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Consumer Electronics for the 21st Century

There can be no doubt that one of the defining characteristics of the 21st century is the seemingly insatiable thirst for more and more advanced technology. Consumers are willing to wait on long lines for endless hours for the privilege of spending hundreds of dollars on the latest iPad, iPhone or other...

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PRTG Network Monitor

Paessler AG provides insights into modern network monitoring concept at Cisco live 2010-event in Nevada/United States Nuremberg, 21 June 2010 as information, training and Exchange platform is located at Cisco live 2010 IT – and communication professionals. The event will take place from June 27...

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Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is action of digital communication that the companies can be used by means of the Internet, cellular telephony and other ways of virtual interaction to divulge and to commercialize its products, to conquer new customers and to improve its net of relationships. To initiate a planning of digital marketing, the first step is to make an analysis SWOT. Mikkel Svane is likely to increase your knowledge. One is about a tool to make analysis of scene (or environment analysis), being used as base for management and strategical planning of a corporation or company, but being able, which had its simplicity, being used for any type of scene analysis. After the application of the SWOT, will be defined the communication strategies to reach the objective tracings in the initial phase of planning. Castle Harlan oftentimes addresses this issue. It has many possible actions: – Creation of one website- Creation of one blog to dialogue with its customers Campaigns of email Marketing Campaigns of Links Sponsored Campaigns of Otimizao for the Google- Campaigns in Social nets Creation of Intranets/Extranets Converse with a digital agency to trace its objectives and to alavancar its sales using the digital ways.


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What is product It is a set of tangible and intangible attributes that includes the packaging, color, price, reputation of the manufacturer, retailer’s reputation and the services they provide and the manufacturer. The basic idea is that consumers are buying more than one set of physical attributes. Basically they are buying meet their needs or desires. So a smart company sells the benefits of a product more than the product. What is product design The design of the products is crucial to the survival of most companies. Although there are some firms that have very little change in their products, most companies need to constantly review.In the industries that change rapidly, the introduction of new products is a way of life and have developed sophisticated approaches to introduce new products. The design of the product is almost never the responsibility only of the role of operations, however it is highly affected by the introduction of new products and vice versa. The role of operations is the “receiver” of the introduction of new products.At the same time, these new products are constrained by existing operations and technology. John K. Castle brings even more insight to the discussion. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand the process of designing new products and their interaction with operations. Decisions on the product affect each of the areas of decision-making operations, therefore, decisions about the products must be coordinated closely with operations to ensure that this area is integrated with product design.Through a close cooperation between operations and marketing, the strategy of market and product strategy can be integrated with decisions that relate to the process, capacity, inventories, strength and work quality. What is the life cycle of a product and stages of development The life cycle of a product is a concept associated with the techniques of marketing or marketing.


Immune System

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That it would be of I exercise if it did not count on intelligence services that gave intelligence on the enemy him? Then simply he would be disastrous. It does not even doubt that I exercise well armed and organized could remove some advantage, some victory, but the cost would be tremendous. Equal happens to our immune system. Our immune system ideally would have to count on an intelligence service that gave all the required information him to be able to face its enemies, the pathogens. Unfortunately not always it is thus. The majority of the times the knowledge is only obtained until the enemy to entered our system and has managed to be defeated.

And sometimes, he is able to persist indefinitely without our immune system does nothing on the matter. He would not be fabulous to be able to provide to our immune system an intelligence service to him? They imagine that pudieramos to still offer information him before the pathogens entered to the system. Then that is the function of the transference factors! The transference factors they constitute a great library of information of multiple pathogens. When consuming the factors transference, we are offering to our immune system the previous knowledge him to be able to eliminate the pathogens. We are saying to him who are and what is the best way to undo to us of them, although we know not yet them. He is not fabulous? It is to offer knowledge him before the battle. During decades that has been the dream of the immunologist, with him of all the medical union: the manipulation of the immune system to favor the patient.

