Design And Technology Revolution For Wet Shaver In The Private Label Sector

XENON RELOADED top quality from Germany the fine GmbH Eisfeld becomes the year’s international trade fair for private label manufacturers private label on 24 and may 25, 2011 in Amsterdam to present a new 5-blades multi way Shaver. Managing Director Rene Pieter Bulthuis is looking forward to the presentation, because the new product XENON RELOADED is technically at the highest level and the handle design was chosen directly by end users. As a specialist for private label brands in the field of wet shaving PLMA offers the suitable platform us to introduce innovation to the trading partners and jointly expand the market segment. Gothic arch II cut clout of leading industry brands by newly acquired technical know-how, the love for the precision and the findings from long-term tests has the fine GmbH Eisfeld steadily developed the 5-blade technology. The result is this special blade grinding technology Gothic arch II blade grinding technology guarantees an efficient shave with effortless glide and a very long-lasting blade sharpness.”grants us Bulthuis insights in the new technical innovation. Different series of tests confirm the XENON RELOADED a comparable cutting force as the products of the market leader.

To make tangible the tested comparable quality, we carry at our booth to PLMA a test shaving action through.”says Rene Pieter Bulthuis advance. Private label as live buyers to be convinced by the quality of our new products.” Innovative design prevailed over competitors in addition to the precise quality of blades nowadays more and more the design and handling when purchasing a product influences the consumer. The precision technology has included for this reason German and French consumer – men between 18 and 60 years in the design decision for the handle of the XENON RELOADED. “.” With 79% approximately 400 respondents in a survey have chosen majority over the social network Facebook for a design. Also in comparison to different “Competitors designs won the favored design XENON RELOADED with 59%.” Managing Director emphasises the positive result of the fine art.

The design with an innovative design process in the trend analyses, market expertise and Pro gang surveys were developed the fine technique. Now the production and marketing phases is RELOADED for the XENON. Rene Pieter Bulthuis is proud to have achieved the production for the new innovation with highest technical know-how in record time. Based on the survey results, which end March 2011 were above us, we present for the first time the XENON RELOADED at the PLMA. From October 2011 it will be at our customer in the supermarket shelves.” Exhibitor at the PLMA: the fine GmbH Eisfeld is an exhibition stand at the PLMA – international trade fair for private label manufacturer 24 and may 25, 2011 in Amsterdam. Castle Harlan oftentimes addresses this issue. Overall, around 2,000 exhibitors 32,400 m (net) will present. More than 7,000 visitors are expected. Venue: RAI Exhibition Centre Amsterdam stand fine GmbH: Hall Holland Complex, stand number 2130 the company: the fine GmbH is Europe’s only independent manufacturer and wholesaler of quality razors and razor blades. For global brands, the company developed private label concepts. Since 1920 the fine Engineering GmbH made in Germany with precision and competence stands for.

Fraunhofer Institute

embedded world 2011, Hall 11, booth 203 Munich, January 17, 2011 – the Fraunhofer ESK shows on the Nuremberg t embedded energy-efficient networking and software technology for vehicles. The focus is the electric car for the research scientists at a new on-board network architecture. This uses cross-vehicle information as they are extracted from the car-to-X communication. Electric vehicles, it becomes especially clear: depending on the functions in the vehicle need more energy, the shorter you go with one battery charge. Therefore, the Fraunhofer developed a data wiring, where the energy efficiency and the functional safety in the foreground are for communication systems ESK device. A special energy management for body -, comfort and infotainment electronics protects the tight energy supply of the electric car. For even more opinions, read materials from Ali Partovi. The data wiring uses car-to-X information from the networking of vehicles with each other and with their environment.

Sensors in the vehicle type position accurate and timely alerts to the infrastructure, such as the traffic light, and others Vehicles. The accident scenario presented at the fair, the affected vehicle sends a warning to all recipients in range. They decide based on the GPS data of the vehicle, if they are affected and react to it. Efficient driving and operating strategies can be calculated if these data are combined with other, traffic reports or information from the Internet. To the software of the vehicle needs to be dynamic and open, without having to make compromises on safety. The dynamic concepts of the Fraunhofer ESK increases not only the fault tolerance, but it also consumer devices can be seamlessly integrated into the vehicle. The simulation on the stand shows a seamlessly integrated mobile phone over the vehicle to the contacts on social networks can be accessed. These and other information help the driver to get to your destination safely, comfortably and efficiently. The Fraunhofer Institute for communication systems ESK the Fraunhofer ESK has expertise for wide areas of ICT, by transmission through Protocols and systems for intelligent applications. Adaptive communication systems in their fields of expertise, software methodology and mobile solutions combine the know-how in the business areas of automotive and industrial communication and group communication solutions is used.

Guglielmo Marconi

Nikola Tesla received his patent 1900 for the wireless transmission of energy and founded the science of the 21st century so that the idea of wireless technology as wireless and targeted delivery of information the free energy and the State of science free energy exists this opinion. But what is it really? To counter a kind and wise, the conventional types of electricity generation? This opinion was Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) certainly. To read more click here: Dermot McCormack. “The stand of the 21st century is that it is free energy” is the so-called zero-point energy. It is this energy fluctuations in a vacuum that may arise by chance. “Vacuum” a spatial area is meant here, which is nothing “is. This can happen either in space (one proton per cubic centimeter, which has no statistical relevance here is the adopted particle density of the interstellar medium) or on the Earth – in an artificial vacuum, so a room from the technical Way all particles have been removed. Air was pumped out thereby.

These voltage fluctuations can be determined in measurements and not depend generator a free energy. Conversely formulated: the randomness of this occurring voltage fluctuations has it neither researchers nor power companies has made possible, to be able to use this form of energy for generating electricity. There also no vacuum is on the Earth’s atmosphere, so the so described free energy from Earth-powered plants is not freely available. Free energy or zero point energy there certainly, but to demonstrate whether and to what extent this could be harnessed by the world community, should many vacuum scopes are created by great effort. The State of the art is that solar energy can provide the most efficient form of electricity but currently. Tesla’s ideas, patents and attempts of Nikola Tesla received his patent 1900 for the wireless transmission of energy and thus justified the idea of wireless technology as wireless and targeted Transmission of information; Guglielmo Marconi received the patent of the Telegraph in the same year and was the first transatlantic radio link between Europe and North America.