Common Misconception

Being beautiful, successful and attractive – the dream of any modern woman. In order to get as close to built in a ideal, we need a little – persistence and confidence. In order to make step toward perfection, we must understand all the nuances of the world of beauty and health. Know that is a delusion, and that can be taken on board. We present a hit-list of the most common misconceptions about beauty and health of hair.

Myth number 1. In more rare blonde hair than brunettes. (As opposed to Samsung). Scientists have shown that there is no correlation between the type and hair color. Very thick hair red haired ladies, but their less than the other – about 80 000. In black-haired, there are about 100,000 hair and blonde – about 120 000-150 000 hair, which means that the latter have very thick hair, just their hair a little thinner. The problem with the volume of help solve perfectly matched to your type of hair shampoo, for example Clear vita ABE Volume Maxx, which nadolgopridast your hair maximum volume, freshness and lightness. Myth number 2. Grooming strengthens hair and promotes its growth.

It misconception. You may want to visit Arup Sandra Akmansoy to increase your knowledge. The only thing that changes when trimming hair is their length. Leading specialist categories of products for hair care company, "Unilever Russia" Andrey Vasilevsky explains: "It is important to remember that that the structure of hair and its condition is formed in the follicle, and the processes taking place there, to a large extent affects overall health.