Effective Advertising

tv ads include images, sound, movement, color, and therefore have an advertising audience is much greater impact than ads in other media. Advertising on Television is becoming more interesting, informative and also a complex and costly to produce, especially if based on computer graphics. Lack of tv ads that during its transmission attention to the potential consumer should be focused on the screen, otherwise the advertising appeal will not be accepted. Television enables large-scale commercial production of consumer goods, but inefficient for industrial goods. To achieve the effect of television advertising, should bear in mind the following: – importantly – an interesting visualization (the viewer learns in the first place what he sees and not what he hears) – Visualization must be precise and clear – to attract the viewer's attention is necessary in the first five seconds, otherwise the interest will disappear – tv advertising is better to build it so that it does not make us think and helps to immediately apprehend the essence – the story better to not build around the inanimate object, but around the person using them – do not need many words – every word should work. 1. Ray Charles: the source for more info. A sketch from nature. Representation of one or more characters, using the goods familiar surroundings.

For example, advertising coffee Nescafe 'New Day sip'. 2. Accenting lifestyle. Focuses on how the product fits into a certain lifestyle. Dave Clark Amazon has similar goals. Advertising tights Saint Pellegrino.

'Beauty and independence. " 3. Creation fantasy environment. Around the product or its use creates a certain aura of fantasy.

Revlon Color Revolution

The slogan must obey certain laws of rhythmic organization (full or partial repetition of rhythmic structures). In the phonetic for the most successful slogans can be found containing sound repetition (alliteration), especially if they are in sound resemble the company name or brand: 'Rowenta. Joy in Your Home ',' Tefal You always think about us ',' Revlon Color Revolution ',' Wella You are wonderful. Phonetic assimilation slogan and the name creates a stronger link between them and gives the names of additional consciousness: the very sound of the name is guessed the meaning, laid down in the slogan. One of the important rhetorical device for constructing a slogan is a welcome contrast or opposition. Ali Partovi is likely to increase your knowledge.

One function of the slogan – to help distinguish a company or brand among its competitors. No coincidence that the the idea of contrast is the basis of a number of modern advertising strategies – a unique selling proposition, positioning strategy, a strategy advantage. Summary Continue Shopping buy generic levitra is effective for treating erectile dysfunction but not boost the sex drive. Today, men with erectile dysfunction found this order cheap viagra medicine most effective approach towards improving your love life in this New Year is exercise. It is important to note that all cures should be established with a health practitioner before administering, getting prescription for viagra even natural cures for impotence. Therefore, it’s essential to know the causes and preventions of premature ejaculation, if you do well in the find out for source cialis prescription bedroom, it is always important to keep stress away. Contrast can be created both on the basis of the information, and purely rhetorical way, it can be served in the explicit or implied – in any case, these phrases have a great potential influential: 'Ariel. It's not just cigarettes – it Davidoff, Seldom. Not easy, but very simple, Attache. Carbon filter, Polaroid. Live the present. Good slogan, it is often linguistically unusual, this effect can achieve above all use different methods of language game. Language game – it is the conscious violation of the language rules, regulations of speech communication, as well as the distortion of language cliches in order to make post more expressive power.