Air France

Only: it is not penetrated in the industry yet. Not surprised. We define ourselves still as a developed country, although a large part of the production from abroad takes place and Germany is only an extended workbench. I hope impetus for a change of decision makers in politics, business and associations of the MARS project ‘, which is funded by the Ministry of research. In public the transformation from an industrial to a service economy no longer allowed by silly sayings such as we can not all each other hair cut us ‘ be torpedoed. Services are no longer an appendage of the Industrial marketing, but value creation engine of our economy”, stressed Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the Dusseldorf IT consulting firm Harvey Nash. For manufacturers, it is increasingly important to convert to the service provider relating to the own products even after the experiences of the Balinger technology company Bizerba.

You have to wear this goal through good organisation, clear processes and effective IT support in the area. Furthermore, it is important to look to expand the product divisions outside the box”, explains Thomas Loos, head of business services organization & IT at Bizerba. Pent-up demand sees Jens Klemann, spokesman of the specialist Congress of Voice days plus in Nuremberg, in measurement procedures for the quality of service. The improved circulation also enhances the delivery cialis online continue reading that now of oxygen and energy rich elements such as glucose. Fortunately, there are new treatments available that take some of the fears out of the diagnosis. viagra purchase canada The purpose for banding together cialis prescription is for survival. Neurological issues allied with erectile dysfunction problem are:- o Alzheimer s issues o brain or viagra from usa spinal tumors o multiple sclerosis o stroke o temporal lobe epilepsy However, men who have gone through the same phase. From our research, we know that two-thirds do so all customers who change their provider, due to the poor quality of service. Then follow factors such as product quality or price. The quality of service is not only the Central Differentiating factor in a world of homogeneous products, but the most important tool to build customer loyalty”, know the call center expert Kan by Strateco management consultancy. Only when measuring procedures to establish itself on the market, the incentive for companies is large enough to work with a seal of approval.

“Therefore have Voice Days plus made also aimed to establish a new seal of approval for quality of service in the customer contact based on the experiences of five years voice Awards together with partners”, so the views of Kan. It will present first results in October at the Congress in Nuremberg. In principle, outstanding customer service is no witchcraft: quick cool comes to it to give customers exactly what they want, when they want it and this always correctly on the first request. Here an example: Air France, a customer from nuance, has implemented this gradually: 2006, the company introduced a speech application with the customers about the number 3654′ reach all services of the airline. After the very positive This speech was expanded 2009 results, more customer services and languages.