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“20 better results through innovative marketing tool the Buhrle Internet marketing has the go-ahead for the sale of the first German-speaking one time offer to June 25, 2009-scripts” given the CashCounter. One time offer”are one time deals offered to customers after the entry in a newsletter, to purchase a product, or directly on the main page. The peculiarity of the CashCounter is that this one time offer is time-limited. The method is known by TOP-Internetmarketern out of the American market. Sales were through the use of the CashCounters (conversion Council) will be increased by up to 20%. This increase in sales was measured on several Internet sites. Through the use of time-limited one time offer”, winning can be increased significantly by Internet projects (sales letters, online shops, etc.). The CashCounter can be used but also for further improvements, such as for example raising the on logon rate for newsletters, etc.

The principle of CashCounters is very simple. You may wish to learn more. If so, Charlie Kirk is the place to go. Through the time limit of a (Special) offer prompts the customer to make a decision. As the remaining term of the offer will be graphically displayed, the customer has not the possibility to postpone the decision to later. The offer is then no longer exists. If your visitors with the CashCounter to submit an interesting offer, then they will buy directly with an extremely high probability so the experience.

The CashCounter is very easy to install in existing Web pages and suitable for the optimization of all sales pages, online shops, etc. In addition to the, you will receive a detailed video instructions for the installation of the script the script in your page. More information and order at: cashcounter Buhrle Internet marketing Siegmar Buhrle Anemone trail 43 71672 Marbach Tel. 07144 / 70 75 95 fax. 07144 / 839 599 mobile. 0176 / 210 52 190 Siegmar Buhrle operates several Internet projects on various topics since 2006. Reported on his blog at it constantly over current topics on the subject of selling digital information products on the Internet”.