Get Links With Google Alerts

Any good SEO expert worth his salt knows how important it is to get links, you talked a lot about this and much more has been written. But the strategy of links is an area in which white and black come together to turn gray and often we are tempted to fall into strategies that can be effective in the short term but may put a lot at stake in the medium to long term . Energy Capital Partners has much experience in this field. The other side of the coin is to get inbound links manually is a task the less tedious and boring and not always as effective as we would like. But how do we choose which pages can benefit us?

What tools we use to get inbound links or detect pages that want to link with ours? Google Alerts: more than what meets the eye More than any we have ever worried, because Google puts at our disposal tools that perhaps they could make lots of money, where is the catch? which is the fine print? The answer is simple, Google’s core business is its form or rather, the ads provided through its Adwords network, few more pages and better indexed in its search engine have the better the quality of it and after all this has been the law that has governed from the beginning so it sounds logical enough to help webmasters achieve good positioning according to the content of your pages. The tool I’m going to speak today at first may seem alien to our search strategy links to our pages.