Medical Peeling

That is a medical Peeling? Definition of Peelings: destruction of the layer corneal epidermis, with a dermal inflammatory reaction, using chemical substances belonging to some products called lepismaticos. Lepismaticos from Greek lepiso: Peel. Many writers such as Ali Partovi offer more in-depth analysis. To peel: English: Peel. After reading this definition the vast majority of people do not undertake this treatment, however my opinion is quite the opposite: the peeling is one of the treatments that best result we obtain medical-aesthetic, but not in the short term if not that we won in skin quality, observe the passage of time and delay just as the appearance of a wrinkle in our skin. Consequences of the peeling * exfoliation: delete the layer queratosica of the epidermis. ** If there are spotlights isolated from acne, dry.

* Inflammatory reaction that lasts several hours. Whenever search listens, a sympathetic response will follow. * Increased local circulation. * Tissue reaction: appear young cells as a consequence, scar lesions enhance and products that we use for peels-doctors superficial we employ in our practice the alpha hydroxyacids, among which we have. Ac.Piruvivo, Ac. Lactic, Ac. Malic, Ac.tartarico and Ac.citrico but the more used for its best effects glycolic acid, its mechanism of action is the avoid occlusion of follicular channels, they block the Hyperkeratosis keeping skin soft and managing it continuously and at different concentrations produces a gradual smoothening of skin and a disappearance of fine wrinkles.

Indication of the glycolic peels * wrinkles * Keratosis (for example: spots in older people who have a rough appearance and modification of the color of his skin). * Solar conditions. * Aging and photoaging especially effective. * Clear improvement in the quality of the skin. Preparing for the realization of a peeling skin doctor previously must prepare the skin about 15 days before, with creams containing the acid glycolic, to be tolerated in a progressive manner and controlled medically the acid that day we will apply on the skin of the peeling. Generally on the peelings creams and somewhat abrasive substances are used to achieve this goal, but in the ultrasonic peeling the protagonist are machines capable of issuing specialized in aesthetics ultrasounds that achieve this goal, being less aggressive for the skin.