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House Diseases

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Assistive Technologies

Posted by Wii-Wii | Posted in General | Posted on 07-08-2016



The objectives of the Assistiva Technology, normally point with respect to mechanisms or resources that generate personal autonomy and independent life of the user. The Assistiva Technology also comes if becoming an important tool in the educational area, therefore each time more serves as a bridge for opening of new horizontes in the teach-learning processes and development of pupils with deficiencies until sufficiently severe. If this importance of the technology in the education already is true in relation to any type of pupil, it is much more still in if treating to pupils with different deficiencies, therefore if we understand the citizenship as bigger place of what to be or to occupy in space physicist inside of the social environment, we must also think that the school must make possible to all, to the people with necessities special, the participation in the actions and decisions that they aim at to the good of the community. Therefore the use of the Assistivas Technologies is of great importance so that the inclusion inside of our society really happens. To know which they are the available resources that guarantee autonomy and independence the deficient people is to guarantee to all the rights to go and to come and of a full education and quality, that the formation of critical and participativos citizens of the society makes possible inside. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES BERSCH, R.

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