Can be characterized by traditional, enterprise-centric model of interaction between bank a pastiche: "I am the Lord thy Bank, Alpha and Omega, and you only death." In other words, the bank is strictly dictated by the customer its own rules and procedures, using their "low level" banking terms, definitions, imposing a their products and services, and products and services of their partners. Conceptual (not technological) ideas of the Web 2.0, offer another model of interaction – customer-centric: it does not matter that he wants to sell (offer) to the client credit organization, but rather than live by the client. A massive client lives on the Internet, live in social networks, blogs, wikis, video services like YouTube and on many other portals, one way or another suitable under the criteria of Web 2.0. Contemporary massive customer interest himself, and not something imposed on him. How Sildenafil Erection Pills Work? As with all therapeutic interventions, complications can get viagra arise, and it has known adverse effects, risks and contraindications. This is because they do not like the whole responsibility of super generic cialis paying in cash. Masturbation is quite common online viagra order especially among young adults. Additionally, the drug distributes its PDE-5 in both muscles of lungs and reproductive organ, Sildenafil Citrate acts particularly in these regions without increasing vasodilation in the other parts of cialis online check out over here your body. Thus, Banks 2.0 "should be guided by the concept:" You are the Lord, my client, Alpha and Omega, and we only serve you "- to provide massive client truly personalized services that hide the specifics of the bank and the terms of the familiar and understandable to the client with words and graphics, to face a massive customer. It is these approaches are incorporated into the innovation platform GEMINI Front Office, which is a single, integrated front-office system that supports both service offices, and modern self-service channels. Consider some examples related to provide banks with information on the products the customer. What could be more boring than an account statement? Is that a summary table with the balance of all accounts of the client.