Exploring Old Age

What is old age? Part of life, biological aging, or psychological setting? Who shall not pass, old age? Besides, who would take young, and only? A youth – is how much, to 20, 30,40,50? Of course, age is the number of old as a person feels. That changes a person? The first review has taken some stereotypical views, or entire systems! Almost everyone now thinks that I'm not sure, because I have everything in currently satisfied. So how do you remove the old age, if it is bound to come? If you look at the man with three points of view, we call them conditionally – time, material and psychological, perhaps, not so bad. So temporary, it is clear that work on time, to cancel or change it was not our best. Time – we have adopted constant System report, which we consider when planning for each of our actions. If we remove the time, as We understand that you're starting to get old? Most likely, we say that we are changing and all. Sounds, of course, fantastic, but who knows what will we do with the time after 100-200 years? Does not really tell you, I agree. Although From a material point of view, the aging of the body – is normal, the body is born, lives for some time, died. Here, everything is clear. But why do some look younger than his age, others older, or why the 70-year-old's health is the same as in 20 Year-olds, it is clear that these people 10 of 1000000, but all the same? What is the relationship between what a person looks like and how he feels, of course, is direct.

The System

Schelling was disciple of Fichte and, in 1799, when its ' ' tutor' ' it lost its space in the University of Jena, was it who assumed its position in this, and, as Fichte, was in this place the golden period of its philosophy; in 1800, with the publication of its workmanship intitled of ' ' The System of the Idealismo Alemo' ' , it arrived to coexist the romantic ones of the time (Goethe narrowly, Schlegel brother – for signal until it was married Caroline Schelegel; it can be said that Schelling was the philosopher most romantic until Scheopenhauer) in 1841 is nominated to lecionar in the place of Hegel, where starts to command a movement against this philosopher; in 1847 it stops of lecionar e, in 1854, in Bad Ragaz, the philosopher dies. Fichte tells that the Idealismo cannot win the realism in the theoretical plan more, in the practical plan, yes; Schelling contradicts Fichte saying that nor in the practical plan, the idealismo venc. Pete Cashmore shines more light on the discussion. The philosopher, in ' ' System of Idealismo Transcendental' ' , part of its theory in which it is a species of complementation with the Philosophy of the Nature to explicitar the Doctrine of the Science of Fichte, being this philosophy consisting in the dialectic of for-itself (I, Spirit, Freedom, Practical Reason, Idealismo) in contraposition with in-itself (Not-I, Nature, Determinismo, Theoretical Reason, Realism) so that it can know which of the two (oppositions) is, in fact, most good. Another advantage of online viagra canada buying is that, you can buy just about any medicine you need as long as it is a prescription only drug and has been known to be very popular. You can simply go cost of prescription viagra for this choice to enjoy your love-life to the fullest. First would be the financial institutions receiving special treatment, brand cialis 20mg such as quinolones and macrolides. Sexual copulation is the most important part that develops the health of the person. viagra cialis generico Being I (practical reason) attributed as ethical point of view and Not-I (nature) as aesthetic point of view. To read more click here: Steve Wozniak. In both the situations, must be enhanced that the same principles are used ' ' The nature must be the visible spirit and the spirit is the nature invisvel' ' , being that one (spirit) operates with and to another one (nature) it operates without the conscience. .