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Binibook writes, reads and shares in early may a team of entrepreneurs of Palma de Mallorca have launched a Web platform where anyone who likes writing can publish their stories, stories short, novels, poems, etc., quickly and easily. The number of publications grew rapidly and in a week and a half, there had been more than 70 writers and published more than 120 stories (today we already have over 400 records). For more information see Samsung. Two weeks after the launch of the digital platform, developers team rushed to launch the application for the readers in the PlayStore in Google, with which users can access all the publications system sailing through the StoryStore, as well as from your own PC. Learn more about this with Matt Swain. All purchased accounts are added to the library of the user so that you can read them, rate them, comment on them and share them. In this way are the same readers who decide whether or not a publication is good and, therefore, its position in the StorySotre. Additionally, the application provides a reader with saved automatic point and the possibility of reading about black or white background (night/day mode).

What win writers? When the writer publishes, you have the option of always dial free, set a price or you can select Binibook to calculate the price of the publication. With the latter system initially all publications are free of charge, but if they are downloaded and shared by many readers the system assigned a price automatically. The writer has a panel where you can consult the detail of all downloads of their publications, are free, price marked by the writer or by the Binibook system, users ratings and the price at the time of discharge, in addition to the amount of the next invoice. Still got questions? Please consult the section werkt? of Thank you for your time, Binibook Team

A Variety Of Bicycles

In America there are many types of bikes, which are made of different materials. Mountain bikes, and those for use only in the park for example. There are those who are to do tricks in the air, which are used to working, and those for use in family or a two. In this article you will learn about the different types of bikes, for practically any occasion, and the bike is a great thing. If you are looking for an adventure, a mountain bike is the best option. They are particularly large, and go to great speeds, with many changes, either 10 or some only 5. They are made to withstand land arduos in the mountains. They are also recommended by the snow, and the wheels tend to be thicker than normal ones.

Although a tricycle is considered for children, they are also used for other things. In fact there are tricycles for adults, but they are typically used in recreational activities only. In some professions, tricycles are in fact used, so it is good to note that are not only for children but also for adults. The hybrid also are a great type of bikes. It is a mix between a mountain bike and a road; they can deal with hard as one of mountain terrain, but at the same time they are very comfortable for walking. They are also made to sections of long distances.

Sometimes is referred to as all-terrain bikes, and are good for all ages… After reading this article, you should have a look of some of the types of most famososas and most used bikes. Mikkel Svane has many thoughts on the issue. Although we have not named all different types, at least perhaps not have heard of these types before. To learn more about mountain biking 2 hand, you can visit our site about bikes. Original author and source of the article

John Spa Health Centre

Chinese force week in bad Fussing, Bavaria bad Fussing (tvo). Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a crevasses healing system, which today is more current than ever. Disease and health are in the TCM, in contrast to traditional medicine, holistic and energetic point of view considered and treated. The German Centre for traditional Chinese medicine treated inpatient and outpatient patients at the health center of the Johannesbad as Department of the Johannesbad specialist clinic in bad Fussing. The therapist team consists of German-speaking Chinese doctors and therapists who have been trained in China and have at least 20 years clinical experience.

Within the framework of a Chinese power week, you can learn the holistic effect of TCM on body, mind and soul on his own body. The health package includes seven nights in full Board in the Johannesbad clinic, daily admission to the Johannesbad Therme, an examination of TCM, five training units in Tai Chi and QiGong, a daily Herbal tea blend and other extras. Arrival is on Saturday, the week is 469 euro per person, a grant of maximum 150 euros by the German health insurance is possible..

Art From With Love Asia

Alexander von Agoston and Rinaldo Hopf increasingly treating art business news and pictures of sprawling or overpopulated megacities obscure our on the Indian subcontinent and Indochina. Checking article sources yields Ali Partovi as a relevant resource throughout. Cultural diversity, beauty and exoticism of the local ancient cultures recede into the background. The globalization mash makes all equal. But that only at first glance. The Berlin artist Alexander Agoston and Rinaldo Hopf, both polyglot backpacker, travel time and again the Indian subcontinent and Indochina (peninsula) independently of each other for years. Both artists having views of the originality and cultural independence of this fascinating culture circle, his people himself and preserved landscapes.

