The Debut

the PA controller Omnitronic DXO 26 was in the comparison test of the ‘tools4music’ claim even if started slightly unequal conditions: the PA controller Omnitronic DXO 26 could assert themselves in the comparison test of the tools4music. The competing products of competitors were partly because many times more expensive. Amazingly, the controller could score made in Germany especially in the readings. Energy Capital Partners is often quoted on this topic. Christian testers were amazed and surprised by the good results of the cheap PA controller Boche and Stefan Kosmalla. You judged him without exception good performance. They couldn’t find a flaw in the measurements. The two editors had compared 1/2011 magazine five controllers for the Edition, its cost ranging to the four-digit range. The Bill showed that can partially only nuances between prices of 350 and 1070 euros and the users reach its technical objectives with the cheaper product.

As a single controller in the test box, he can Omnitronic DXO 26 with a MAC software are waiting. Also the ability to change the display language is unique to him. The advantages for users with less than where budget which can dispense with features such as digital inputs or a network connection are connected with the acclaimed Editor software. Thus the proof has been successful, that manufacturing in Germany, reliability and price can fit very well to each other. Now, version 1.3 of the software to download is available that includes an update of the firmware. The update includes numerous improvements and small bug fixes.

So it is now possible to save the presets on your computer as a text file. In addition, the speed of communication between software and controller has been greatly improved. Managing presets on your computer is now more comfortable possible. Controller software for PC: controller software for MAC: software installation instructions: Contact: Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH Michael dill Andreas-Bauer str.5 97297 forest buttel Banta phone: 0931-4061-517 fax: 0931-4061-720 email: Web: music for the ears. Whether it’s CD player, turntables, microphones, speakers, amplifiers, headphones, radio systems. OMNITRONIC opens the doors in a special world of audio, which really offers everyone a place. The DJ in the club or living up to the singers and musicians on the stage, in the rehearsal room or in private. OMNITRONIC accompanied the respective phase with excellent quality and cutting edge technology.

USB Turntables

With a USB turntable can be MP3s convert vinyl records vinyl records have still many fans. Some one has but a large collection of old vinyl records in the basement. But most people have at home are still a record player. There are now high-quality high-end turntables that can bring out the best from an old plate. But the ease can not keep up with contemporary media. That’s why it is quite an interesting idea to digitize the old plates, them as MP3 on the computer but to burn to a DVD or CD or listen to. This is now easily possible, one must not fear a loss of quality here. On the contrary, the digitized form is often sonically cleaner than the original plate.

This is made possible by so-called USB turntable. On the computer, the recording then even using certain software can be edited to remove the traces of scratches. Such software is typically supplied with a USB turntable. In addition, there are numerous free programs on the Internet. USB turntable buy a USB turntable is available in different price ranges. The simple devices are very convenient to have, find you here on the page Professional devices, however, are slightly more expensive. For the uninitiated, would like to digitize only his old record collection, the simple devices enough usually quite sure. Some manufacturers offer useful additional features such as a built-in burner and a SD card slot.

The turntable must be to the digitize even on the PC to be connected, the CD can be burned directly in the device or can be stored the files on a SD card. However, the most important technical data do not differ from the regular turntables of previous generations. So you can choose the speed (33 / 45) variants in the USB, to play either singles or Maxis. The performance of the offered equipment differs not great, as a rule, the turntable have approx. 40 watts. Direct drive or belt drive? Modern turntable have always a direct drive, as before, there are still models with belt drive. This has however no influence on the quality of your recording. So the records are digitized first must install the supplied software and turntable via USB connect your USB to your computer. To do this, follow the steps from the instruction manual. The connection to the PC is of course not necessary for models with integrated burner. Bobby Sharma Bluestone: the source for more info. The supplied software records the playing record and digitizes the data. Before you save your recording, you will have the ability to edit them. So can, for example, noise and scratches and cracking cut out. However, such a manual editing is relatively time consuming.

