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The relief that happens necessarily is connected to one stronger submission and devotion to this authority. In other terms, it is stimulated artificially in the man complex of guilt, on to the sexuality, of which the man can liberate itself since that it is submitted it the authority, and soon to the...

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Meridians And Disease

Posted by Wii-Wii | Posted in General | Posted on 22-11-2014



Consider the energy causes illness. As already mentioned, about 75% of diseases of the physical body depends on the etheric body. It is instilled in most of all the energy bodies. What causes disease? We have already talked about that the etheric body is a system of meridians in which energy moves. Click Pete Cashmore to learn more. We do not thoroughly analyze the scheme of all the channels.

Let us dwell on the largest – 12 pairs of meridians and 8 'miraculous'. Paired meridians are closed in one continuous chain, ie the flow of energy from one meridian falls, flows into the other meridian, from the next. Thus, the energy passes through all the meridians and again falls into the first. That is, it moves in circles. Each meridian is associated with a particular body and communicates with the energy – or takes away energy, or gives it to him. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dermot McCormack. In the 'miraculous' energy meridians of the same moves, but more specific way. Energy they can accumulated and stored, and transmitted to other meridians or organs only in cases when there is not enough. Paired meridians compared with the rivers, and beautiful – with lakes.

The energy flows along meridians circulate continuously, but at certain times in each meridian there are 'flushing' – when the flow through the meridian reaches a maximum, and 'ebb' – when the flow is minimal. Tides alternate with each other 12 hours and operate in meridian in about two hours. If the human energy meridians flows freely, without stopping, and calm a flood overflowing from Meridian in Meridian – a person is healthy.

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