Hidrolipoclasia Fashion

Hidrolipoclasia Ultrasonica and dexintoxicante in bogota:este procedure involves the injection of some substance in the areas of your body where fat or cellulite accumulates easily. Is then performed an ultrasound on this region; the combination of this with the substance produces a thermal reaction that burn local fat to generate high speed sound waves. People such as Bobby Sharma would likely agree. This reaction produces a small explosion that loosens and breaking the fat cells, eliminating them through the lymphatic system and blood flow; at the same time, breaks the fibrosis, which is a part tied in the formation of cellulite. Important in lHidrolipoclasia! Perform an ultrasound, which is carried out with specialized tools and the patient can perceive a feeling as if you were getting a massage. However, ultrasound is the most vital part of the treatment, since it is during this phase where the fat cells explode.

It is natural that the region where performing the procedure ignites due to the injected solutions but this will disappear in a matter of 48 hours. Advantages the sonohidrolipolisis is ventaclia because it removes grease without the need for surgery, anesthesia, hospitalization, diets or pills to lose weight. It is one of the most effective ways to lose fat and offers people that suffer with your figure and afraid of surgery. It really is a real possibility to realize their goals. Effects side really the Hidrolipoclasy effects are secondary and local, there may be temporary presence of bruising by the fluid infiltrated, it is likely to appear, which tend to disappear in eight to 10 days without any other discomfort. It depends on the patient’s skin. Likewise the patient feel more urine production. The Dra Sandra Suarez recommended to drink more water to facilitate the Elimination of the toxins that were dissolved in the fat. Do you want more information?