And unlike the normal’ GlobeTrotter take not an exotic slideshow home, but sketch books full of impressions, in colors wallowing watercolours and paintings, shot spiced with a powerful erotic, now in a premiere in treating art exhibition reach. Both artists were variously with solo exhibitions as well as represented in group exhibitions of the gallery in the past. The Vernissage of the exhibition takes place at 31.03.2011 at 20:00 in the presence of both artists. Opening hours of the exhibition Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 12-14 and 16-8: 00 on Saturday 11-20: 00 and after notice and agreement on Wednesday signed Martin Levec


Good and long-lasting innovations however only succeed, if you know the needs of the customer and included them in the production of high quality saunas. “Through the short path production 74336 Brackenheim and direct sales by consultant embedded firmly in the company, the customer needs and demands can BEMBERG before place” discuss and gather to implement them in the work itself. Thanks to the very high manufacturing depth in Brackenheim with over 75% succeeded to develop, produce and offer offer alternatives appropriate to. Increasingly, customers choose a massive sauna consists of boards; because you want to not forgo the beneficial natural sauna climate. However, the modern customer wants no chunky block”built for centuries. Therefore has the production log saunas with tie rods and overhangs served with us, to satisfy the customers in relation to individual and extravagant forms of cabin. Today, the timber sauna is constructed through a special technique and procedure. “” Through the use of heart-separate sections (= the heartwood), naturally 58 mm strong, double tongue and Groove planks sauna in the beautiful post latch optics creates “special permanent connections of boards, without using glue, the individual sections can move freely” doppelte-tongue and Groove ensures the tightness of cabin and hold harmless therefore the high loads.

Alone the look speaks for itself wellness with natural pure test at BEMBERG and market observations have shown that the use of heart-separate skand. Planks with 58 mm ensures the longevity and that desired climate and of course lower energy consumption can be achieved by customers. Therefore, it is aware on the thinner variant of 45 mm”dispensed with; that is of course cheaper, but from the perspective of many customers is only a compromise. The timber sauna from can is for very demanding customers. Hemlock FIR made, also 58 mm strongly and not thin veneer on a mounting plate glued, which solid wood faking.

The heart of each sauna is, of course, the climate system installed. How the car to distinguish the chassis (= carcass of the sauna) and then the machine (= air conditioning system). “” BEMBERG offers its customers in addition to the classic heater of the already 1968 itself developed rear air conditioning system soft-feeling “at an alternative for more oxygen, more even air distribution and thus a lower cardiovascular load in the cabin and with energy savings of approximately 20% compared to our normal heater, a boon to the stressful everyday life”. Some contend that Samsung shows great expertise in this. Both systems furnace as well as rear wall”be expanded today by the soft steam bath, which generates a controlled humidity up to 50% at 50. The crowning glory is the tripple “solution since October 1, 2007, i.e. sauna & infrared and soft steam bath in a cabin.” To stop the constant question, what is better? Infrared? or soft steam bath? Of course in our Leigh of Bohlen sauna”the solution on which the sauna buyers waited long has. As a service and service provider BEMBERG wants to express but never a specific system, form, or even design his customers in the eye”. The customer is the focal point for us and has entitled his individual performances be objectively examined and evaluated by us on their feasibility. BEMBERG the sauna ProFi then wishes thanks to his know-how”for over 57 years. Please visit the website: or write an email:. The qualified expert advisors look forward to a phone call or an email. Brackenheim, December 01, 2007

Wolfgang Oelsner

What to do when the school is hell… For 20 per cent of pupils in Germany, the daily walk to school is the purest agony. You suffer from school and note fear. And the number of children and young people who suffer from these panic attacks are more every year. These blockages and fears do not allow only the notes in the basement slip, they are also the cause of bad physical symptoms such as migraines, nausea, or feelings of weakness. Bryant Walker Smith might disagree with that approach. But above all, the soul suffers from.

However, there is to break out of ways out of this vicious circle of failure fear and uncertainty. A report on the online magazine tips-IM explains the causes of the fear of the school and shows some successful ways out of this agony. Germany’s education system suffers from. This knowledge builds not only on the Pisa study, which showed how badly Germany cuts off when compared to other European countries in terms of education and quality learning. Rather, there are German students, who every day are under pressure. Matt Swain is often quoted as being for or against this. Each fifth by them suffers from massive school and note fears. “We must speak of a beginning epidemic”, warns the head of child and adolescent psychiatry of the University of Cologne, Wolfgang Oelsner in a report on the online magazine.