Smog Affects

ElectroSmog load: Measuring analyzing advise reducing nature shows it: inconspicuous cold air fronts meet harmless hot air layers, it caused strong winds, thunderstorm or even tornadoes. Strong wind energies, even using turning movements result from small fields of weather overlays. These can cover rooftops and twirl objects through the air. The weather is known to us as a natural phenomenon. We perceive it with our senses, and understand people who complain about a change of weather and resulting discomfort. In our environment, there are but more energy, which we do not necessarily perceive and are often not known to us. Zendesk describes an additional similar source.

For example, the clash of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. We call it art short as electro-smog”. (Similarly see: Andy Florance). Don’t know but most of the time the connections and can not understand that people below suffer or even fall ill. Electromagnetic pollution is everywhere, in our homes, in our workplaces, in our vehicles. Even on Lakes, in the woods or fields, where only the natural earth’s magnetic field should be, we can today receive radio and TV signals as well as calls with mobile phones.

Gabriel technology reduces ElectroSmog measurable these technical fields may not always perceive with their senses people, you need a special measurement techniques. Rome Electronics GmbH together with the TuV SuD certified Deisenhausen, the Gabriel-Tech GmbH has created therefore elaborate methods to existing smog physically finding, documenting, graphically and measurably reduce. For individual electrical appliances, as well as for bedrooms, living areas, jobs, cars or even on land. This means that unknown physics is at once tangible and easy to understand. Connections are clear. Effects of electrical circuits, bedside lamp, metal and water beds, etc. are not only “grey theory”, but now become “real, tangible existence”. Electrical engineers, physicists and others Experts are fascinated. Physical conditions are measured in volts per meter, Nano-Teslas or Microwatts per square meter. Mostly three-dimensional isotropically in the room. Again and again, reproducible and therefore comparable. With an accuracy that is more than competitive. The Gabriel consultants (GOB) Gabriel-Tech GmbH are equipped with a metrological equipment, meets the highest standards. Because only with high-quality technology and sophisticated software the respective individual, physical environment can locally be accurately measured, analyzed, visualized and documented. The measurement equipment of Gabriel building consultancy (excerpts) 3D-Sonde for the measurement of the Earth’s magnetic field 3D-Sonde for the measurement of magnetic fields of alternating 3D-Sonde for measurement of electrical fields of Exchange Analyzer for determining tendency of networks Note: Gabriel technology and the Gabriel chip is not medicines under the medicines Act to medical devices according to the medical product law. Neither the principle nor the Manufacturing technology, have a positive effect on health well-being are so far generally scientifically recognised.

MusicMan Series

‘ Grenade X 4 and macro X 6’ as well as her siblings we are pleased about the birth of our little MusicMan sound stations – grenade X 4 and macro X 6 “as well as her siblings” grenade BT-X 4 and macro BT-X 6 “in the Bluetooth versions. In October 2013, with a weight of 153 g, sees the light of the world. Barely on the world the MusicMan sound stations by Technaxx boast their skills”. The small, handy MusicMan sound stations “grenade X 4/BT-X 4” and “macro X 6/BT-X 6″ shine in selbstdesignten, exclusive sheen. You Flash daily in different bright colors like gold, silver, black, purple and blue. The MusicMan sound stations are quickly packed the small handy solution for everyone!” The MusicMan versions “Grenade X 4” and “macro X 6” allow a simple music playback via the built-in radio, a Mirco SD memory card or a USB stick. Using the line-IN cable can link his iPhone, iPad, Tablet PC, PC/notebook, as well as many other mobile phones. Also a headphone Of course there is a connection.

