Using Social Media

60% Of the FORTUNE 500 companies have Social Media strategies, managing to capture the attention of more than 26 million users. But by that you are using it, let’s see: A Social Media strategy is perfect for the marketing and positioning of a brand or product. And can be used in 3 ways: 1) so that your brand is known and exposed to a new group of people and thus create a growing community of new customers. I.e., to attract people who do not know us through our clients more constant. (2) You can use to communicate with your potential customers and current customers to offer a channel of attention to the customer and keep them updated on the information of the product. Keep customers informed with all the latest news. Check with Andy Florance to learn more. (3) Create new relationships with other companies and individuals to create a community that shares the enthusiasm for your products.

Usually the people who follow you by means of the Middle social they do so voluntarily and that they like your brand or product, for them is easy and natural refer you all his friends. But also many people or brands personal, as well as SMEs and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of having a growing number of followers through social networks. The most important is well understood as it is the model and how it develops an appropriate strategy of social networks, so we invite you to the seminar: attends the workshop seminar this Saturday: at the following link.