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Living With Asthma

Posted by Wii-Wii | Posted in General | Posted on 19-11-2014



Bronchial asthma in the contemporary world has ceased to be any rare or unusual disease. If you are not convinced, visit Dermot McCormack. If you look at any film shot in developed countries (USA, Europe), among the characters will fall at least one permanent using an inhaler to relieve bronchospasm. There are many reasons that explain why the extent of economic development is not expected decline, but rather increase the frequency and severity of the disease. This environmental change, and change of diet and much more. However, treating asthma as an inevitable consequence of some external causes, the doctors also will inevitably provide for its treatment facilities that can only partially reduce the effect on the person of adverse factors. In other words, this approach is like trying to comfortably accommodate the man fell into a well. He there conducted electricity, telephone, supplying products food, but Leave the live in the same pit. This approach, cultivated in medical schools, leading to what is gradual and the patient and the doctor's opinion is formed: to recover from asthma can not, can only learn "good cheer.

That is time to take expensive medications, do not go where the air is "not an" always have a nother inhaler, etc. But what if you consider the treatment of asthma is not from a position "I got into this well, and to formulate the question" how do I get out of it? And it turns out that there are many methods to actually cure asthma. I repeat – do not learn to live with it, and it is cured. And sometimes – all without the use of medicines. In fact, the decision cure asthma lies not so much in the presence of the method – it is something just already exists – but in changing the perception of this, and not just this disease physician and patient. When at least one of them decides he does not want to continue to live beautifully in the well of the disease and wants to get out of it, he immediately sees a rescue rope, has long been discarded him from above.

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