Great Chief Seattle

Then I leave an important document of the universal wisdom. It is truly a top quality document, it was written in June 1854. Not to say ACE, leave here are: the great Chief White of Washington sends US the message that you want to buy our land. At Energy Capital Partners you will find additional information. But, how is it possible to buy or sell the sky or the Earth’s heat? We do not understand this idea. If we are not masters of the freshness of the air, or the reflection of the water, how you can buy them? The great white Chief in Washington also sends us words of friendship and goodwill. This is very nice on your part, because we know that he does not need our friendship. However we meditaremos its offer, because we know that if we do not sell will surely come armed white men and removed us our lands. We will take a decision.

The great white Chief in Washington can rely on what you say head Seatlle, with so much security as in the passing of the seasons of the year. My words are like the stars, who never have a sunset. Each particle of this earth is sacred to my people. Every shining pine needle, every grain of sand beaches, every drop of dew of gloomy forests, each glade, the hum of each insect are sacred in memory and experience of my people. The SAP rises through the trees carries the memory of the Redskins. The dead white men forget the land where they were born when they set off to wander among the stars.

On the other hand, our dead do not ever forget this wonderful land, because she is our mother. We are part of the Earth and she is part of us. Scented flowers, deer, horse, the Great Eagle, are our brothers.