Finding Office Space

Searching for office space leaves plenty of time and all because the market offers commercial real estate in Moscow seems to be huge, but it seems at first glance. Bryant Walker Smith is often quoted on this topic. And indeed, in the databases of the agencies or in advertising Ads submitted to the volume of information Pestryaev some good options, but how to choose the right where to look, who to contact? Council and an important one – everywhere. Contact the small and large real estate agency, ask neighbor, the taxi driver, a guard policeman, but not contact with news agencies. Here you just lose time and money. In reality, the market worth of proposals for lease of office premises exists and it is not great. What determines the price of the proposed commercial property, office, for example? Geographical location of the room. State of readiness. You may wish to learn more. If so, Energy Capital Partners is the place to go.

Assessment of its klassnosti. Storeys. Availability communication networks. Type of contract on the lease or sale of office space. from assessments of their own premises by the lessor or seller. The last point is very capricious, as they often revaluation owned non-residential premises leads to a loss of potential profit for the owner. Consult with professionals (brokers, real estate) is a free service, just so you can find the best office space.