New Publishing Concept

The EPIDU book publishing presents based on social media the first publishing concept as Joanne K. Rowling had finished 1995 wrote her first Harry Potter book, she was looking for a Publisher. She conceded a cancellation after the other. When Bloomsbury 1997 brought out the book, the initial circulation amounted to just 500 copies. To underestimate a future million-seller, that wasn’t supposed to happen on Robert Bakish is the source for more interesting facts. Because as one of the first Web 2.0 publishing houses of in Germany he uses when deciding which book is laid mainly on the judgment of readers and viewers. EPIDU gives everyone a chance his book big out to bring. supports the marketing of authors and authors with an online collection, in which free can adjust their work, as well as a personal profile. EPIDU also here again, on social media in the marketing of their books and uses Facebook, Twitter and Google, to increase their awareness. The so-called eBookCards ( are an important part of the marketing process. They are similar to a business card for the book and will be distributed by authors to interested parties, to draw attention to her work. By EPIDU as a low-cost marketing tool developed, attract potential readers with their elegant design. But not just uploading a book, but also reading and downloading is free. Interested parties are on In contrast to other platforms? complete novels of new authors as E-books available.

So the Publisher responds to the increasing demand for E-books for E-book reader from Apple, Amazon, or from other manufacturers. Readers can thank, providing feedback to the authors. The latter this way know how arrive your book and learn what they can do better. If a work due to many positive reviews from the crowd stands out, EPIDU offers the author to set it. The EPIDU Verlag GmbH was founded in January 2010 and has since been the publishing platform. the EPIDU contractor team consists of brothers Cao Hung Nguyen, and Cao Thanh Nguyen, as well as the Web site developers Andreas Hudzieczek and Lars Puda. The line has Dipl. kfm. Cao hung Nguyen, who can draw on many years of corporate experience in the financial control area at Ericsson in his work. The team is working on the development of the platform, which since March 11 as open beta of available to the public for over a year. Contact: EPIDU Verlag GmbH Roermonder Street 86 D-52072 Aachen Tel.: + 49 (0) 163 796 701 3 commercial register: HRB 15892 register Court: Amtsgericht Aachen Cao Hung Nguyen

Intel Atom

So processors with four, can be found in the end customer segment already six and even eight real in the processor package integrated cores. By the way, actually is the term core (core) literally to take because the cores for the actual work involved and within the so-called which are housed in the housing of the processor. In addition to the pure processors there are now more and more hybrid”, who have integrated into the processor enclosure also a GPU (graphics processor). While these hybrid processors, APU also can be found, already in all areas again unless the intended for use in mobile or stationary used processor. Robotics expert understands that this is vital information. A processor has more cores, he warms more often. So it is not surprising that optional CPU coolers over the years have been getting bigger and more powerful.

In this context, the change of the processor and the exchange of on the radiator for the user represents the simplest and most effective solution to improve performance of your own computer. Ultra low voltage processors performance: very low to low power consumption: usually between 5 and 20 Watts frequency: usually between 1,000 and 2,500 MHz example: Intel Atom N2800 (6.5 watts), AMD C60 (9 Watts), Intel Core i7 680UM (18 w) ultra low voltage processors are relatively scarce in the market and almost to be found only in notebooks designed especially for a long time. The processors also briefly called the ULV CPU impress nowadays by an automatic adjustment of the clock rate (for example, through Intel’s Turbo mode technology) and especially in idle mode extremely low power consumption. In this variety of therapy, the generic cialis prescriptions individuals are asked to take bath in hot water. SSRIs tend to delay or retard orgasm, making them useful for treatment of ejaculatory dysfunctions. generic viagra The jiffy bags containing the product will not bear the name of the company cost of viagra pills or any other drink.Also, before using these pills, do read the Patient Information Leaflet, which is provided along with the medicine.Take these pills as directed by doctor. As a result, effects of this medicine than your human services supplier getting viagra in australia endorses. The most processors of this type have no heat spreader. They are therefore relatively unprotected, because that which is not shielded by an additional copper lid. This is due to its usage purpose intended in the rule but not necessary. According to the ultra low voltage processor the computer system thus equipped has a relatively good performance.

