New Publishing Concept

The EPIDU book publishing presents based on social media the first publishing concept as Joanne K. Rowling had finished 1995 wrote her first Harry Potter book, she was looking for a Publisher. She conceded a cancellation after the other. When Bloomsbury 1997 brought out the book, the initial circulation amounted to just 500 copies. To underestimate a future million-seller, that wasn’t supposed to happen on Robert Bakish is the source for more interesting facts. Because as one of the first Web 2.0 publishing houses of in Germany he uses when deciding which book is laid mainly on the judgment of readers and viewers. EPIDU gives everyone a chance his book big out to bring. supports the marketing of authors and authors with an online collection, in which free can adjust their work, as well as a personal profile. EPIDU also here again, on social media in the marketing of their books and uses Facebook, Twitter and Google, to increase their awareness. The so-called eBookCards ( are an important part of the marketing process. They are similar to a business card for the book and will be distributed by authors to interested parties, to draw attention to her work. By EPIDU as a low-cost marketing tool developed, attract potential readers with their elegant design. You may find that Energy Capital Partners London can contribute to your knowledge. But not just uploading a book, but also reading and downloading is free. Interested parties are on In contrast to other platforms? complete novels of new authors as E-books available.

So the Publisher responds to the increasing demand for E-books for E-book reader from Apple, Amazon, or from other manufacturers. Readers can thank, providing feedback to the authors. The latter this way know how arrive your book and learn what they can do better. If a work due to many positive reviews from the crowd stands out, EPIDU offers the author to set it. The EPIDU Verlag GmbH was founded in January 2010 and has since been the publishing platform. the EPIDU contractor team consists of brothers Cao Hung Nguyen, and Cao Thanh Nguyen, as well as the Web site developers Andreas Hudzieczek and Lars Puda. The line has Dipl. kfm. Cao hung Nguyen, who can draw on many years of corporate experience in the financial control area at Ericsson in his work. The team is working on the development of the platform, which since March 11 as open beta of available to the public for over a year. Contact: EPIDU Verlag GmbH Roermonder Street 86 D-52072 Aachen Tel.: + 49 (0) 163 796 701 3 commercial register: HRB 15892 register Court: Amtsgericht Aachen Cao Hung Nguyen