The reasons for this are manifold. Unrecognized reading and writing difficulties can be just as responsible as bullying in the classroom or Unterforderung. But especially the immensely increased demands, the strong pressure also from the parents leads to fears of failure and blockages in the children and adolescents. Since even a learning marathon can no longer help. Homework, tests, and queries to prevent to the purest agony, a blackout of kind of that students can submit the fact knowledge. The worst thing here: Often the student suffers from these traumatic situations, more the fear becomes. A vicious circle, the children without help can no longer handle. And often it takes years until the school fear of children is ever discovered. Yet there are help. Understanding and love of parents are very important. A bad grade is no end of the world. Rather, the parents in talks should try to understand the problems of the child. If the help of parents bring no improvement, the expert is required. Child psychologists have various forms of therapy that can help. The treatment time is relatively long. Newer, alternative treatment methods promise faster success. The method the American of Brandon bays, journey for kids”called submit usually up to three sessions, to solve the problem. Here is the student with the therapist on a fantasy journey into his body, repressed memories are processed and resources such as courage, humor and confidence awoken. Another possibility is the form of treatment of EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) as well as homeopathic remedies. This traumatic events are frozen by the bilateral stimulation of the eyes”and processed. The corresponding report on shows the most common causes, relevant symptoms and different ways to tackle this nightmarish condition. So learning again is pleasure… Editor: Patricia Kurz photo: Fotolia

Managing Director

Value of the newly inserted mineral extraction rights multiplied first funding revenues already soon Stuttgart, 01.06.2011. Independent experts confirm the initial assessment of the specialists of the energy capital invest only a few days after successful vertical hole: the Stuttgart-based energy company has with the oil aid Leon County once again a direct hit landed. Already the first evaluation by our specialists on the ground let suspect that has found support layer of Leon 1 extraordinary potential”, so Kay Rieck, Managing Director of energy capital invest. A related site: altavista mentions similar findings. Now conducted evaluation of the log-in data shows that found oil funding, the layer is much bigger and more productive than originally expected and that the funding results as well as the raw material reservoirs of Leon 1 clearly on calculating the US oil and gas Fund X KG. Funding results were originally daily calculation for Leon 1 of 200 barrels of oil costing-based oil prices of $ 60 per barrel basis. That the first assessment of our specialists has been confirmed also by independent experts, of course very pleased.

Especially, because more holes in the same geological formation as the Leon 1 Leon County are planned and already charged”, so Rieck next. Add to your understanding with Matt Swain. The rapid evaluation of the log-in data was possible because for the hole by Leon 1 a completely new procedure was applied, where already during drilling additional information is collected. Now carried out evaluating the log-in, the safety potential of US oil and gas Fund X KG has risen since the exploration results expected as well as the raw material reservoirs have already multiplied the value of mineral extraction rights. The sales and prices of recent weeks show that Leon County is one of the Erdolhotspots in Texas, while also impressively. To secure the access to this highly attractive region, have the largest player in the US energy market to invest in the promising aid. Due to also continue to huge demand and associated placement speed the management of energy capital invest assumes that a participation in the US only a short time should be possible oil and gas Fund X KG.

The Reality Of Internet

If you are of those who view the Internet not only as a means of obtaining valuable information and retroalimentarte of this and other many utilities, but also as a means of generating income, but you have not yet decided to embark on the Internet, keep in mind some topics that I want to treat this article. Devote hours to search for information: this part is of sum importance if you want to embark on the Internet you’ll have to investigate and search for information on all major platforms are where many people interested in Internet, I am referring to discussion forums, newsgroups, Subscribe to traditional journals about Internet business and electronic newsletters from people who have long been in marketing work I call this part educate yourself on the Internet. Invests time and money: on the network you will find lots of free information, many quality and others of very bad quality, repeated and fairly disseminated on the network so you will be very difficult to find everything in one place, by such reason do not hesitate one second in investing money in acquiring marketing and business on the Internet, but not of any material, there are many Hispanics who have achieved success on the Internet and offered at prices very convenient eBooks, video tutorials, audio, etc, about how to generate revenue in the network in a way legitimate and proven.