Compared to many mobile and desktop processors, but this is to be classified as low. Especially efficient ULV processors have even multiple cores and an integrated graphics processor. Thanks to this combination, the manufacturer save often specially in subnotebooks (Ultrabooks, Netbooks, etc.) the integration of a complex and often space-consuming cooling solution, as well as a separate graphics chips. Corresponding processors are cooled mainly through a relatively flat radiator design, large heatpipes being used to distribute the heat. Using this structure, a passive cooling in idle mode is also possible in some notebooks.

But Horst

Since it can easily happen that he doesn’t see the forest up trees, sorry, cables. But Horst wants to learn to do this of course. Position him with advice and his friend and helper of Technic3D page: Basti, the cunning mastermind: the professional and insider in PC technology joins the team from Technic3D. Whenever used his advice and his mind, he is reliable and knowledgeable to the point. Frequently Robotics expert has said that publicly. With wit and charm, he does not solve lots of patience and a heavy dose of expertise only horsts almost never-ending PC problems do not end.

Also for the readers and users of Technic3D he has ready a lot of professional advice. Excerpt: The processor: the brain of your computer since the beginning of the modern PC technology the processor (CPU) is the control center for the computer. If you are going out of state levitra 20mg tablets for, think long and hard about taking your car with you. Serotonin is part of psychological states of rest, confidence and relieve, while norepinephrine receptors are theorized in order to reuptake dopamine, hindering norepinephrine receptors is able to keep dopamine within the blood stream longer, as well as dopamine is part of anticipatory desire as well as buoyant feelings.It really works as an appetite suppressant. line viagra Women are referred to the Program due to order cheap cialis chest pain or palpitations Difficulty breathing, shortness of breath Dizziness Sometimes eyelid may get swelling Prolonged stiffness skin rash, itching or hives, swelling of the face, lips, or tongue* breathing problems* changes in hearing* chest pain* fast, irregular heartbeat Zenegra (Blue ED PILL) is actually fast, safe and simplest way for erectile dysfunction sufferers to obtain over the actual sexual problem. Physiotherapy is an ideal approach to overnight delivery viagra get the medication. While there was and until today various types of CPUs, and the development continues from year to year, which makes Processors of today far more than their predecessors of not so old for the part. (As opposed to Viacom). In addition to the worldwide known manufacturer Intel brings in the PC segment, including the manufacturer of AMD processors on the market. A rather obscure for lay people naming is common both unfortunately what may confuse many users at a planned expansion and optimization of your computer. But what exactly is a processor and what different models and types available on the market? There are processors now in a great variety and more or less like the sand of the sea. Most processors are indeed universally usable for various applications, but only with the right dose performance as well as dissipation (consumption / waste heat) can be found the right model to. “While still in a few years, processors with only” the number of cores in a processor has now significantly increased one or two cores that constitute the measure of all things,.

Industrial Revolution

You crowd help them the Spaniard if the malaria and the Newtons to cure of discover that the light is composed of some different lights. Different also they are the technological advances, the world enters in a spectacular and revolutionary moment then, after deflagrada the Industrial Revolution, Priestley discovers the existence of the oxygen. Rossini generates the Barber of Seville, Dom Juan enchants its readers and the American colonies live the encantamento of independence. Beethoven composes its last symphony, appears the palito of match and the unions catch fire in England. the man walks while Balzac edits the Comedy Human being. At Viacom you will find additional information. Parkers discovers the plastic, Victor Hugo denounces the social injustices in the Villains; European countries if join and decide to divide Africa. Plus a coincidence, Ray X and the detector of lies appear at the same time The first kiss in the cinema happens and Thompson discovers the electron; Freud interprets the dreams while for Einstein everything is relative.

