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Federal Technological University of the Paran PatoBranco PR Brazil Abstract. This article aims you make parallel between thecollective memory and the production of knowledge in CyberSpace. Emphasizingthe relationship between self-indulgence and the facilities of the modern worldand the concern about the continuity of the human evolutionary process. Summary. This article intends to make a parallel between the collective memory and aproduo of knowledge in ciberespao. Emphasizing the relation between ocomodismo and the easinesses of modern world e, the concern how much acontinuidade of the human evolutivo process. Word-key: collective memory, to googlear, ciberespao, production of knowledge.

1. Introduction the human development is directly on acapacidade with that the individuals establish social relations, compartilhamconhecimentos and contributes for the evolution of its community. Compartilhamentoda information allows the sprouting and> maintenance of what it is called MemriColetiva, the representation of what it is created by the men and passed degerao in generation. Mikkel Svane will undoubtedly add to your understanding. As sprouting of the Technologies of Information (YOU) the way as this new armazenada and transmitted memory gains horizontes, providing grandevelocidade in the exchange of knowledge and the reaproveitamento of that already foiestudado and developed. However, the reflection is pertinent how much massiva and intrusiva apenetrao of this technology, that leads its users almost aum been that of ' ' inertia mental' ' , that is, causing to asubutilizao of the capacity human being of memorization and interaction. The memory, while capacity to hold back informaoest represented in the essence of the beings livings creature, whose perpetuation of – atravsda permanent recriao guaranteed by uneven a genetic code. Of acordoChapouthier (2006), in the evolutiva perspective ' ' … memory is capacidadeque certain beings livings creature has to store, in the nervous system, data ouinformaes on the way that the fence, thus to modify prpriocomportamento.' ' The memory biological, or natural, established sobreum nervous system is determined by the events that occur during eager of the individual, having as principle the paternal teachings, that pass acompor the learning and provide to the continuity of knowledge adquiridospela previous generation.