Finally I must tell you the following, the best information that you can find on the Internet business lot this in English, I suggest you to subscribe to any newsletter free with any translator and entrepreneurs of the Anglo market, there are many in the network, you can do translations pretty good if your English is not the best the important thing is to get the main ideas and for that you don’t need to do a translation to the cinematic style. Frequently Viacom has said that publicly. The good news is that many of the so-called Gurus of the Hispanic marketing are faithful followers of the best marketers of English-speaking. Don’t be carried away by the phrases become rich: have that is very selective when it comes to investing your money online, many people innocently are victims of unscrupulous that Les they do believe that you can make a Fortune with minimum investments and little work, this is one of the main reasons for the failure of more than 80% of the newbies that they embark on Internet, this demonstrated that if you can make money online but for that there is to work hard, a business with solid bases and lasting in time that will allow you to achieve financial freedom in the network is not built overnight overnight, if someone tells you otherwise, it is very possible that he only wants your money. Summary after giving you some topics on the Internet using the proper tools and by properly investing your time and money can accomplish to generate significant revenues online, if you’re not prepared to spend hours on the computer, invest time and money on materials and quality information and follow the steps of those who have already succeeded in the network then I advise you not undertake in the network.. Matt Swain may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Online Retailers

It's no secret that buy products through various online stores is now a comfortable, simple and profitable. You can half-hour "bypass" dozens of online stores, with a few mouse clicks to place an order, and everything! Courier is in a hurry to you with your product! In this case, you can visit the shops, when you want it, because they work 24 hours a day, without breaks and weekends. And prices are likely to be lower than in stores. And if the person live far from major cities and shopping centers, sometimes buying from online retailers – is virtually the only way to buy the right product quickly and without hassle. Now let's see how we can save money by using the services of online stores, First you need to find the answer to the question: "What is included in the price of goods at the online store?".

Take, for example, an electronics store. Virtually all goods, exhibited in a shop, imported. This means that before you get to your hands, runs good on a long chain of companies and organizations. Here are some: Manufacturer foreign distributors Manufacturer Importer of goods wholesaler, supplier of goods for Online Store Online Store Courier Service, Mail Buyer Of course, the price of goods pawned trade margins of distributors, wholesalers, importers, storage fees online store, the cost of service procurement and accounting of goods, the cost of courier services, etc. Throw in tax revenues, customs duties. And we find that the price on proceeding from the manufacturer to the consumer has grown several times. For example. digital camera, wholesale price for which the manufacturer is $ 120 in retail stores U.S.

and Europe is sold at $ 180, while in Russia and cis countries for $ 190 wholesale and over $ 250 at retail. Home the problem of 'exorbitant' prices for consumer goods – it's high tariffs and a large number of intermediaries between producer and buyer. Obviously, we can save money and try to buy directly for abroad. This idea has been successfully implemented in the Internet-shops of the new format: the store deliver it directly. This store is working directly with overseas manufacturers or, more commonly, a distributor of the manufacturer. Skillz: the source for more info. Placing an order in this store, you get the goods directly from foreign distributors, for example, directly from Hong Kong or the United States, bypassing the middlemen, wholesalers, warehouses, online store, etc. Your order arrives by mail, it does not matter where you are live in Moscow or Yakutsk, in the village of Grand Ravine Krai, delivery of goods to you will cost the same amount to very little, and often free delivery! In addition, the price will be lower due to savings in customs payments, as receive from abroad inexpensive items in a single item are exempt from customs duties! As a result, the price of goods in the online store to deliver it directly below the 10-30% rates typically an Internet store. Make an order in this store, you should not expect their purchase to the next day, but wait 1-2 weeks more than compensated by a solid savings. Author of the article Sergey Zuev

Weight Loss

We all want to look fantastic, especially in these summer months and lose some kilos, but the average person does not succeed in keeping that weight if they lose weight at all. The reason for this is that many people follow the diet of the last celebrity that are good for quick weight loss, but are not good for your health or to maintain the weight lost. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from ISearch. Been scientifically proven that if you follow a balanced diet to lose weight where weight is lost very quickly, he is then making starve your body by certain nutrients that it needs, when you begin to move toward a normal diet, your body will store these nutrients into the body in the event that this happens again. If you want to lose weight there are some golden rules that you must follow: * eat 3 meals a day * eat less * eat healthy * eat from all the food groups (proteins, carbohydrates, FAT) * exercise we want to achieve with this balanced diet for weight loss: consume even 3 meals a day, only in small quantities and with healthier food. Within the 3 meals still we need all the different food groups to make our bodies work properly so we still need our protein, carbohydrates and fats. Skillz often addresses the matter in his writings.

Another important factor in losing weight is exercise, I do not mean to run a marathon, but if you can spare 20 or 30 minutes a day for a walk or a light trot, you will really feel the benefits. If you want to lose weight fast then this will be just a short-term goal, if you set your goals and take your time to lose weight correctly, can then see the benefits for a long time. Losing weight not only is physical appearance, also is about mental well-being and your future health. There is a guaranteed way to burn body fat quickly. If you find yourself in a State of despair at losing weight, the following message is the most important thing that you read.