Hire someone new to any company always is delicate. Why there are the human resources departments that manage and filter new candidates. However not all employers can afford economically maintain a human resources department with what complicates the election. A clear example is the selection of personal hospitality, a sector in which it is not usual to have a technician who engages to hire new employees. It is probably the bar owner who is responsible for the selection and recruitment. However, there are other options. If we know to move us a little and deep by the network of networks, internet, discover companies that are responsible for managing curricula and recommending suitable candidates for each position. These companies that help outsource the work of personnel selection are extremely useful, as we have already said, in sectors as of hospitality where budgets adjusted must do virguerias.

In these cases, having a specialized department in the selection of staff is very expensive and it is unrealistic to keep it where it is deficient. Companies such as Linkers helps entrepreneurs catering to select efficient and safe way to their prospective employees (whether they are waiters, cooks). Those who want to hire a waiter, for example, will have access to a list of CVS selected by those undertakings (following our example would Linkers responsible for selecting them) and choose which most fits your needs. Without any doubt is a saving of time and labor (if the personnel selection the employer does) and money (in the case of keeping a human resources department). It is clear that large companies have their own system internalized to choose candidates but for SMEs is an idea that will help them much in their day to day.