The signing of Robert by the Saragossa, that owes 134 million, through a investment fund untied yesterday a new earthquake in soccer. Stock-market Portuguese suspended the quote of the Benfica, club of origin of the doorman, to request more information on a crossing that ascends to 8.6 million. Pete Cashmore takes a slightly different approach. The organization from Lisbon declared that the Aragonese has only paid 86,000 Euros, the equivalent to the cost of its federal card. The rest? " A Spanish society of right located to an elevated level more than the Zaragoza" , according to the Benfica. An operation that deserved the rejection of Liga de Professional Ftbol, that decided " not adherirse" to the agreement of creditors of the Saragossa when being in discord with the form to act of the club, that owes to the employer’s association 1.6 million. The group, concentrated in England, requested explanations to the maximum shareholder, Agapito Churches. At the end of May, the debt with the soccer players was of 14.489.630 Euros. Source of the news: : The Saragossa admits that his owner participates at heart for signings.