Begins the process of interaction already at the interview when applying for a job. Kai-Fu Lee is actively involved in the matter. Trying to understand exactly what you expect from a vacant seat, must be based on distrust of the officially declared the content of your responsibilities. Andy Florance does not necessarily agree. Of particular value in this conversation, issues about the reasons for departure of your predecessor. You should never miss an opportunity to ask about it from him, if he had not resigned. However, need to recognize: in this exploration of the true needs of the prospective employer to rely on what you someone openly talk about them, not worth it. There must learn in each word to hear the underlying theme.

Any element nonverbal information viewer with a certain psychological and intelligence help to find a good boss, and guard against unreasonable expectations of management, are unacceptable to you with its contents or form. If you are already working in the company, and you suddenly have a new boss (or do not fully understand the former), the revelation of its true needs can be done in two ways. The first is a thorough clarification of leader at the time of setting them in front of your business problems created by the destination (ordered) product. For example, you have to write any document. Be sure to ask: what does it do boss, what their problem with it he is going to solve, what consumer qualities of the product should possess, what is the fate of the document, etc. If your curiosity will cause the head of bewilderment, it can be openly motivated by a desire to do its job efficiently. In the case of understanding the leader of your interest and willingness to meet you interact with it will become much easier. However, often happens when the boss does not like such a frank curiosity of subordinates, which in his opinion, intrudes into the zone of the exclusive competence of leadership. In reality, there may be more likely to talk about carefully concealed by the head of a professional insolvency, or personal interest of competing priorities of the company, or led them to the structural unit.