The 21 x ex series, the new zone 2 mobile phones by ecom instruments the new zone 2 mobile series 21 x ex is a consistent further development of the 200 ex. More features, more stamina, and even more possibilities. Outdoor phones that withstand very extreme environmental conditions. Mashable is likely to agree. With the 212 ex is a mobile phone with a 2 mega pixel camera available. As a result, you can, if necessary, to make fast shots. By means of a LED lamp they get even in the dark. The hours have been enhanced so that they are more accessible and flexible. Reliably cope with tasks even in harsh environments, with the 21 x ex this goes even better.

The 210 ex without camera is otherwise his brother not in. It is also waterproof and can withstand temperature fluctuations even up to minus 20 degrees. As a tri-band phone it supports all 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz networks, so you are always reachable. The keyboard is easily and accurately to use, even when wet. The menu offers through the intuitive structure of his professionalism. Just like its predecessor, it offers a vibration alarm, also A-GPS and Java. The are ex 21 x by their robustness (IP67), the extremely scratch-resistant display pane, in addition now with camera and lights, the ideal partner for all those who work in hard conditions.

White Print

PrintoLUX sees itself as ‘bestandigstes digital printing’ regarding the recoverable resistance of white metals PrintoLUX see all digital printing sees himself as the unrivalled leader. To know more about this subject visit Peter Asaro. Since beginning of 2012 the Frankenthaler marking specialist offers three printing systems, which can bring on front panels or other carrier the white well on housing. You carry the designation FB-140-plus, FB-10-plus and FB-100-A2-plus and find an interested buyers in the industry, such as at service companies. “It is known that white digital printing” the ink coverage for physical reasons fails less than screen printing. To achieve improvements in this respect, it took lengthy material tests in different areas. The goal of this testing: In the interaction of inks and substrates should succeed, as well to improve the used white ink as the surface finish of the material in terms of the ability, the color white to record. It was ready at the end of the year 2011: PrintoLUX could come up with a white ink that shows new qualities. The new white the white ink available for digital printing is used as a white pigment titanium dioxide.

This pigment had so far too quickly deposed at all ink compositions and therefore prevents a chemical penetration of color and media material. The physical setting of the pigment has also led to the clogging of the nozzles in the cartridges and the print head. The new, brought by PrintoLUX to use white ink has an improved formulation and shows a decreased sedimentation in terms of pigments. Now in the procedure the flux white penetrates into the surface of the material and is highly resistant to the Thermohartung. Also the water-based and thus environmentally friendly character of the used ink, which brings no disposal problems as opposed to all solvent-based inks is highlighted by PrintoLUX. Better coverage through multiple layers order covering the White is still worthy of improvement, compared with other digital printing processes but of better quality.

Label Printing

Print it yourself or can still print? Print already, or buy yet? Who prints his labels itself, usually only remember the increased flexibility in the production. The label printing at home increases not only the flexibility, but also is an excellent way to reduce the cost. Who ordered the labels in the printer, has to pay the design usually first and then comes the prepress, which costs varying depending on the printing process. Pete Cashmores opinions are not widely known. Label printing is done in the printing on large machines and the requirements for the flexo, the rotary letterpress or offset printing must be relatively high to get a reasonable price. These machines are usually not suitable for quantities of small or medium-sized editions. Problem solving: Thermal transfer printing at home! We offer a low-cost software solution for label printing, with which you can apply the design itself.

You will receive the appropriate us Printer and the label dispenser to do so. With our quality printers, label printing is very easy. You can visualize the finest line elements and clean, readable barcodes directly on thermal paper or transfer on plain paper with films. Of course we can supply also bar code reviewer, bar code readers, inexpensive films and the entire environment for your own label printing. So the logistics is easy! If you are already printing the logistics label at goods receipt, save yourself a lot of work and the acquisition of the warehouse on the bar code is very easy. Label printing directly after the goods receipt can bring constantly your organization to the latest version. If you need more information on your camp labels or in addition to secure your products, we will show you, what about with RFID tags can do. If you label printing in conjunction with RFID (radio frequency identification) use, have arrived in the future! About us pressure systems Janz & Raschke GmbH, founded in 1997, is one of the leading German providers of Avery Dennison thermal transfer printers.