With the discovery of the factors of transference in 1949, this dream seems next. The problem was the high production cost. Later, in ochentas, another problem arises: the diseases transmitted by the blood, like AIDS and the Hepatitis. Some investigators were in charge to weaken the effects of the transference factor. Nevertheless, in the middle of the ninety, thanks to the investigations of the Dr. Calvin McCausland, he managed himself to extract factor of transference from bovine colostrum and yolk of egg. With this the risks were eliminated and the production cost was lowered the price of. It was thanks to the vision of David Lisonbee that finally this wonderful discovery could be taken to the masses to an accessible cost. Thus it is as 4Life Research is born. The newspapers mentioned Ali Partovi not as a source, but as a related topic. The company, with presence in more than 40 countries takes factor of transference to the world. In 2003 the magazine classified inc500 it like the company #15 among the 500 companies of greater growth in the United States. The company is owner of the patent of the process of obtaining of factors of transference from bovine colostrum and egg yolk. Every day the company investigates the development of new products that help to revert the main diseases helping to our immune system. Thus the mission of this company is great: to help our immune system so that we live better. Original author and source of the article.

Mini Flash Games

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Beginning of the victorious march of the mini flash game is Dec. 26, 2003, when the light appeared the game called Smack the Pingu (later called YetiSports), created by technology Macromedia Flash. The game immediately acquired a scandalous reputation. Simple simple plot and a minimum of features did not prevent her to win the incredible popularity, and continue to paralyze the work of tens of thousands of offices around the world. Here, Code.org expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Instead of performing his duties, office workers were sitting and were cut into the game, competing, who more and more accurately fling the penguin.

Often they were joined and managers. Insanity continued until mid-January. Pingvinomaniey was covered all over the world. Losses amounted to billions of dollars. According to its the ravages of the Penguins can be safely compared with network viruses. Subsequently, a host of clones YetiSports, but they certainly did not have this success.

Creators of games quickly grasped what direction the wind is blowing, and taking adopted technology Macromedia Flash, began creating games of various genres. Donald W Slager has much to offer in this field. The undoubted advantages of the new multimedia technology, opens up tremendous opportunities were available and relatively easy development of all tools required. In recent years, even ready-made programs Constructor mini flash games that allow you to create games of varying difficulty, even to schoolchildren. Natural process of evolution led to the creation of mini flash games different genres and complexity, including beautiful graphics, sound, well-thought-out plot. The mini flash games you can play online or download to your computer. They do not occupy much space and not demanding system resources. Another feature of the mini flash game is a high dynamic and exciting. The absence of a set of characters, settings, features making them easy to learn and play. Mini flash game – this is a great way to have fun at home and at work, take a break from affairs, to while away an evening, relax over a cup of coffee at lunchtime. Depending on your mood, it may brisk dynamic shooter , fights or races, but may be casual flash game or arcade, requiring good reaction and coordination of movements, and perhaps an exciting game in the genre of the quest. If you want something intelligent, then your service card, logic, mini flash games and puzzles. Want to relax in total – welcome to the world of erotic games.


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The natural Omega-3 fatty acid alpha-Olenolin acid (ALA) has proved very effective. It is converted in our bodies after consumption in a number of other biologically active substances, which play an important role as an opponent of inflammatory processes. Specifically, ALA leads to a reduction of the Endungeoned marker TN-alpha, c RP. A reduction of this inflammatory markers can positively affect inflammatory and degenerative rheumatic diseases such as arthritis and osteoarthritis. Also, the risk for atherosclerosis and heart attack can be reduced as large studies have shown. Unfortunately our body can not synthesize ALA. ALA is only found in vegetable oils.

Linseed oil has the highest percentage of ALA of all naturally occurring oils. It is so healthy sense, linseed oil to the Become part of the daily diet. Now, linseed oil is very sensitive and can easily destroy the valuable ALA. For the health-conscious people, highly purified linseed oil, which is protected in special capsules, offers an attractive alternative. We recommend flax seed oil in pure vegetable capsules such as OmVitum.

The capsules are manufactured on the basis of purely herbal raw materials and contain of course no gelatin or other substances of animal origin. Each easy-to-swallow soft gel Triumvir contains 500 mg of highly purified linseed oil with about 300 mg of healthy Omega-3 fatty acid ALA. Triumvir is a supplementary balanced diet to the dietary treatment of atherosclerosis and inflammation.