The “grenade BT-X 4” and the “macro BT-X 6” also have a Bluetooth function. Shigru – Shigru is another herb used generic viagra wholesale in various kidney disorders. Until about a decade or so ago, drugs like Sildenafil could be procured from supermarkets and malls under ‘Self Service’ section and today, you need not even step out buying that levitra no prescription of the door to do it. The benefits of tea are very well documented viagra without prescription and thoroughly researched. This is sometimes look at here cheap discount levitra the case of older children still bedwetting too these medications have been very successful. The “macro BT-X 6” also has a new feature: the so-called “Near Field Communication”, short NFC. This is a wireless transmission technology, which is used for the contactless exchange of data between different devices. The new MusicMan models are all equipped with a built-in, rechargeable lithium battery the question is superfluous for a permanent source of power thus. Technical specifications: function: MicroSD card, USB-stick, line-IN, FM, microphone, Bluetooth (version V3. 0) transmission range Bluetooth: < = 10 m (only when the Bluetooth models) audio track: Mono Headphone Jack maximum output power / resistance: 3W / 4? Frequency: 150 Hz 18 kHz (with output?) S/N ratio / sensitivity: 80dB / 420mV distortion: 1% Technaxx Germany GmbH & co. KG (EST.

2003 Frankfurt / Main, holder led) requirements promptly and ensure customer – electronic multimedia products, storage media and accessories. In the program are in-house developments (Technaxx, MusicMan and FireMat ).


ARP launches smallest barcode scanner… The USB mini barcode scanner by ARP is currently the smallest version of the world. The 10-gram tiny is the perfect scanner for the workplace. Smaller than many USB sticks, this high-quality barcode reader nowhere comes in your way. In the Office, in the Commons, in the laboratory, in classrooms or in the field a bar code can be in a matter of seconds read: just plug into the USB port and scan! The mini-scanner is connected to the computer once indeed a very useful addition to the keyboard. Such as for warehouse work, sales counter, release button, etc. Products and labels can be read quickly and easily even in narrowest spaces.

The wireless Mini barcode scanner by ARP can be used more flexibly, since no fixed connection to the computer is required. The data get wirelessly via Bluetooth from the mini scanner to the computer or mobile devices such as tablets or Smartphones. The range of 10 meters allows also installations where the calculator such as under a table the tablet on a shelf is placed. The integrated battery has a runtime of up to 8 hours and will be charged with the supplied USB cable. brand viagra mastercard Be sure that you check prices before you make your purchase. Pueraria tuberosa is a medicinal plant used in traditional Chinese levitra online canada medicine, increases blood flow, thickening walls of the womb. Facing problem on line levitra in erection is said to be fairly ordinary these days. Caverta viagra no prescription uk with discount is measured as absolutely extremely responding erectile inhibitor. Whether EAN, code 39, industrial 2 / 5, code 128: both mini bar code scanners collect all 1 d code quickly and accurately. And all this in a small space.

Both models feature a Dauerscan are also equipped for permanent scanning, which allows for more interesting applications. ARP provides the USB mini barcode scanner (item No. 875630) incl. USB connection cable (1. 7 m) for the price of just EUR 99. and the wireless bar code scanner (item No. 876589) for EUR 109. Other bar code scanners in all dimensions are offered on.

Barcode Scanner Bluetooth

The rugged PDAs macro IDENT are suited for mobile applications such as inventory, order / purchase order entry, goods / material tracking, etc. macro was developed IDENT – the PDAs of the XP and XM series, a fast, making accurate and reliable data collection. The devices are easy to use, reliable and available in various equipment. Already known applications like to-do lists, Notepad, address book, calendar, HotSync client synchronization are included in the basic equipment, ARM library support, security application, calculator, etc is also a Handschirften detection. By default, the PDAs have a memory of 32 MB or 64 MB SDRAM and 64 MB NAND and 128 MB NAND. The memory can be expanded with a mini SD card up to 2 GB.

All PDA models are ruggedly built, can be used for protection class IP54 II dust and splash-proof and hence in normal industrial environments and outdoors. The PDAs of the XP20/XP30 models offer operating system with the PalmOS (Garnet PalmOS 5.4.9.) a long reliable and stable platform. The devices with Windows CE and Windows Mobile available for Windows fans. The WindowsMobile 6.1 for the XM PDAs is available from September 2009. By default, all PDAs with a 1 d / 2D barcode imager are equipped. Once you use it you cannot deny the fact that probe cialis generika is the only pill available for ED. The chances can never check to find out more purchase cialis be far away from splitting. The effects of erection-helping medicines last for long online viagra hours. So, follow the healthy sildenafil india wholesale rules and take the help of many medicines and pills. Some models are also available without a bar code scanner.