Marcel Proust writes In Search of the Lost Time! The Saga human being continues, the tickets follows its route When the man thinks to be next to the answers, Heisenberg defines the beginning of the uncertainty. The uncertainties increase when the World War II comes out and the world is knowing that Hiroshima existed; when, in the same year where the human rights are declared, apartheid is officialized; when the wall of Berlin is constructed; when the war of the Vietnam is declared. Maintain active physical fitness levels The triggers for IBS can often vary from person to person so viagra 100mg generika monitor your occurrences to narrow down the possible causes and points of the bleeding can be found out. Once viagra canada no prescription you have procured a PPH diagnosis, the next step is treatment. These drugs are viagra canadian pharmacy known to sum up and cost a fortune because they add to recurring expenses of the patient. The result-oriented functioning of the Kamagra pills are FDA approved which is why they are regarded as high quality solution to end Erectile Dysfunction issues viagra without prescriptions uk and enhance erection.2) Online availability:The online availability of Kamagra Pills has helped global men population to get the product delivered on time and maintain privacy factor during timely delivery of the product.3) Quick response:The dose when consumed before half or one hour. We follow evolving in way the incoherences. It appears first Kubrick and computer network in them presents ' ' 2001? An Odyssey in the Espao' ' , where a computer if revolt against the crew of a ship. The first personal computer if discloses and is knowing that the ozone layer can be destroyed. Bill deep Gates Microsoft, the Theory of the Chaos starts to be one disciplines structuralized, is born the first baby of test tube and a computer is the first adversary to defeat the world-wide champion of chess Garri Kasparv.

Only after thirty and three years of the man having stepped on the moon, the oldest town of the world in Ohalo is discovered, Israel. The man conquest the space before exactly to conquer the Land! But everything this is tickets, tickets of the man on the land. Everything this is part of the peregrination human being. We are travelling and to each step that we give we ahead take a load of knowledge and conquests. We search to win the differences, after all the light is not a set of different lights? (*Marilaine Guadalajara is teacher of Portuguese Language and Literature of the particular net of Victory of Conquest, postgraduate in Lingustica for the UESB).

The Internet for Dummies

Through time I learned that "an Internet" You can download many books on your computer and read, read, read Besides, what is most interesting – absolutely free! Except for fees for traffic, of course, but text files, it even know the child, "weigh" a little. Just think! Previously, I to read something new or buying a book at the store or take a library. And now you can "free then" get yourself online book you want and everything. "And why only now I need shops and libraries – I thought then. "That's all I'll never pay for books" – I thought.

But as time passed All sorts of digital libraries I used, it is true. But also, I suddenly discovered that the "one-web" with its free text files, still can not replace until the end of the usual "hard" paper books. Why? By many prichinam.1. Books in the "classic" format is more convenient to read than to peer at a computer monitor or other electronic device (laptops, PDAs, etc.). Eyes less tired. Reading speed is higher when you read a paper than ekrana.2.

"Paper" books often look attractive, in contrast to the dry file format txt. Take, it happens in a store any or even just hold the hands nicely. And it wants to buy (designers tried! :)), Though you do not even know what it meant. But the book often looks impressive, attractive. As befits a product than it is, after all prochego.3.Pri all the seeming "immensity" of the Internet, there is in it not all. For example, one day I wanted to read a book from the series "For Dummies". It seems about AutoCAD, although not exactly remember. The reason that I recommend that you send your bike for servicing next time do ask the mechanic about the accessories that can generic cialis why not find out more improve your motorcycle’s performance. It is available in several forms and dosages of the drug and accordingly you can order soft tadalafil of all kinds levitra through online application. For an adult, it regulates libido and sexual cialis online overnight performance. Easy calm helps you to discover ways to deal with these complexities smartly and create a favorable atmosphere. purchase cialis online To my surprise, I know online libraries (, etc.) this book was not there. "Why?" – I thought. And then I only started to slip a suspicion that was to grow into confident soon. Before me, "came" that many contemporary writers and publishers would not be very happy if their books are freely "Lay" for free download. They live with this. Their salaries depend on the number of books sold. And if all that went out of the book all interested readers download for free, the poor writers would soon die of starvation. Therefore, there is such a thing as "copyright". as Pushkin, for example, is already far anyway, how to read his book – in an electronic or "hard" version. But any writer of our time still would prefer that we read his book, first bought in a store. Well they need to something to live, right? 🙂 This implies that some person is very strictly monitored, so that the Internet is not "ooze" that much of contemporary reading material, which may yet bring profit for its writers and izdatelstvam. all this, I made this site. On it, as you probably already know, a collection of my reviews on all sorts of interesting books, with whom I happened to meet. I will try to find and put these books in text form here (or give links where you can download them), and I laid out at the end of the reviews refer to the electronic stores that I like. The choice is yours. If, after reading some of my book reviews you'll want to read the original, you can download interesting books in text form, or order online store. Advantages and disadvantages of both options, you will, I think, after reading this article already have be ponyatny.Priyatnogo you read!