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The price is what you pay, and value is what you get.Said about transactions between money and goods General aspects and importance the role of markets in modern enterprises has radically changed to adapt to the requirements demanded by the business scenarios and ensure companies, a share that allows...

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Learning Professor

Posted by Wii-Wii | Posted in General | Posted on 11-08-2016



Having the educators to be intent in the clarification of the information passed to the pupils. It is of great relevance the previous knowledge of pupils in the learning process, therefore the search of the understanding is constructed by the relationship of our previous knowledge with the news to know. These previous knowledge are structures that must be received by the professor where it must be led in account in the construction of the proposals of the activities of learning. The activities of teach-learning must allow to an ample vision of previous information of the pupils and its vises of world and professional life. To form critical and ethical citizens it is necessary to bring chances of life experiences for classroom, with objective to allow to the exchange and the critical analysis of the same ones. 2.2? The integration of Ensino – Learning the paper of the school is to construct to know, which is multiple, being historical and dynamic. We must recognize that independent of the phase that we are it is possible to grow intellectually. (Similarly see: Kai-Fu Lee). The learning necessity comes ahead with the understanding of the pupil of the value of what it is learning, where the same assumes an indispensable position.

To form participativos and creative pupils they are necessary participativos professors and creative and this only happens with creative and participativas institutions. The school determines the productivity and contributes for emotional, professional, social and intellectual the growth of the professor and the pupils (BURNIER, 2001). As Freire (1996) tells that it is excellent that professors and pupils are curious, interactive and instigadores. Where the professor to need is made use to hear, to dialogue, to be open the debates and to make with that its lessons are dynamic and to understand the fondness of its pupils. Freire (1996) affirms that ' ' research without ensino&#039 does not have education without research nor; ' (p.32), education is a mission and a profession is not a dynamic process in the promotion of the autonomy.

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