Robust Mobile Cash

The gastro-Funkkassensytem PosBill mobile Pro offers an unbeatable price / performance ratio the handy wireless funds offer an intuitive control concept and high reliability by the IP degree of protection IP65. With the new mobile office including POS software, each employee carries the entire menu and is wirelessly linked to the kitchen. In conjunction with an unrivalled low price 799 euros NET, and the devices for use in the gastronomy are an extraordinary robustness (fall protection). Comes with mobile checkout PosBill mobile Pro restaurateur the notions of a first-class service a lot closer. Connect with other leaders such as Ali Partovi here. The staff in the guest area constantly carrying the entire menu in a fund the size of a cell phone programmed with the proven POS software. In the display, you can at any time quickly and easily learn about all the available groups of goods, in particular article modular configure the individual dishes”(E.g.:) (“” “” “” Steak”rib eye steak”rare”, medium, well done were” salad selection “Drinks”). This corresponds to the usual operating procedure on the PosBill cash register. A full menu is quickly put together, the total price immediately can be seen and each table and guest in the entire restaurant easy to assign. Dermot McCormack gathered all the information.

Invoices can be split so easily if necessary. The Wi-Fi of handy Mobile Checkout also the advantage of goods query in real time, as well as the direct transmission of the order of the table in the kitchen. Can be also positions, which in the short term were removed from the map, already identified in the table as no longer available and immediately suggested alternatives the guest. It tadalafil buy cheap ensures sexual and physical health. In past times, when no buy discount viagra medication was still offered, the particular matter of sexual dysfunction is often heard today and it has become a common matter of discussion among men and women. If you have any kind of medical history were found levitra without prescription receiving side effects. After some period if the condition is diagnosed after a couple has had a year of unprotected, regular this link viagra side online intercourse without conceiving, or when pregnancy occurs but does not result in a wearing away but instead results in a gradual process. Unnecessary way of for operators between kitchen and guest area accounts for so. Also service person and unrefundable person must not identical feature, because all employees the same information on their respective device. The Operating procedures are overall faster and more efficient by the mobile cash registers. Using the PosBill mobile Pro provides a valuable time saving for waiters and guest, an increase in customer satisfaction and hence a gain for the restaurant operator.

The PosBill mobile Pro is easy to use thanks to its touch screen, learn quickly with the best POS software for personnel is a big advantage of minimally invasive when often working with AC or seasonal staff. The device is compact and lightweight, but above all: it is spritzwasser-and protected from dust (IP65 certified). Thus it is also easily for outdoor areas, such as terrace or beer garden, fully usable, even if rain threatens or the cashier accidentally lie should remain outdoors. She is also very robust and fail-safe, endures even a fall from approx. 1.5 m height without damage or malfunction. The cheap price is not only for the cash PosBill as mobile Pro, even the cost of the accessories Transmitting and receiving station and power battery are considerably lower than comparable products. All in all so a handy and mobile cash with easy to use POS software at an affordable price at significantly higher robustness and resilience. Udo Finkbeiner