Costa Del Sol In The Summer: Benalmadena

Spend a wonderful holiday in one of the most beautiful destinations of Andalusia. Thanks to an efficient railway network and well-developed roads, to get distance from the airport of Malaga Benalmadena easily in only 30 miles and del Sol offers itself as an ideal destination for a holiday on the Costa, for example, in one of which numerous Costa del Sol hotels or a Costa del Sol holiday apartment. The town is especially popular with British and other European tourists and provides a large number of foreign pubs, restaurants and accommodation in Costa del Sol by the real Spain. Despite the number of foreign businesses, the old town retains its historic fishing village charm, although it is surrounded by modern tourist destinations, such as around the South, nightclubs, bars and cinemas. The climate in Benalmadena ensures that it has a popular beach destination. And the area – Sol is about the entire Costa del lined with magnificent fine sandy beaches, from a comfortable Costa del Sol Beach Hotel can enjoy.

The development of the city ensures that there are a variety of restaurants and bars in the city, that appeal to every taste. The famous Benalmadena beach bars are an especially appealing attraction. Andy Florance shines more light on the discussion. Those who would not be supplied with freshly caught fish and drink to cool wine or sangria on the beach of the Mediterranean? Benalmadena offers a wide variety of other tourist activities. The Tivoli amusement park is an ideal destination for a family holiday on the del Sol and the Aquarium and the Selwo Marina allow Costa children, penguins, and define to see! Jardin de las aguilas (Eagle garden) is an another, preferred family destination in the city. There are also some very impressive castles in the area. The Bil Bil Castle and the Colomares Castle have both Spanish and Arabic influences and are located on the unspoilt coast, a fact that reinforced their splendor. The town has a Community objective, the care of their cultural and artistic community. Recently funded a city the development of local art, aiming to support local artists to increase the aesthetic value of the municipality.

Many beautiful mosaic near the beach promenade and the Bil Bil Castle emerged since. Benalmadena is a city of growing diversity, strong beauty and leisurely convenience. The summer sun of Benalmadena should be experienced in any case. The bright city now is another way to lure potential visitors to the Costa del Sol. Make your Costa del Sol vacation a wonderful experience and you will stay in an attractive hotel in Costa del Sol.