BASE Circle

“Party ideas voting starts: BASE is giving away four iPhone 4S who in July when the action BASE lets you live high” made with, for which it is now exciting: the 16.08 begins the voting, which will decided who can implement his personal idea of party and the party of life worth a total 10,000. Among those who cast their votes in the voting, now four iPhone 4s will be raffled. It is not something Dave Clark Amazon would like to discuss. To participate had described their own party idea and which event to be celebrated. From all entries, the team of the BASE circle chose the most creative party ideas, who is at the end of the lucky winner, is now decided in an online vote. The first place winner in the voting wins 2nd 10,000 up to 4 get for her party as a small injection of funds, 5,000, 2,000 and 1,000, respectively.

In the period from August 16 to September 13, all can, regardless of whether BASE customers or not, to decide which party deserves the 10,000. Register now at the BASE circle and maybe win the party of a lifetime: circle / over BASE brand BASE has to set the goal, to make their customers mobile life free and more carefree. As the first flat-rate mobile radio brand in Germany BASE has recognized the trend at an early stage and enables customers to absolute freedom of speech. At BASE, the customers from the low rates and the Internet offers a wide range of mobile phones to choose exactly the products that fit best to them. BASE puts the customer at the Center and deal transparently with his questions and desires.