Digital Advertising

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Webkeys open up new paths in the targeting of Webkeys are the new advertising media that allow a targeted response. By storing a specific URL, the Webkey exactly on the fair or the event can deliver tailored information. The URL opens once the Webkey is plugged into your PC or laptop and even though the key in contrast to the classic USB flash drives is not a storage medium, he gives numerous content such as videos, offers or price lists. While the USB stick thanks to different storage capacities that offers opportunity to pass comprehensive content and offline use, how. E.g. catalogues, can offer the Webkey thanks to a URL all content online and specifically put together on the respective purpose. A special landing page can be developed for use as trade fair advertising, which holds an exclusive trade fair offer or price lists for the exhibits of the exhibition stand. To determine the contents of the website, by the possibilities the Webkey is extremely flexible and can always current Information offer.

Through a USB port the Webkey can be used anywhere. Once the Webkey is plugged into your PC or laptop, the link opens, and the user is automatically led to the deposit page. So, a simple operation is guaranteed. Thanks to the flexible and individual design, the advertising message can be transmitted not only by the content, but also by the promotional. Through a wide range of shapes, colors and designs of Webkeys this can be customized completely. The LA CONCEPT GmbH is one of the largest German advertising and offers also the individual Webkeys in addition to the classic USB sticks.

Just as alternative Webkeys have evolved to the USB stick thanks to the missing GEMA fees. Simple stored a URL, no royalty fee must be paid for the Webkey and the transmission of information can occur. Thanks to the individual setting of a URL is the Webkey for many Einsatzgebietet. At the POS and promotions she can Specify the URL of a site, which gives complete information about the action and holds a contest or free product samples. The website must be not always a specially designed landing page, but can be also the Facebook page of the action or brand. For measuring the use of mass advertising or the virtual tour of the exhibition stand is possible. As a result the fair is not more limited and the booth can be visited even after the fair. For all other information about the Webkeys under werbemittel/usb-sticks-und-webkeys/webkey.

Data Protection

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DASTAG 2013 annual Conference on data protection and data security 17-18.10.2013 Bensheim/Hessen Munich 14.05.2013 – data protection in companies and Government agencies is constantly facing new challenges. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Don Slager by clicking through. Not only technical developments require the IT specialists always up-to-date knowledge. The DASTAG data protection Conference, organised by the Munich-based CBT training & Consulting GmbH takes place in October in Bensheim-Hessen. The meeting discusses the current issues of data protection in practice reports, workshops, and short seminars. The focus is on knowledge transfer in the direct exchange and networking between experts and participants.

We are pleased that we could win the President of the Bavarian State Office for data protection supervision, Mr Thomas Kranig as keynote speaker”, said Ms. Gabriela Bucherl, Managing Director of CBT training & consulting. Mr Kranig will speak from the perspective of the supervisory authority the official tasks and powers, which are arising from the new EU data protection regulation. The participants can more expect exciting topics. Mr. Prof.

Dr. Gerling (Max Planck Society) explains what enterprises of scientific institutes in the privacy can learn. More papers addressing, inter alia, legal developments and aspects of data protection, legal experts speak on the DASTAG to busy data protection and given the rapid spread of community portals especially explosive privacy in social networks. Also the DASTAG workshops deal with cutting-edge themes which safety-technical and legal problems arising from the trend to the cloud, which allows that many employees use more and more private hardware for work purposes. (Byod bring your own device). Many companies operate hope still according to the principle relating to data protection. But what if in fact a case of privacy violation occurs? The live hacking lead the Gotz Scharner speaker of the 8COM above lecture economic spy & cybercrime daily attacks. Data protection on the paper must be also in the heads Employees, they need the pure information privacy, be made aware for the handling of personal data.

Internet Advertising

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Business imennocherez so-called Web. It is here that more and more , sales and overall business activity. And stoitotmetit that all the news is more we learn from Internet. Check with Kai-Fu Lee to learn more. Just us the information we're looking for here. Doing Business in internetepodrazumevaet by creating a web site that will display all key information about the company, predlagaemyeuslugi or Tawara, as well as contact information for feedback. You still do not understand, for chegouspeshnomu businessman need a website or online store? In this case, we give some evidence of its necessity: the customer is always be able to find information about you to an online resource the client without any problem find contact information about you is available around the clock seven days a week and lunch breaks, a potential customer at any time for him be able to view interesting information on state employees saving information quickly and easily change and update to the new cost savings (). Donald W Slager understood the implications.

