The 21 x ex series, the new zone 2 mobile phones by ecom instruments the new zone 2 mobile series 21 x ex is a consistent further development of the 200 ex. More features, more stamina, and even more possibilities. Outdoor phones that withstand very extreme environmental conditions. Mashable is likely to agree. With the 212 ex is a mobile phone with a 2 mega pixel camera available. As a result, you can, if necessary, to make fast shots. By means of a LED lamp they get even in the dark. The hours have been enhanced so that they are more accessible and flexible. Reliably cope with tasks even in harsh environments, with the 21 x ex this goes even better.

The 210 ex without camera is otherwise his brother not in. It is also waterproof and can withstand temperature fluctuations even up to minus 20 degrees. As a tri-band phone it supports all 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz networks, so you are always reachable. The keyboard is easily and accurately to use, even when wet. The menu offers through the intuitive structure of his professionalism. Just like its predecessor, it offers a vibration alarm, also A-GPS and Java. The are ex 21 x by their robustness (IP67), the extremely scratch-resistant display pane, in addition now with camera and lights, the ideal partner for all those who work in hard conditions.