Throw me a working number (hereinafter called the telephone number) is 400 rubles. Tomorrow to meet with you and I'll give everything! Thank you! you're a real friend. " Nothing knowing the user helps her "friend" and lists the necessary amount of money on the phone. And then learns that the man who allegedly asked him for a favor, just stole the number "ICQ", and the victims were all people in my contact list stolen numbers. Here is another life event that occurred two days ago.

Internet users in the program comes ICQ message: "Hi! Help, help me out. Kai-Fu Lee follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Long I want to own a 6-mark, now finally have managed to buy one already! I'm trying to take a second, does not work, bug in response to issues. If not difficult, just try to throw in the SMS text 'QWE' at number 3678, comes in response to the password on the number of 900-508, just desperately need it! Go tell it will be removed under 30 rubles. Pretty soon, freeloaders would pick up price for viagra on the document. These alternatives are relatively new but viagra sale uk no less promising. Before using the natural treatment for weak erection problem, generic viagra prices you should read the article and follow these simple steps mentioned here for memorable sex in the bed- Build a strong pelvic floor- Your performance is greatly dependent on the health of your pelvic floor. When it comes to cure some disorder we really need to sildenafil tablets without prescription be very careful with the dose of Kamagra 100mg. Necessarily true + with me the favor! Well here is not to help a friend? User, without hesitation, did the above steps and as a result of his telephone removed almost 400 rubles. Later found that ICQ – the number to which the message was simply stolen, as fraudster walked into trust by posing as a close friend of the "victim" whose name came the message. Great help hackers have social network. Attackers stole Room "ICQ", can get all the necessary information about the owner of this number and his friends say, by visiting his page "contact".

As a result, the hacker will be much easier to get to the credibility of the people located in the contact list owner of stolen numbers and commit fraud. To prevent theft of number ICQ, in – first, you must use a computer-quality anti-virus protection. In – the second, should come up to enter the program complex, composite of numbers and letters of the password length of at least 6 characters. In addition, it is not recommended to use ICQ on computers on which the user has no control, such as Internet – cafe. If you need to go to the "ICQ", but you do not have access to your PC, it is better to use a cell phone, rather than run the program ICQ to their personal data on someone else computer.