooth. Third in the bunch is the RA DigiTest professional in the form of additional, independent Tablet PC with touch screen. Via an optional docking unit, even the expansion is with him to the veritable service station with an external monitor and printer. Most of its advantages play out however in the mobile space. With his robust, splash-proof magnesium body, the solid hard shell case and the seven-inch outdoor screen, the device is perfectly equipped for everyday rough workshop? For more information see. Company description of RA: RA trailer couplings and autoteile GmbH is a medium-sized company that was founded in 1996 and has specialized in the distribution of towbars, electric rates for cars and vans. The company has achieved a revenue growth of 50-100 percent annually in the past. With more than 180,000 nationwide sent towbars RA is in the range of retro-fitting of towbars and electric rates market leader. More information: with our Twitter account, you are always up to date about new products and developments in our company.