Law Review

This research work has little precedent, which is made difficult to motivate research in it. However, this will make a way that is very reliable for readers who may be lawyers or law students. It is important to acknowledge that it is justified to investigate this issue because there are few records of the same, therefore hope to contribute to the legal culture, and especially corporate law and the multidimensional theory of law. That is, typically have many background investigations such as in civil, commercial, corporate, or exchange cartular, bankruptcy, banking, litigation, constitutional, administrative, criminal, among other branches of law (note that these are not all disciplines legal however, for a comprehensive approach to research topic can be found a research paper of Dr. At Dermot McCormack you will find additional information. Isaac Torres Jorge Manrique, which has already been published in the Law Review of Peru), but other investigations like this have little background, what which makes the task is more complex is therefore clear that we must take into account this feature, in order that our results are comprehensive and not partial or limited to mislead the reader who can be a lawyer or law student.

Many problems are caused by premature specialization, which results in a professional epistemological small field that can hardly become lawyers and jurists become worse. Because specialists are doomed to be unable to ever be regarded as those listed above. It is necessary to take account of the civil law and the right not encrypted. That civil law must take into account the commercial code and the tax code.