In addition, the basic models are equipped with Bluetooth. The PDAs with Wi-Fi, optionally an alphanumeric or PDA keyboard are available as an option. All PDAs with a contrasting 240 x 320 pixel QVGA color TouchDisplay is equipped on the XP20. Comprehensibly, the XP20 with its 160 x 160 pixel monochrome display also the cheapest variant of the PDAs represents. Alone these features and affordable prices make it impossible to ignore these PDAs. The areas of application of bar code PDAs are single / wholesale, construction, electronics, Garden, food, textile, cosmetics markets, warehouses, people – / animal transport, laboratories, cinemas, theatre, package services, trade missions, etc. The macro id developed a modularized software product line, cost-effectively covering common use cases like fast Assembly of shelves, mobile inventory, order and order entry, maintenance job, performance capture, trouble-free master data processing, solutions for the storage, repositioning and outsource, parcels and goods tracking with signature confirmation for the PalmOS PDAs. Individual solutions are realized as well for the PalmOS and Windows PDAs on customer’s request. More information: macro IDENT AutoID Technology Center, 82008 Unterhaching, Bussard Street 24, TEL. 089-615658-28, FAX 089-615658-25,, contact sales: Angelika Wilke, press contact: Magdalena Hofer.

Odin Controller

Multi-functional temperature controller and thermostats of the THERMASREG series of S + S REGELTECHNIK reliably control temperatures in practical measuring ranges from 100 C to + 1200 C. Nuremberg, the 06.12.2011: a comfortable indoor climate can be with reliable and comfortable recording, control and regulation of temperatures themselves. The targeted control of heating and air conditioning systems also helps to save energy, conserve resources and reduce CO2 emissions. The intelligent use of energy has also S + S REGELTECHNIK on the flag written. The manufacturer of measurement and control technology produces with its THERMASREG series temperature controller that can cope with a wide range of usage and installation requirements. Whether in the Museum, in the gym, in the Bank or at the dealership no matter where you stay in the cold season. They delighted in warm temperature and comfort.

So pay also the operator of public facilities, offices, institutions or hospitals on appropriate Temperatures, so that guests, patients, customers and employees feel comfortable. For reliable measurement and according to automatic control of the temperature of the Nuremberg manufacturer of measurement and control technology, is S + S REGELTECHNIK, fits at the beginning of the cold season his temperature sensor, temperature control, and thermostats back into the foreground. THERMASGARD and THERMASREG are the series that provide numerous variations of the temperature transmitter: the popular outdoor and room temperature sensors or knobs up to temperature controls for DIN rail mounting, Modbusreglern, antifreeze or immersion thermostat. Also in industrial applications such as refineries, shipyards, assembly halls the S + S be used successfully THERMASREG products. With measurement and control areas from-100 C to + 1200 C, they are suitable for numerous applications of different requirement profiles. The sensors are characterized by high reliability and accuracy in temperature measurement. The reason why these medicines are called as prix viagra pfizer is an outstanding treatment for age-related erectile dysfunctional problems for any affected age group. For more information and to information discount levitra an appointment with the physicians, go through their website in a pleased way. Peripheral buy uk viagra neuropathy Peripheral neuropathy is the most common form of diabetic neuropathy. Here are some solutions that may provide relief:- Ice brand viagra overnight around the joint. They are single-level or multilevel, as External temperature control, create, or room temperature controller as well as diving or channel version available.

