RWE Power Car Tariff Three Times More Expensive

In a study, Kreutzer consulting for solar-driver online has a cost comparison on the example of the created smart Auernheim 10.08.09 that electric cars in the purchase are more expensive than conventional vehicles with diesel or gasoline engines is all too familiar. Part of the costs, so also Matthias Machnig, State Secretary at the Federal Environment Ministry on the 05.08. a commentary in the journal of Commerce, writes could be amortized over the lower operating costs of the vehicles back, since only energy costs 3 euros create a distance of 100 km. The new RWE car electricity tariff, which was released this week, shows, however, that the costs of the electricity will represent hardly the total cost of ownership. At a cost per kilowatt-hour of 18.49 cents costs of electricity for 100 miles in the smart electric drive (consumption 12 kWh/100 km) while only 2.22 euros.

The high monthly fee of 69 euros, RWE for auto power tariff requires, leads however any reduction ad absurdum. To illustrate the actual cost which has Consultancy Kreutzer consulting the energy costs of smart electric smart diesel and the smallest petrol engine compare. Klaus Kreutzer, CEO of Kreutzer consulting: It is evident that the energy cost of the smart about 2/3 are cheaper diesel as for the smart electric drive. At a monthly mileage by 800 km in the smart 86,75 Euro accrues in the RWE car power tariff electric drive, while the smart cdi turbo diesel completed the same route for 29,20 euro. Even the gasoline costs only half 46,99 euros to 800 km. In conjunction with the higher cost, the lower range, poorer performance and the need to recharge the vehicle almost daily over a charging station, which makes the use of the electric vehicle compared to the classic versions with internal combustion engine in addition unattractive. In addition to the high overall costs is mainly the fact that it involves a sum of independent distance travelled, to criticize.