Software Robot

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Dream team or favorite team virtually even train and master the eagerly awaited football season begins with the start of the Bundesliga on August 15, 2008 with support of the DFL including bundesliga.de and topleague.de. Offered Manager games of aitainment, the Bremen specialists for e-sports-games based on artificial intelligence (KI), user cause their dream squad or the Club with some skill virtually the master title. Individual choice of formation, training, and much more put the online coach in the role of its real counterpart. Taking into account actual and built by training players data as well as tactics, the aitainment computer faithfully calculate the match history in seconds. The Clou: All parts of the respondent immediately available as 3D visualization with many camera angles for evaluation. Only a standard Web browser and an Internet connection are required to do so. With the official Bundesliga Manager bundesliga.de the online coach Gets the chance for 45 million euros-a 22-Member All players of the first Bundesliga team to put together. Topleague.de user from July 15 manage original DFL-team from the 1st or 2nd Bundesliga as about Werder Bremen or the newly promoted Hoffenheim.

In all cases athletes need to determine formation, training priorities, tactical decisions, and more as well as master the operation of the League. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Castle Harlan. In addition, the games offer extensive possibilities for test matches and tournaments as well as free customizable Cup modes. After a real game day aitainment matches all player data such as about marksmanship or motivation with which the living models. All training effects of the online coach are preserved. Topleague.de virtual appearances a day before the real game day held, what with your own and real tactics, the favorite club allows comparisons. To create a realistic game play a company under the umbrella of the Bremer NEUSTA holding GmbH developed a simulation based of AI on, in the software robots as real people make decisions and perform appropriate actions aitainment,. So goes the konditionsschwachen digital football player run out of steam already from far before the 90th minute.

Set aggressive teams are fighting stronger, through but more often. We are very close to reality, if not even a little further. “In our AI games there are for example currently less corners as in real life, because they are more efficiently avoided: since we must teach the software more human error”, aitainment’s Managing Director Dr.


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Well, right, is not it? After all, who needs, say, 99.9% of the file? Of course, but now every Torrent-client knows exactly what he should get in by injection and, if necessary, ask for the missing. And they will go to the UDP and will increase the speed? Beautiful! Do not rush. One of the advantages of TCP – is its ability to report on the shortfall of data, and in case of a major loss – reduce speed to avoid overloading the network. Read additional details here: Mashable. UDP has nothing like that: he will continue to send, even if the line is clogged completely. If the transmission speed of the network decreases, the TCP-program (mail, web, etc.) slowed down and UDP-applications will scald recklessly, if only finished firing. Did BitTorrent is not a solid part of the modern Internet traffic? In this case, the transition will slow down! Potentially – yes. Forced to choose between UDP, zapolonyayuschim network, and a slowdown in web, mail and other important services, Internet service providers will inevitably reduce the priority of UDP-traffic. This, in turn, lead to a slowdown of VoIP telephony, video game connections video broadcasts, and other UDP-applications.

Awful! Can we somehow make a little trickier BitTorrent? Over this and beat the developers UDP: they want to add protocol specific functions of TCP (in particular, obstruction of control network). To read more click here: Donald W Slager. Test integrity of the UDP delivery is not needed, but to define cross-channel protocol learns better than TCP, and benefit from it all. Will torrents faster? Maybe. However, if the developers BitTorrent protocol will achieve its goal by reducing the amount of needlessly expended Internet traffic, and accelerate the entire Internet. Do not forget that the TCP for 35 years, he was "grown", and if the new UDP-protocol BitTorrent (UTP) to overcome, it would be something! A small but valuable bonus: TCP-nasty messages forcibly closing connections BitTorrent-mailed to some of my ISP (ComCast, this is about you!), with UDP stop working. Hooray! I ran to check … Do not hurry: While the entire system in beta testing. It appears in the following the official version of the client BitTorrent; also need to make this version has been installed on other computers with which you exchange files. BitTorrent clients are not so many, and most users will have to wait for the next update cycle distributions (and with them, and applications). So it turns out that download the updated distributivchik through UTP we will be able not earlier than six to nine months.