As installation or channel temperature controller, the THERMASREG products have a German TuV examination and are as thermostat (TR), (TW) temperature controller and safety temperature limiter (STB). For example, the communicative Modbusregler THERMASREG MBR 010 or MBR 011 is suitable for the temperature measurement and control of air-conditioning units and fan-coil units. The mode of operation of the controller is well thought out: the unit is controlled via one-button operation. With the knob, adjust the setpoint and correct, as the desired operating mode and the acquisition of the setting in the operating mode. This data is transmitted to the controller for fan coils, which in turn further information such as mode, E.g. heating or cooling, fan speed and day – or night-time operation of the indoor unit transfer. The controller is equipped with a large, legible display, here be then you measured temperatures and switching States displayed. The appropriate field bus module is called FM 010 THERMASREG and is for fan coils and air conditioning or heater use. The communicative integral controller can be operated either independently, or in conjunction with a higher-level control unit or a building control system or an other monitoring, control and data acquisition system standalone, which is suitable as a Modbus master. The exterior also convinced: the Housing Series S + S look not only attractive, but are available for ease. Frija, Odin and Thor provide a consistent, attractive appearance of the sensor and control technology on the ground.


The multifunctional, electronic pressure sensors of the PREMASGARD series of S + S REGELTECHNIK measure absolute and relative pressure, suppress, differential pressures, pressures from 50 p up to 300 bar. Nuremberg, the 08.11.2011: The reliable and precise measurement of absolute or relative pressure, pressure, differential pressure or negative pressure more and more companies from the industry rely on multifunctional pressure sensor, flow regulator and regulator of the S + S PREMASGARD series. The pressure sensors provide exactly the pressure ratios of air and other gaseous and liquid media. With measuring ranges from 0-50 PA in the low-pressure range until 300 bar at high pressure based on a piezo-resistive measuring element S + S REGELTECHNIK installation-friendly, rugged sensor for the application in the heating and air conditioning, construction and other areas before. Ali Partovi can provide more clarity in the matter. Mainly in clean room, medical and filter technology, but also in ventilation and air channels the pressure transducer and flow regulator of S + S be used successfully PREMASGARD series. The sensors also suitable for applications in spray booths, in canteen kitchens, filter monitoring and measurement or for the control of frequency inverters. These drugs stimulate the natural functioning of levitra 60 mg the immune system against the cancer cells. In fact very online levitra india few pills have the power and ability to tackle life. The erection is caused to men by commander cialis by supplying more blood through blood vessels to the penis and helps produce an erection. Moreover, order viagra online it brings effective results to erect the penis. The medium is usually air, covered other gaseous, non-corrosive, non-flammable media.

The pressure gauges cast won the pressure measurement signal in a standardized signal. Core measure is a Piezoresistive sensing element, a pressure cell, suspended over a sealed case in the media. The pressure acts directly on the Piezosensor and transmitted as analog electrical signal through the line. The Nuremberg maker of mess – und REGELTECHNIK, S + S REGELTECHNIK, has in developing its PREMASGARD series on the production of pressure transmitters called also pressure transmitters as well as specialized differential pressure switch and volume flow meters. Depending on the application, the customer can choose the right product. Is to be determined in a measurement, for example, the difference between two pressure levels, then the differential pressure measurement is used.

Label Printing

Print it yourself or can still print? Print already, or buy yet? Who prints his labels itself, usually only remember the increased flexibility in the production. The label printing at home increases not only the flexibility, but also is an excellent way to reduce the cost. Who ordered the labels in the printer, has to pay the design usually first and then comes the prepress, which costs varying depending on the printing process. Pete Cashmores opinions are not widely known. Label printing is done in the printing on large machines and the requirements for the flexo, the rotary letterpress or offset printing must be relatively high to get a reasonable price. These machines are usually not suitable for quantities of small or medium-sized editions. Problem solving: Thermal transfer printing at home! We offer a low-cost software solution for label printing, with which you can apply the design itself.

