Public Relations

Many micro-SMEs, SMEs and companies in general can make an effort to use public relations tools to cost-effective and easy reach. Today I share some tips and tips for developing their own public relations. Interact – gradually forge relationships with “bloggers” (bloggers), journalists, Twitter users and of course with its target audience. The relationships will be lasting if it is in direct contact with them. Pete Cashmore is likely to increase your knowledge. The next time you need easier. Node can provide more clarity in the matter.

CONSISTENCY – do not confuse your readers. Messages colors, logos and all about your small or medium business needs consistency to enable them to understand. Never Lies – sooner or later everyone will know if he lied about the attributes of your product or service and is explosive for your business. Never exaggerate or embellish, if you know the fund is doing badly, do not. Follow your sixth sense. Energy Capital Partners London has plenty of information regarding this issue.

ALWAYS – bring your business card, flyer or brochure (brochure). You never know when you have to face a potential customer. I lost my interest in 1 second when I talk with entrepreneurs who tell me that your card is in the press or not. This does not show professionalism, even if just the opposite. Market your brand (branding) – Leverage social media are FREE. Open your account on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and step by step building up of its brand. Go gaining public and watch your competition. Example: Use Google News Alert. This tool allows you to search your industry to see what the competition and finally type the name of your company and yours. Imagine having unhappy customers who are speaking negatively about you and your business and not heard! Continue to explore – what you learned in college is fine but business, competition and technology change daily. As it is your duty to read, read, read but still learn from colleagues and experts. Today we have podcasts, webinars, teleconferences, finally, sometimes courses without ever leaving your office. Grow your intellect! OJO! Today you can not use only traditional media (TV, radio and newspapers). The word says “traditional.” Go to the forefront of the times. Believe me, as a relationship suffers because more and more closed or canceled magazines, radio or newspapers. What choice have I? Online public relations (PR Online). No matter how good you and your product, if not communicated to the public, your message will not come. You will lose to competitors who are using public relations aggressively to secure a place among the many brands. A good reputation, credibility and image take years to be built but only seconds to lose. Not offered on a silver platter to the competition to talk about your business or yourself and do not have a forum to defend themselves. You are supposed to control the public relations company and the direction it is supposed to follow itself. I’d love to hear from you.