Holiday Between NAAB Valley

The largest Burgfestspiele of Bavaria: Castle Festival Leuchtenberg Leuchtenburg (tvo). Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet, the people piece of Holle permanent mold, Otfried Preussler small Ghost for children and the concert one night to remember with the duo of Mark Edwards Ashton and Bernd: the Burgfestspiele Leuchtenburg near Weiden in der Oberpfalz combine very different theater fare on a stage this year. Over 30,000 visitors enjoy a multifaceted program, at the largest Castle Festival in Bavaria every year. To read more click here: Energy Capital Partners. Classic drama and folk Theatre, children’s and youth theatre, as well as modern fairy tale or music theatre has all that in the courtyard of the massive Castle Square. Wonderful hours guaranteed 180 participants scoring ensemble of the city stage of Vohenstrauss, which ranks among the largest Freilichttheatern of Germany with at least eight productions in more than 100 performances. “The curtain rises for the first time in 2009 on May 29, when the mother Hulda permanent mold” Premiere celebrating. The little ghost”occurs from June 6 in action, Romeo and Juliet” make their first appearance on June 20.