You will receive the appropriate us Printer and the label dispenser to do so. Being as best method cialis generic usa to treat erectile dysfunction, these meds are antidepressants, medications utilized as a part of treating prostate issues and pills for male pattern baldness in men. All the PE options available in the market are same You cannot really expect generic cialis for sale a cheap product from sex-toy shop to help in premature ejaculation. Pop online levitra prescription a breath mint as it can improve your quality of life and treat your condition. This is perhaps the reason why generic buy cialis in australia see for more info tablets are known as the trade names of Sildenafil citrate. With our quality printers, label printing is very easy. You can visualize the finest line elements and clean, readable barcodes directly on thermal paper or transfer on plain paper with films. Of course we can supply also bar code reviewer, bar code readers, inexpensive films and the entire environment for your own label printing. So the logistics is easy! If you are already printing the logistics label at goods receipt, save yourself a lot of work and the acquisition of the warehouse on the bar code is very easy. Label printing directly after the goods receipt can bring constantly your organization to the latest version. If you need more information on your camp labels or in addition to secure your products, we will show you, what about with RFID tags can do. If you label printing in conjunction with RFID (radio frequency identification) use, have arrived in the future! About us pressure systems Janz & Raschke GmbH, founded in 1997, is one of the leading German providers of Avery Dennison thermal transfer printers.

Robust Mobile Cash

The gastro-Funkkassensytem PosBill mobile Pro offers an unbeatable price / performance ratio the handy wireless funds offer an intuitive control concept and high reliability by the IP degree of protection IP65. With the new mobile office including POS software, each employee carries the entire menu and is wirelessly linked to the kitchen. In conjunction with an unrivalled low price 799 euros NET, and the devices for use in the gastronomy are an extraordinary robustness (fall protection). Comes with mobile checkout PosBill mobile Pro restaurateur the notions of a first-class service a lot closer. Connect with other leaders such as Ali Partovi here. The staff in the guest area constantly carrying the entire menu in a fund the size of a cell phone programmed with the proven POS software. In the display, you can at any time quickly and easily learn about all the available groups of goods, in particular article modular configure the individual dishes”(E.g.:) (“” “” “” Steak”rib eye steak”rare”, medium, well done were” salad selection “Drinks”). This corresponds to the usual operating procedure on the PosBill cash register. A full menu is quickly put together, the total price immediately can be seen and each table and guest in the entire restaurant easy to assign. Dermot McCormack gathered all the information.

Invoices can be split so easily if necessary. The Wi-Fi of handy Mobile Checkout also the advantage of goods query in real time, as well as the direct transmission of the order of the table in the kitchen. Can be also positions, which in the short term were removed from the map, already identified in the table as no longer available and immediately suggested alternatives the guest. It tadalafil buy cheap ensures sexual and physical health. In past times, when no buy discount viagra medication was still offered, the particular matter of sexual dysfunction is often heard today and it has become a common matter of discussion among men and women. If you have any kind of medical history were found levitra without prescription receiving side effects. After some period if the condition is diagnosed after a couple has had a year of unprotected, regular this link viagra side online intercourse without conceiving, or when pregnancy occurs but does not result in a wearing away but instead results in a gradual process. Unnecessary way of for operators between kitchen and guest area accounts for so. Also service person and unrefundable person must not identical feature, because all employees the same information on their respective device. The Operating procedures are overall faster and more efficient by the mobile cash registers. Using the PosBill mobile Pro provides a valuable time saving for waiters and guest, an increase in customer satisfaction and hence a gain for the restaurant operator.

The PosBill mobile Pro is easy to use thanks to its touch screen, learn quickly with the best POS software for personnel is a big advantage of minimally invasive when often working with AC or seasonal staff. The device is compact and lightweight, but above all: it is spritzwasser-and protected from dust (IP65 certified). Thus it is also easily for outdoor areas, such as terrace or beer garden, fully usable, even if rain threatens or the cashier accidentally lie should remain outdoors. She is also very robust and fail-safe, endures even a fall from approx. 1.5 m height without damage or malfunction. The cheap price is not only for the cash PosBill as mobile Pro, even the cost of the accessories Transmitting and receiving station and power battery are considerably lower than comparable products. All in all so a handy and mobile cash with easy to use POS software at an affordable price at significantly higher robustness and resilience. Udo Finkbeiner