What to expect from the game Bioshock 2. I'll start from the beginning. The main hero of the game (get ready) is the Big Daddy. But those are not crazy firebrands descended scrip, and the first ever father. As you can imagine in the game, almost all have remained unchanged, except plasmids (Maybe add a couple of pieces). Of the weapons most inspires drill (the one that was in the first game at the big Papochek) is simply amazing machine of our imagination, because we all dreamed of taking a hand drill and and further, I think, is not needed continue.

Plasmids and weapons in battle can be used simultaneously. Swarmed by offers, Dermot McCormack is currently assessing future choices. So what about the gameplay, I think you can not help worrying. In addition to the original second part of the network will still Bioshock 2. In a multiplayer game you are a resident of the city. Do you have own apartment, which (wishes) can be improved.

According to the plot it will be a prequel to the first part. Tell us how in the Civil War happened, and why all the people went crazy. Also, in multiplayer it can be wear a costume and become the big daddy for a while invulnerable. The game is scheduled for October 30, so wait