Recovery Management

Software maker Computer Assosiates (CA) (a leader in the development of software for managing corporate IT resources), introduced a new version of its product CA ARCServe Backup R12 for Windows environment (Software for the efficient organization of backup and data recovery), as well as new versions of CA XOSoft Replication and CA XOSoft High Availability (multi-system data recovery that includes traditional recording magnetic tape, recording to disk, the system of CDP, snapshot and replication). These products when used together represented the developer in a single multifunction solution – CA Recovery Management r12. CA ARCserve Backup – a product helps to protect all critical data and applications, providing automated backup. This product with built-in antivirus and encryption of data – all this makes this product a complete and functional solution. Click Mikkel Svane to learn more. Plenty of options and agents can help protect data of any size.

New features CA ARCServe BackUp R12 Changes in components Optical Library Option, Tape RAID Option now includes a Tape Library Option Image Option, Serverless Backup now part of the Enterprise Module Client for VSS software Snap-shot – now part of the agent open files Disk Staging Option – now called D2D2T Opt functional Exchange Premium Add-on went into ARCserve Agent for MS Exchange Centralized Management Unified queue control over the work of service in the domain Configuration of Unified Database (optional) Databases VLDB (Very Large Database) is no more. The solution has come with the hands of generic cialis online that is called cialis. So always take this medication buy sildenafil canada under proper medical supervision so that you can get the effects only to cure your Erectile Dysfunction problems, they are also known to decrease penile function. viagra prices It is numbness of nose, hands and feet become blue due to want of more blood. As a word of caution- we would say don’t cialis 20mg generika rush and take your time to understand and select the effective drug, prescribed by the physician. Agent for VMWare (VCB) Full and per file mode allows full recovery (Disaster Recovery) of the real server to virtual machine, one license for ESX Server Disaster Recovery Option 64-bit versions of Windows support the Windows 2008 Recovery Support recovery from the incremental / differential copies Restoring ARCserve remote file device (FSD) Changes in the set of bootable media integrated boot disk. The choice of network card in recovery of compressed data on choice – on the agent or a media server, data encryption at the choice on the agent or a media server (including the migration to tape) Compatibility with agents 05.11 Now a little about the new versions of products for data recovery CA XOSoft Replication and CA XOSoft High Availability CA XOSoft Replication r12 (formerly known as CA XOsoft WANsync (DR) tool replication and recovery for servers, Exchange, SQL, Oracle, IIS, Blackberry, File server replication with multiple and multiple servers united as a local and a global network. Possible tree replication topology Integration ARCserve Backup – backup replicated data Built-in Continuous Data Protection (CDP) … Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Recording changes in real time as the magazine back to any point in time CA XOSoft High Availability (formerly known as – CA XOsoft WANSyncHA) – an extension of the basic functions of CA XOSoft Replication, namely – with the possibility of replication recovery and automatically switch to the backup server (replicated in real-time monitoring of the main server). Advantages over cluster solutions: Not required identity server does not require expensive external storage is possible rollback of data over time may spacing of cars on long distances, including global network. Using together with the clusters (or addition, clusters). Option Assured RecoveryTestovy run the backup server without destruction of replicated data (the program simulates the failure of the primary server and conducts recovery operations) Repository (Repository) deleted documents MS Exchange End-users access to remote documents, data is retrieved from the replicated copies (not loaded with the main server) data is stored on the SQL Server trial software available for download