Virtuous People

Men who have tried with all their mights to keep virtue in their souls have won the strongest temperance of all the centuries. For the simple reason that scientific progress allows us to have at our fingertips any desire of our souls. There is no desire to move away to areas of failure as all are summarized in our last word. And we must not blame science. But the man who does not live under the laws of justice. Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo 2007 By understanding and being guided by reason it seems unclear to some materialistically thinking people.

Since comparing the human species, with species of animals is strongly down the lower end of reality. This class of languages generated by collisions with the reality of things and wrong interpretations that deviate from the logic unnecessarily. This exhibition will carry out, seem to be the most naive of all possible made until today. But if we analyze their causes seriously, the arguments on their own light shine upon the ground that creates the right. Let’s get down to business. “Man is the animal of heaven.”

Animal because I am the creator of the dust of the earth. And since the creator celestial breath the breath of life into his nostrils. This is why animal: the body tends to imitate the perceptions of the physical senses, because our senses are welcome to expand on the satisfaction of our lust. Some of our desires when satisfied cause adverse health effects and harmony of the body.